Professional HIFI Portable USB DAC

    4200mAh Fast Charge Power Bank
    AK4493 Chip Decoder Amanero XMOS
    Adopts the latest IP5332 fast charge chip
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A 4200mAh Portable Charger As Well.

Despite being a USB DAC, U1 is also a bidirectional fast charge power bank. It not only saves batter for your phone but also can fast charge it. It could be a fine companion in your trip to continually offers power for your phone

Chips Are All Professional.

It adopts the latest IP5332 fast charge chip for stable and safe charge. It supports QC2.0/QC3.0, FCP, AFC, SFCP, MTK PE+1.1*2.0, USB C DRP, BC1.2, iPhone and Sumsung fast charge protocol

Compatible with Amanero Digital Interface

Zishan likes to adopts the dual crystal oscillator and CPLD I2S solution to include I2S vital signal for players to DIY. With this configuration, players can directly connect J1 to make it a PC Version of USB Decoder

A Must Have for Your Phone.

It could make a big difference to your phone if you are using this USB DAC. U1 will automatically turn on or turn off when plugged in and out. The indicator is easy to recognize. Also it will turn off automatically when in low battery. It could be so much fun to have it

What You Need to Know About U1?

-Amanero digital interface+AK4493EQ+9V power supply+dual OP275+original 3.5 Line Out+Geminate Transistors Amplifier

-A USB DAC and a portable charger as well

-Built-in 4200mAh batter for up to 12 hours play time -Aluminium body, master control ADC rotary knob and digital AK4493EQ to adjust the volume -Compatible for Android and iPhone

-Automatically turn on/off, plug and play; Turn off automatically at low battery mode -Physics relay mute function, no extra electronic button

-U1 will automatically turn off the operational amplifier when in lowest volume for over 5 minutes and will turn off after 20 minutes; it will turn on again when increasing volume


1.Make sure you phone supports USB DAC before purchasing this

2.When charging your phone, the Type-C port will connect to the U1, and the other end will connect to your phone

3.The button is the battery indicator, press it to see the remaining battery

4.The hardware is compatible with CPLD_for_1081 + firmware_2006be11

5.The driver is compatible with https://amanero.com/drivers/setupuac2.exe

6.Support PCM 384K 32Bit, DSD512 hard decoding

7.Plug and play on Linux, for Windows after installing the driver, please choose DSD:WASAPI as output and it support DSD512 directly For iPhone users, you need to buy an Lighting to Type-C cable or buy the Apple Camera Set, one port connects to your phone and the other connects to U1 USB DAC. For iPhone, once you plug in the U1, it will be USB DAC output automatically. You can use whatever play softwares. If there’s any case that it can’t be recognized or it disconnects after seconds, please make sure the cable you bought is the originally from Apple

Inside the Box

  • 1 x ZISHAN U1
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The ZISHAN U1 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

USB port
DSD sampling rate
PCM sampling rate
384K 32Bit
Decoding method
Hardware decoding
DAC Chip
Amanero XMOS AK4493
Decoding method
Hardware decoding
Battery capacity
Battery life
About 12 hours Fast charge supported
Product Size

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Unique for the price!

Usually i never write a reviews, but BubisUK.... are you kidding??? does not go very loud and I do not use high impedance headphones???
I think you made mistake not increasing volume in application or windows mixer. This thing have A LOT of power as it have +/- 9V supply and discrette transistor output. Overall architecture of that thing is normally provided on 200 USD devices for home use.

However, issue is: very glitchy amanero - it can work only with Nvidia USB-C port. On Intel chipset's USB I have problem with Sound starts to noticebly changed after about 4 mins of playback (very strange). Also USB-C ports are hot hold the cable like my phone or laptop. SO portable use is not possible, because cable all the time is disconnecting. Also, sometimes device go to deepsleep and I cannot wake it up after, just replug the USB cable.

Wish Zishan do not stop and better performance with next device!

Andy J
I found how to fix problem rebooting on watching youtube


2 sound chipset driver seems crash while on youtube (it crashed soon as I paused and wait 3sec, )

I solved that step,

There is basic PC sound chipset , you need to set it as 'default'
then watching youtube , PC chipset works with speaker .
and when I listen music on foobar2000 , It works with Zishan U1 on earpohones,
It's a half soulution but if someone having same problem it would help the situation.

Andy J
It sounds better than PC sound chipset

I am testing this on PC , and I installed driver from here - https://amanero.com/drivers/setupuac2.exe
but 1st time I played with MusicBee , PC has been crashed serveral times when I click preference on MusicBee music player,

I changed Foobar2000 , It works fine with WASAPI
and You better check and change on Windows - Sounds - preference - make highest sample rate and exvlusive mode allow,
(for me It's 24bit , 192000Hz )

I haven't tested with phone yet, It seems I need to use spceific player like UAPP or Hiby in order to use USBC output.

Sounds more clearer and fuller than my basic PC sound chipset wihch is reaktek ,
If I use Musicbee again it sould be great but well
So I am fine so far unless it crashes or has problem . heh

My Pc rebooting on and off while using this DAC

I have tested just 1 hour but I get rebooting ,

I instralled driver from here - https://amanero.com/drivers/setupuac2.exe

It seems unstable yet.

Only buy this if you want problems

Very bad device. Does not work with any of my 3 phones (and I know they support audio DAC's). There are people that have issues connecting this to their PC's even.
Soundwise it is alright but it does not go very loud and I do not use high impedance headphones.
Build quality is ok only the volume knob is not the best - there is quite a big range on it that you have to turn untill you hear anything.
There are better dacs out there, so better skip on this one.

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