HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Earpads
Unparalleled Comfort-Suede Fabric and Leather materials The HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Earpads are engineered with Suede Fabric and Leather materials, ensuring a velvety soft touch against your skin. The plush and cushioned design guarantees a comfortable fit, allowing you to indulge...
Tripowin Headphone Earpads
Lightweight and Durable Carrying Case Lightweight and durable material offers excellent protection for your headphone, charger, cable and other accessories.High Quality Hard Material is Shockproof dustproof and waterproof to protect your headphone from impacts and splashes.Inner large space design perfectly...
Earpads Cushion Pads for HarmonicDyne Helios Headphone
The Voice of Customer Since we launched HarmonicDyne Helios headphones, we have heard so many positive feedback and comments on the earpads, so we make it true to sell separate replacement earpads for anyone who would like to buy another...

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