ThieAudio Legacy 9

8BA + 1DD New Flagship HiFi in-Ear Earphone

    New Series IEM from ThieAudio
    Imported Sonion & Knowles Balanced Armatures
    10mm Dynamic Driver
    Exotic Solid Wood Housing and Faceplate
    Please note: there would be difference on faceplate colors.
Quilted Cobalt
Spalted Maple-Yellow& Black
Spalted Maple-Blue
Spalted Maple- Red
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Introducing ThieAudio

Thieaudio was launched in 2019 as a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. The goal of Thieaudio was to serve as a creative platform for gathering the best teams of engineers to inspire revolutionary audio products for audiophiles and professionals alike. For each project, we hand select the most innovative and renown engineers in his or her field to oversee the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the products. The first chapter, the Thieaudio Phantom, drew overwhelming praise from the international community and was even applauded as the new standard for planar magnetic headphones by some.

Gathering this momentum, we are proud to present the next chapter of Thieaudio - the Voyager and Legacy series. These new series of In Ear Monitors were created to bring about unparalleled sound performance that would rival the leading international brands.

The Voyager series was designed as the launch of Thieaudio’s pursuit in the realm of in-ear monitors, and features some of the most innovative techniques we have to offer. The Leagcy series takes the most trusted and established knowledge and designs available in the industry, and presents them in a refreshing and refined manner. We believe the Voyager series may be more suited for musicians, while the Legacy series may better fit audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Focusing on three primary values - musical tuning, high-fidelity sound quality, life-like listening experience - Thieaudio’s new project aims to redefine the true potential of in-ear monitors for both enthusiasts and professional musicians. So we welcome you to step in, and open your ears to a world of audio like nothing before.

8+1 = Power

The Thieaudio Legacy 9 combines the technical prowess of balanced armatures with the full power of a 10mm Dynamic Driver. Utilizing eight genuine American Knowles and Danish Sonion balanced armatures, the treble range is effectively enhanced, bringing out all of the natural details and clarity of the music, as well as an elegant airy atmosphere that accurately reflects the studio and stage. The large dynamic driver brings about a full and impactful bassline that is sure to rumble the ears. We believe the Legacy 9 sets the bar for one of the best low-frequency performances out of all in ear monitors. However, our tuning style also reflects the need for a clean and balanced musical experience, thus emphasizing the vocal range to highlight texture and shimmer of both male and female voices. Our integrative 4-way crossover system coherently distributes all drivers to their respective frequency ranges, preventing overlap and phase inconsistencies. Highest quality drivers, masterful tuning, and skilled engineering sets the Legacy 9 as the highest competition for hybrid in ear monitors today. As the flagship model of the Legacy series, the Legacy 9 puts out a powerful, balanced, and captivating sound. We believe the Legacy 9 is among the best tuned in-ear monitors available today.

Exotic Solid Wood Housing and Faceplate

While power, warmth, and clarity define the musical quality of the Legacy 9, its appearance and build can be described as intricate and elegant. Every component is hand built, piece by piece using only the highest grade genuine solid wood. There are only a couple of manufacturers around the world offering full wooden shell and faceplate options, and these often cost (literally) thousands of dollars. At Thieaudio, we wanted not only the sound to be boutique, but the presentation and appearance of the Legendary series to be bespoke. Each monitor is hand carved out of select exotic solid wood, and this process alone takes an entire day to complete. Our skilled staff each have over a decade of experience building custom in ear monitors, and each unit is crafted unto perfection. Each earpiece is unique, and there is nothing on Earth that will look like it. You can rest assured knowing that your in ear monitor is safe to use, durable, and a masterwork of art.

Custom Ultra-pure 7N OCC Copper Cable

To maximize the sound quality of the Legacy 9, we have undergone extra expenses to hand-braid an 8-core ultra-pure 7N oxygen-free copper cable. This custom cable minimizes electrical resistance, allowing the sound to be fuller, more clear, and extend the soundstage. We also love how the copper contributes to the bass and midline, strengthening the full sound of the Legacy 9.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x ThieAudio Legacy 9
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The ThieAudio Legacy 9 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Total Number of Drivers
Knowles SWFK-31736 Dual BA*1;
Knowles DWFK Dual BA *2;
Sonion 2600 BA *2;
10mm dynamic driver *1
0.78mm 2PIN
Frequency Response
112dB at 1 kHz

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1 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fit, Bass, Vocals, Treble, Detail. What more do you want?

It's about time I wrote an L9 review. I have the very first resin unit to be sold to a customer but I recently rediscovered the full potential of this wonderful iem.

First of all the not so good. Out of the box the bass is too much for me personally. I am not a basshead and like bass to be tighter and more controlled.

Once I EQ bass down by about 2db, everything changes. The sound opens up, vocals shine, treble and details sparkle in a silky smooth way.

Kick drums on this iem are emotional and full bodied. A standout feature here.

This iem is one of the most musical in the ThieAudio line up. It gives a truly unique listening experience that I preferred to iems 3-4x its price.

Resolution is really good. Layering could be a bit better given the number of drivers. Stage size is very nice.

One last thing, these are my most comfortable iems. I can wear them for hours without any hint of discomfort.

gary ward
Very happy!

I tried a few customs with mixed reviews. These universal IEM's are really good! I listen to Tidal high def through an A&K sp2000 and the results are impressive.
For the money I am very satisfied with the quality AND the performance of the Legacy 9!!

Alan Ball
ThieAudio Legacy 9

Very good sound

Edwin Adames
Absolutely in love with these!

First thing I want to say is the nozzles now have a prominent lip! So no worries about getting the tip stuck in your ear.

As far as how they sound? Well the first day I got them I didn't take them out for over four hours and only did so because I needed to take a shower and go to bed. It's been two weeks now and all I can say is these things are marvelous. Treble like tiny pin pricks of starlight. The mids are silky. The bass is tight controlled and deep with the ability to completely disappear on tracks that don't call for it. Oodles of detail here. The sound is also surprisingly spacious for iems, instead of dead center it fills your head and leaks out about an inch is the best I can describe. In the future I will be buying a second set to store away as backup. These are all I want. Highly recommend.

Neil Plenn
Really excellent, except for...

Love my Thieaudio Legacy 9s...They look great, sound wonderful, come with a nice case and cable (which i swapped anyway because I prefer penticon.) The L9s are well built and I find them extremely comfortable as well. They spar with IEMs way above their price point. They only have one shortcoming in my opinion. The nozzles do not have a lip, and I am frequently fishing to extract a tip that has remained behind in my ear. The fact that this exercise being such a nuisance hasn't dissuaded me from using the L9s speaks volumes for how good they are.


I like
-Bass like Subwoofer
-Unique Wood Design
-Metal Nozzle
-Good for Pop,Rap,EDM Music.

ThieAudio Legacy 9 (Resin Version)

What I like about L9:
- Various customisation options
- Great build quality and comfort
- Similar to the new Fearless cable but a much lighter Y splitter
- Highly detailed and resolving with a DD bass
- Sounds amazing on most of the current EDM and Pop songs

What might be flaws:
- Bass might be too much for some
- Mids and vocals might be overshadowed by bass and treble on some songs
(The use of foam ear tips help to control the bass and give a more balanced presentation)

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