TinHiFi T2 Pro

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Balanced Sound with Treble Emphasis

The TinAudio T2 Pro sits on the heavily contested $60 entry market and in order to stand out, we have allocated a great deal of time to be sure to blow away the competition and thus resulted in improving the balanced sound on the T2 into a balanced sounding T2 Pro that is still able to sound musical when your playlist asks of it

Distinct Left and Right Markings

Unlike other earphones, the Tin Audio T2 Pro is labelled with distinct Blue and Red markings on a hue that perfectly balances the metal shade of the T2 Pro housing and not only in form, it completely works which is what it is made for in the first place, allowing you to identify left and right easily

High Quality 1.2m 5NOFC Silver-Plated Cable

The Tin Audio T2 Pro comes with a rigorously tested high quality 5N OFC silver-plated cable which allows to release the full potential of the Tin Audio T2 Pro. Tin Audio T2 Pro¡¯s left and right sound channels are also independently grounded to optimize the separation of the sound enabling a full-range resolution

Comfortable And Non-Fatiguing

We all love our music to the point that we use our personal audiophile earphones on extended duration, with the Tin Audio T2 Pro, the metal housing won¡¯t induce any allergic reactions on your ears as they are completely hypoallergenic and we also made sure that the balanced sound with upper frequency emphasis isn¡¯t fatiguing to use for long giving you freedom to enjoy your music anytime and anywhere

    Inside the Box

    • 1 x TinHiFi T2 Pro
    • User Manual

    1 Year Warranty

    The TinHiFi T2 Pro Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

    Technical Details

    Drive unit
    Dynamic 10MM woofer + 6MM Tweeter (2DD drive unit)
    Earphone type
    Earphone sensitivity
    Frequency range
    Plug interface
    3.5mm Gilded
    Cable Length
    1.25 5N oxygen free copper plating silver
    Earphone interface
    MMCX interface
    Whether with mic

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    After a while the connections got worn out.

    I bought these 3 years ago. They sounded fantastic and the sound quality hasn't degraded to a point that I could notice (if at all.) My one complaint is that after a couple thousand hours of use the connections between the wire and the drivers has gotten worn by rotating in the driver and now they only play audio if the wire is positioned just right. I never use them anymore because of this, its just to annoying trying to get them to work and not move around. The only other thing is that the foam earbuds tend to get pretty gross and full of earwax after a while, but they can be cleaned pretty easily.

    Domen Emersic

    I bought the iems with the intent to game and listen to music and they are great at it. The only thing that bugs me is the bass that I dont relly feal unles I blast the music at high volume at which point my ears will start to bleed.

    Overhyped mess

    Awful audio quality, ear-sharping experience.

    David Guerrero
    these are ridiculously good for the price

    I've been listening to these over my HEDD headphones, pretty ridiculous. Couldn't recommend enough.

    Zack Rockwell
    Great Headphones! One complaint

    The only problem I have with these headphones is that the foam covers for the earbuds came damaged so I never even got to try them. Other than that, these headphones have a great sound quality and I can really distinguish the difference between the different instruments and sounds.


    Just one word for t2 pro Amazing 👏 a real audiophile experience.

    Diego Moreno
    Amazing set IEM'S

    These IEM's are truly a juggernaut for the price, if you have seen the reviews from Zeos, the comments are true, these are amazing but with a tiny dash of a bit too bright sometimes if it wasn't for that I would give them 5 stars, you can listen about anything on these headphones and it will sound great. (note, if you can get a good DAC these IEM's scale quite amazingly, my personal recommendation would be a Chord Mojo or if you want to save some bucks get a fio hip DAC) also, the build quality honestly, these should be on anyone's collection.

    Ivan Voras
    Surprisingly high quality earphones

    The Tin T2 Pros arrived this morning and I am really impressed by the sound quality. The bass is strongly present, the voices loud and clear, the music sounds fantastic! The very high-end of frequencies sounds a bit metallic, but that can be adjusted in the EQ.

    The earphones are packaged in a really nice box, suitable for a Christmas present, which contains a very high-quality cable and a bunch of different ear-tips of various sizes and materials.

    Very happy with the purchase so far!

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