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New Flagship BA+1DD+2EST Hybrid Earphones

    Half-Open Balanced Pressure Relief Cover Design
    Professional Tuning Experience
    Interchangeable Plug Design
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New Flagship BA+1DD+2EST Hybrid Earphones

Due to the presence of two electrostatic units, the performance at high frequency and extremely high frequency is fantastic. The sound is clear and precise. TRN BAX is equipped with TRN's third-generation dual-magnetic circuit low-frequency Balanced Armature driver unit for the first time. The magnetic circuit structure of the Balanced Armature driver has been re-upgraded, and the magnetic density is higher than that of the previous generation. The mid-frequency adopts an exclusive customized Knowles. The Knowles 29689 BA makes the voice fuller and sweeter. Three high-performance units working together precisely analyze every sonic detail and deliver flagship sound quality.

Half-Open Balanced Pressure Relief Cover Design

The pressure relief method of the cover is semi-open to effectively solve the dynamic balance of the air pressure in the cavity. Improve the performance of the earphone unit, make the sound cleaner and reduce distortion. Eliminate the pressure on the eardrum and achieve the effect of comfortable listening.

Professional Tuning Experience And Strength

The sensitivity of TRN BAX in the high-frequency range of 20-40kHZ is better than that of moving iron headphones. Thanks to the inherent advantages of electrostatic units, high density, and detail reduction capabilities. It makes BAX richer in detail and greatly improves high-frequency malleability.

Interchangeable Plug Design

TRN BAX comes standard with sixteen strands of high-purity silver-plated interchangeable plug wires. Single strand 22 cores, sixteen strands total 352 cores, delicate and natural sound. At the same time, it adopts an in-line interchangeable plug design, and you can choose a 3.5 / 2.5 / 4.4 audio plug.

Rich Accessories

16 strands of silver-plated wires, Aluminum storage case, Balanced ear tips 3 pairs (SML) + Bass ear tips 3 pairs (SML) + Memory foam ear tips 1 pair, 6.5mm adapter. TRN BAX is fully accessorized for your convenience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRN BAX
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TRN BAX Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Transducer type
Quad-driver Triple-hybrid
Frequency Response Range
Connector type
Jack type
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

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Luigi Maria Larocca
Valid and interesting IEM

Very fun and quite uncommon in terms of tonality and image. I like it, but i need to find the right music friend.

just wow

every thing is just clean no fatigue sound is so wide and spacial res is beyound good theres tamber in all the right places

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