Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE
Shuoer Conductor IMAGE


1 DD + 3 BA + 4 EST Tribrid Electrostatic Tribrid Flagship In-Ear Monitor

    The newest electrostatic (EST) driver by the European driver manufacturer Sonion
    Paired with Knowles WBFK 30095 super tweeter and Sonion 2389 dual balanced armatures
    Made from European medical-grade resin
    Custom 6N ultra-pure oxygen-free copper cable
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About Shuoer

Following years of experience in designing and manufacturing some of China’s best known In-Ear Monitors, Shuoer was officially launched as its own brand in 2019. The small select and extensively trained team handcrafts each ear piece using only the finest materials, and each unit is inspected twice for quality assurance. The innovation for each model comes from Shuoer’s love for music and aim to provide an exquisite musical experience at an affordable price range. Discover a new world of High-Fidelity audio with Shuoer!

1 DD + 3 BA + 4 EST Tribrid Technology

Shuoer’s latest flagship in-ear monitor features the newest electrostatic (EST) driver by the European driver manufacturer Sonion. This EST65QB02 is powered by its own proprietary transformer that drives four ultra-nano membrane electrostatic tweeters to extend the treble range even beyond that which is perceptible by the human ear. Paired with Knowles WBFK 30095 super tweeter and Sonion 2389 dual balanced armatures, the Conductor delivers an extremely cohesive, detailed, and silky-smooth treble response. An in-house 10mm Liquid Silicone Dynamic Driver pumps out a deep and powerful bass that decays quickly enough to make for a transparent and even mid-frequency response. The drivers are put together using a carefully calculated three-way crossover system and three sound bores to emphasize instrument separation and stereo-imaging. The overall tuning is an update on the recent 2019 Harman Curve, but modified to deliver a better bass impact and a further-reaching treble extension. You will find the Conductor to be a comfortable and smooth listening experience that is marked by clarity and life-like atmosphere.

Medical-Grade Resin

The Conductor’s housing is made from European medical-grade resin that is often used for biomedical prosthetics and hearing aids. At Shuoer, a stronger ultraviolet dose and longer treatment time is used to create a more durable shell that can withstand the test of time, all while fitting comfortably. The thicker shells also provide a more isolating seal in the ear to block out up to 26dB of outside noise.

Ultra-Pure Copper Cable

To maximize the sound quality, a custom 6N ultra-pure oxygen-free copper cable has been paired with the Conductor. The natural electrical conductance of copper allows the mid-frequency range to develop a warmer and fuller tone, with additional enhancements to the power of the bass. Your Shuoer Conductor will arrive ready to sound its best for you!

Inside the Box

  • 1 x LETSHUOER Conductor
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The LETSHUOER Conductor Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Shuoer Conductor
1 DD + 3 BA + 4 EST
8Ω ±2Ω
0.9% ±0.2%
0.78 2pin connector
2.5mm plug
Housing Material
Product weight
Package dimension

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