14.2mm planar Magnetic driver HiFi In Ear Earphone

    14.2mm Planar Driver, A New Planar Choice
    Advanced Acoustic Structure, Full Of Details
    Comfortable To Wear
    High-Quality Cable, Interchangeable Wire Design
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14.2mm Planar Driver, A New Planar Choice

P1 MAX uses 14.2MM planar drive unit, uses a diaphragm of only 2μm thickness, and adopts a double-sided array N52 magnet to generate huge magnetic flux. The "lightweight aluminum diaphragm" reduces the weight of the diaphragm. This combination produces excellent dynamic fast response over a wide frequency range with precise junction positioning and provides excellent audio detail and clarity, suitable for pop vocals, chamber strings, and many other music types.

Elegant Design

TINHIFI P1 MAX's shell is made from lightweight resin and the panels are hand-crafted using a 3D-printed stainless steel torch wire drawing process, with a high-gloss-like jewel finish. P1 MAX is not only a good companion for music but also your decoration!

Advanced Acoustic Structure, Full Of Details

TINHIFI P1 MAX displays each detail thorough with a unique acoustic structure, with a wide sound field, bringing a full-bodied and natural listening experience that makes people revel in the music world.

Comfortable To Wear

Ergonomic design, the earset weighs only 4.8g and feels "free" when wearing. The earphone is molded based on professional ear canal data analysis. The special shape is comfortable for a long time to wear too and at the same time, it can increase the passive noise reduction effect. It’s improved by adjusting the angle and position of the sound tube to the ear canal, achieving a high fit.

High-Quality Cable, Interchangeable Wire Design

Adopting 108 single crystal copper wire core, the sound is warm and natural, the background is clean, three frequency is uniform. Two pins changeable thread design is adopted, can be replaced with other earphone wire, get more sound quality experience. It provides 2pin connectors, matching the mainstream IEM in the market.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TINHIFI P1 MAX
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TINHIFI P1 MAX Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Unit
Φ14.2mm Planar Magnetic driver
98±3dB @1kHz 0.126V
Frequency Response
Rated Power
Max Power
Max Distortion
3% @1kHz 0.126V
Gold-plated 2P connector
3.5mm gold plated plug carbon fibre tube

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
John Hopkins
Fast and detailed with good bass extension

I’ve been very impressed with the P1 Max. The planers are fast giving the impression of real definition and detail even in the bass. They are noticeably better than my Tinhifi T2 (though I do like them too, especially the build quality) and vastly superior to the Kiwi Ears Cadenza. They cost more too of course but the quality is there. Previously I didn’t think any IEM could compare to “real headphones” like HD650 or AKG K702 but the P1 Max has the detail and lush mids. For IEM they are pretty comfortable.

Jamie Black
Needs Moar Powa!!!!!

Needs a bit more power to really shine. A good grunty DAC really brings this set to life. Nice warm sound that doesn't tire you out.

Emmett Whyte

Excellent product buy sound excellent

Great Headphones

burned them in and wow do these rock. The sound quality is fantastic for IEMs, great bass, the highs are clear and overall just a really well balanced set of earbuds. Comfortable too, and plenty of included options for getting the size just right. If this is the price range you’re shopping in, you can’t go wrong with the P1s

Great set

Honestly, when i first tried them they were just ok, as i expected since i knew i'll have to adjust eq and burn in them.
They are getting better and better.
After one more night runing them with my dac, this morning i was a bit surprised! They opened up greatly. Great bass and mids, fantastic trebles. Soundstage expand more and more.
Highly recommend them, and for that price...

Ray Feldman



The P1Max is incredible value for the sale price. It's also very good value for full price. I do have 10 IEMs now and I I could only keep one, it would be the P1max. I prefer it a lot over IEMs like KATO which is in the similar price range.
I was a bit unlucky and my first pair had a crackling noise in one of the sides. Luckily the support sent me a replacement very quickly. Other than that it's great. Cable could be a bit better, but that is a minor issue.


A very even balanced, musical and smooth sounding IEM.

Domenic Quarato
The Pandas are love

I have a soft spot for the P1 Max. The vocal presentation is absolutely incredible for the $100 bracket. They’re wonderfully laid back but also detailed. A far departure from the other Planar IEMs of its day. I think still, to this day, the Pandas compete and compete well in the $100 and below bracket.

Superb Planar

In the Linsoul sale, this maybe the best value in chifi.... *****

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