Bluetooth TWS Wireless Wired Hi-Fi Earphones

    built-in UV Light System for clean and safety use
    Dual dynamic driver&crossover technology
    Fast charging case, long standby time
    *Note: Please do NOT use fast-charging adapters
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The T2000 utilizes dual dynamic driver and crossover technology to combine the power and detail of a 9mm and 8mm Nitinol Dynamic Diaphragm which is a custom innovation that combines nickel and titanium to create the ultra-fast membrane response necessary for a clear and translucent sound. These drivers are implemented with our in-house passive crossover network that separates the sound frequencies to perfectly match the performance of each driver


The T2000 has the option to switch between wireless and wired modes to best fit the needs of the listeners. While the sonic performance of the T2000 is unparalleled in both modes, we understand that many audiophile enthusiasts enjoy a wired performance using their favorite music device. Hence, in the wired-mode with the included MMCX 4-core OCC copper cable, the T2000 performs passively, allowing the music device’s sound characteristic to power the earphone


The T2000 is the first of few TWS earbuds which implement ultraviolet lights within the charging case to ensure every listening session is clean and healthy. The shape of it was taken from molds of the human ears to make sure every curve matches perfectly with the contours of the ear. Whether you are walking around, running or dancing, it will stay comfortably in your ears worry-free. Now, you can enjoy your music all-day, without thinking twice


This module has an aluminum alloy button with “One- Touch” smart control. This button ensures longevity and wear resistance. High-glossy polished edge with exquisite finish, give you a soft tactile feeling while working. Thermoplastic elastomer flexible earhooks is a tough yet flexible material that ensure proper fit around the ears. It is soft, hypoallergenic, able to withstand climatic heat, body sweat, continuous bending and reshaping.


The T2000 charging case with fast charge. Just 20 minutes of charging can support 3-4 hours of music listening .Less charging, more listening. Besides, unlike other normal true wireless earbuds, the case of the TIN HIFI T2000 is bulit-in with a powerful 650mAh battery. It supports with over 16 hours of on-the-go listening. Moreover the T2000 is still in a practical and convenient size. The T2000 case fits into any pocket and is a perfect fit for any occasion!

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TINHIFI T2000
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TINHIFI T2000 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the True Wireless Earbuds only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pablo Sanchez
Battery don’t last as expected

The sound is great, a Tin HiFi sound. I was expecting these because the cable option. I liked that a lot. The only con I can say right now is that the battery doesn’t last long.

Meh. Really disappointed compared to the T2

I would give this between two and three stars, leaning towards 3. I purchased through the Indiegogo campaign, and have to say am pretty disappointed with these.

Background: I was expecting something of the impressiveness of the T2 wired (still my favorite wired IEM, best value for price). These are nowhere close in sound or comfort to the T2.

1) Sound: These are REALLY BRIGHT, and the supplied tips are absolute garbage. No Bass, tinny, compressed sound. WAAAY to bright. I replaced the supplied tips with some Dekoni Bulletz, and that improved the sound a lot, but there is still an issue with the brightness. Somewhere I read that this might be a manufacturing defect, if so, how can I get these replaced with ones that are less bright?

2) Bluetooth connectivity: Connectivity is good, occasional channel drop in standard Bluetooth mode on the phone. No drops if I force the phone into APTX mode. Sound is improved in APTX.

3) Comfort: These seem to want to work their way out of my ears. The Stem is oval in shape, so not sure if that is the issue. Very finicky about how they fit into he ear, if rotation is not perfect, then loss of audio quality.

4) Battery life: Maybe three hours on a charge, but that is OK, as I cannot wear these for that long, just not comfortable. The battery case seems to need recharging about every 4 days.

5) Cable: This is a nice idea, but the cable is light. Lighter than the cables that came with the T2s. Both use the MMCX connectors, and I question how durable the cable will be. We own three T2 sets in our house, and two have had connector issues, so we replaced the cables with Tripowin Zonies. If I replace the T2000 cable with another MMCX cable, then the cable will not fit into the carrying case.

To get the cable to fit in the case requires careful rewrapping around the cable holder, as it really only fits back in one way.

6) Sound in cabled mode: When listening to these as wired IEMs, the volume is greatly reduced from wireless mode, requiring me to significantly raise it. Not sure what the dB sensitivity is, but I suspect it is pretty low.

All in all, these will end up being given to someone else in the family after a thorough cleaning and tip replacement.

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