New In Ear Monitor Earphones

    10mm Carbon Nanotube CNT dynamic driver
    Hi-Fi Audio Definition
    Ultra-Sleek Metal Housing Design
    Detachable MMCX silver-plated cable
    Attractively Handcrafted Case
    Ergonomically shaped case coupled with perfectly eartips
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Audiophile Performance.

Equipped with an all new ultra-compact ¢10mm high quality carbon nanotube (CNT) dynamic driver, the TINHIFI T4 delivers definition and detail with authority. We went to great lengths to engineer and tune this driver to perfectly portray our vision of what music should sound like. It redefines the benchmark for crystal clear in-ear sound performance. Explore your music in all its glorious depth

Ultra-Unique Design

The TINHIFI T4 combines elements of high end automotive and aviation design to create a unique and stylish expression perfectly formed for audio reproduction. With a stainless steel housing, you can also feel secure that the T4 will always be there for you. Compact and Lightweight.. Light, sturdy, and crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, no matter where you go, the durable TINHIFI T4 is your reliable listening companion

Pure Sound

Utilizing our newly engineered 10mm Carbon Nanotube Dynamic Driver, the T4 takes single dynamic driver earphones to a whole new level. Our new driver design paired with years of tuning expertise delivers a frequency response all the way down from 10Hz to 20kHz. It's a completely new listening experience designed to combine musical enjoyment with studio accuracy. With total harmonic distortion of only 1% @ 1kHz, the TINHIFI T4 combines high fidelity and harmony at a remarkable valued

High Purity Silver-Plated Cable

T4 adopts ultra-pure silver-plated copper so that the T4’s deep bass and smooth mids can be maintained while allowing full expression of the crystal clear trebles. It is truly a perfect fit for the T4. It’s selected to meet the highest standards of durability and acoustic performance in its class. The MMCX interface can fit to ensure durability and utility across a wide spectrum of cables

Comfortable Fit

The T4’s shape was designed in response to feedback from TIN HIFI fans worldwide for the best fit and maximum comfort. Our experience from the previous models have culminated to this new form factor that will be comfortable for long listening sessions. This comfortable fit also means a perfect seal to provide you up to 32dB of noise isolation, perfect for any listening environment

The Story of TIN T4

As a successor to the famous T and P series, the TIN HIFI T4 is a game changer that features a revolutionary new 10mm CNT dynamic driver to ensure outstanding sonic accuracy, musical tuning, and high-resolution sound across its entire 10-20kHz frequency range. Born for the audiophile and music enthusiasts on the go, its high end level acoustic performance will drive you to experience the evolution. Step up to brilliant sound quality and professional styling with the T4

Why Choose Us?

As a company has been working and delivering the sound and build quality punch well above the price, TIN HIFI has won a lot of praise from audio enthusiasts from our previous products: T2, T2 Pro, T3 and P1. We are a verifiably mature company with the capacity and reputation of delivering products. We aimed to provide the best customer service for our fans.

The Delicate Design of T4 You May Know.

-10mm CNT dynamic driver

-Detachable MMCX silver-plated cable

-Attractively Handcrafted Case

-Ergonomically shaped case coupled with perfectly eartips

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TIN HIFI T4
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TIN HIFI T4 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
10.0mm High Quality CNT Dynamic Driver
Detachable MMCX 3.5mm carbon multi- dimensional heavy plug. Gold-plated MMCX Connector.
102 +3DB @1kHz 0.126v
10- 20000Hz
1% @ 1kHz

Processing Time

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Pre-order Period: In-stocks of the T4 are expected to arrive by late June 2023


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Almost perfect

Excellent tuning with great clarity. Balanced, dynamic and engaging with non-fatiguing sound. Only two things stopping them from being 5 stars - after long listening sessions, their shape does create some discomfort with my ears, and none of the stock eartips worked for me. Currently running them with JVC Spiral dot tips, which resolved the tip side of things, but still not as comfortable as I hoped due to the shape of the IEM. New cable also seems to be vastly improved over earlier models and has a very secure MMCX connection.

Jack Chang

The headphones sound really bad. Buy KZ instead

Jerome Perillo

Excellent in every way.

cam wis
pretty damn decent

as the title said, it’s pretty damn decent. good sound quality, good soundstage, good cable. it’s just pretty good, overall. not incredible, but definitely the best earbuds i’ve tried at this price point. i’ve had the t3s in the past and can definitely say that these have better bass. anyway, in conclusion, they’re very good.

Very Nice Earphones

These have been great earphones for the first couple of months I've had them. They offer a wonderful depth of sound and subtle qualities. Even powered only off of my phone I feel like I'm getting more out of every component in a track. The fit has been slightly loose for my ear, but I have only tried the default silicon buds so far, and it is rarely an issue. Really appreciate the customer service from Linsoul as well. Would definitely recommend these.

Good sound - bad connection

I was really happy with these
However, the iem does not have a pin connector. It just kind of sticks to the cable. I had an issue with mine. One of the iem's just pops of the cable now. It is not an issue with the cable because I have tried with different cables. The iem does not make good connection with the cable. Linsoul said they would look at it. However, I have to pay for shipping! Shipping to China is crazy expensive. So I am basically stuck with an expensive broken iem. Do not buy

Simon Perreault


Vinh Lao
TIN HIFI T4 vs Shure 535

Great pair of earbuds. I compared these to my Shure 535, and they are 98% tonality and sound of the Shure 535, by turned on 2 knots of volume on the Tin HIFI T4. The Shure 535 is ~ $500, and Tin HIFI T4 ~ $100.
Great quality for 1/5 the price!

Itamar Shami

Amazing iems

Angus Bate
Tin T4

Loved the T3 but the T4 is simply beautiful. Crafted with excellent sound balance, warmer than T3 but maintains all the clarity for detailed listening across all sound genres. Recommend.

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