Tripowin TP10

5BA Balanced Armatures in-Ear Earphones with Resin Cavity, Aluminum Alloy Faceplate

  • 5BA Balanced Armatures Earbuds
  • Imported Resin Cavity and Aluminum Alloy Faceplate
  • Fine Tuning Technology
  • Modified 2PIN Detachable Cable&Ergonomic Design
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5BA Balanced Armatures Earbuds

Tripowin was established by a group of experienced engineers who are dedicated to pursuing ultimate sound quality. After painstakingly effort, here comes the Tripowin TP10. The high-end 5BA per side configurations makes the excellent sound integrity and authenticity and wide sound field too. Lightweight stable combinations can greatly increase the density and extend ultra-high frequency, displaying natural and clear sound. Low Frequency Balanced Armatures are more.

Imported Resin Cavity and Aluminum Alloy Faceplate

With carefully survey of the earphones in this field, we adopt two materials to present TP10, the lightweight resin shell and sturdy aluminum faceplate. It’s a combination of fine craftsmanship with sturdy function. The two materials are combined to give both visual and tactual enjoyment. The faceplate is made of Zin alloy with whetstone techniques. It’s scratch-resistant, non-slip and delicate. The imported resin cavity is lightweight .

Fine Tuning Technology.

Combined with the advantages of 3D printing sound guides, we adopt the delicate electronic frequency dividing design to accurately calculate the connection of the playback frequencies of each unit and reasonably allocate the low, medium, high and ultra-high frequency. The integrated seamless balanced armature conductor can effectively suppress the diffuse reflection of sound wave inside the cavity. The precise 3D printing technology is accurate to micron..

Modified 2PIN Detachable Cable&Ergonomic Design.

The included 2pin 3.5mm cable is gold-plated. It will greatly reduce signal transmission loss. The OFC cable also improves transparency, resolution and sound field too. It’s designed to be detachable for upgradability. The shape is molded based on ergonomics. It can securely fit in the ear and effectively isolates the external noise. No matter you’re in noisy street or other public places, you can focus on what you’re listening to music.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Tripowin TP10
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Tripowin TP10 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product Name
TRIPOWIN TP10 In-ear Earphone 
Drive unit
5 Balanced Armatures
Earphone type
Earphone sensitivity
Frequency range
Plug Interface
3.5mm Gilded
Cable Length
Cable Length
Earphone interface
2PIN 0.75mm interface

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
clarity! but a little shouty in the treble and weak power in the bass

These are great! I compared them with the KS ZST, and the KZ ZS10 Pros. My opinion, they destroyed the ZST, and the ZS10 pro lacks the clarity of these, but it does have a little better bass. Overall of the 3 these win hands down. I like BA drivers and this one does not disappoint. Looking for a hybrid that does what this does for clarity- but without the shouty-ness and with slightly more power in the bass regions. If someone knows please reach out to me!

Andrew Larson
Good for price

Very sharp, darkening the sound helped. Detailed enough

Raymond Hayes
Okay but Definitely Not a Giant Killer

Not going to do a long review just to say this is okay for the money. You get what you pay for don't get fooled by the extra drivers. If you're into headphones you know it's not about the driver count it's about the tuning. This one is tuned to neutral which is good. But it's extremely hard to drive. This will not work well with the phone. The phone does not have enough power for these things. You have to have a really good digital audio player or an amp with your phone. In which case you're probably going to buy better headphones then these. I was intrigued by the cheap price and some of the good reviews. Like I said it is tuned to neutral if you have a good power source there okay. Don't think you're going to get something that's going to compete with the four or $500 headphones you're definitely not. So I'm not sure who these are really for if you're just a casual listener who uses a phone only these will not work for you they need to much power they're going to sound tinny. And if you're a high end user who has a good digital audio player or an amp you going to get much better headphones than these. And you should, I took the risk because it was a cheap price and again you get what you pay for

Bright & Detailed Monsters!

This pair started as a hate, love relationship, and they smoothed out after 6 or so hours of listening.
First off, they’re bright and upper mid-range and treble is pushed aggressively.
Now that being said, after finding the right tips for these behemoths and getting a good seal and listening without comparing or trying on my other iem’s, just wanting to see how I like my music with them, and it’s a 50/50 Love/hate thing. For some music I love them so much, EDM, Classical, Opera, Jazz, New Age, Podcast, Indian Classical, Acoustical.
Genres I did not like with these, Rock, Heavy Metal, and some Pop.
Bass is actually nice for an all BA, not a heavy hitter, but they reach deep with a nice quick hit, there's no bleeding into mids, upper mid-range is pushed, vocals are forward, yet the lower mids are slightly recessed. But there is a great deal of detail and clarity that I absolutely love! Over abundant of it! Treble is spiked as well, so I don't rec these, but I love them, and I can listen for hours without any fatigue.
Sound stage is average, close, but instrument separation is well defined, one of the best I've heard.
Fit and comfort takes a little getting use to. I found they play best on the PC with my Little Bear B4-X tube amp, it tames it somewhat and makes it enjoyable, also easily plays on the smartphone and with EQ, they're brilliant.

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