HiFi Dual C43198 DAC Chip Portable DAC/AMP

  • Unparalleled Audio Quality with Dual C43198 DAC Chips
  • Exceptional Sound Clarity and Low Noise Design
  • Sophisticated Build and Aesthetic Appeal
  • High-Quality Connectivity and Versatility
  • User-Friendly Features and Adaptive Control
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Unparalleled Audio Quality with Dual C43198 DAC Chips

The DEW4X is equipped with dual C43198 DAC chips, boasting a dynamic range of 130dB for authentic, expressive music reproduction. It supports 384kHz/32Bit PCM and DSD 256 high-definition audio, effortlessly decoding various sources. The peripheral filtering circuits ensure suppression of power noise and interference, delivering a pure and stable audio signal.

Exceptional Sound Clarity and Low Noise Design

This device achieves a remarkably low noise level, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 130dB and adistortion rate of just 0.0002% (@4.4mm BAL). The design ensures sound is presented against abackground as dark and quiet as a curtain, creating an almost noiseless soundscape (1μVrms).

Sophisticated Build and Aesthetic Appeal

The DEW4X boasts an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body, CNC precision machined for a sleek, contoured design. Its surface is sandblasted and anodized in black to resist oxidation and fatigue, complemented by laser engraving for a textured finish. It features a convenient Type-C audio interface, emphasizing both function and form.

High-Quality Connectivity and Versatility

A high-quality oxygen-free copper-wound shielding layer reduces interference, enhancing sound resolution and transparency. The replaceable cable design allows for easy upgrades and connections to various devices, including a standard Type-C to USB and an optional lightning interface for Apple devices.

User-Friendly Features and Adaptive Control

The device comes with exquisitely designed buttons for easy operation and smooth switching between levels. It supports the UAC1.0 standard and offers compatibility with various devices. The 3.5mm SE stereo and 4.4mm BA output interfaces cater to a wide range of headphone plugs. Additionally, the 30-level button adjustment for volume control features a non-linear progression, allowing for precise volume settings that are remembered even after power off.

Instructions for use

1. Please use the included data cable to connect to a mobile phone or other front-end devicethat supports OTG decoding. After the connection is successful, the DEW4X indicator light willstay on to indicate that the connection is normal. It is recommended that when you use DEW4Xto connect to a mobile phone for the first time, you first lower the volume of the mobile phone,and then adjust it to a level that suits you to avoid excessive sound. And it is recommended touse high bit rate or lossless audio sources for a better listening experience.
2. Function Key Description
·The volume level has a power-down memory function.
·DEW4X's button volume adjustment function and mobile phone volume adjustment functionare independently controlled.
3.Switching between UAC Mode and High/Low Gain Mode
·DEW4X works in UAC2.0 mode by default after powering on. During work, UAC mode cannotbe switched.
·With DEW4X disconnected (power off), first press the "Volume +" button and hold it there,then connect DEW4X to the interface of a computer, mobile phone or game console (power on),wait until the indicator light slows down After it flashes, you can release the button and DEW4Xwill work in UAC1.0 mode.
·During DEW4X operation, press two buttons at the same time to switch to the high & low levelmodes.
4.Matters needing attentionIt is prohibited to insert 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphonesockets into headphones simultaneously for use.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SIMGOT DEW4X
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

DAC Chip
Dual C43198
Decoding specifications
PCM: 384 kHz/32 bit
DSD:Dop 128/Native 256
Body material
Aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation black
Interchangeable Line Design
Cable material
High quality OFC wrapped shielding layer
Output plug

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