Shozy Form1.4

4BA+1DD Hybrid Drivers In Ear Earphone

    High Prized Beryllium Driver
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4BA+1DD Hybrid Driver

Based on Shozy Form1.1, Form 1.4 equips with four balanced armature and one dynamic driver for sub-bass-mids region. The Large diameter dynamic driver can move a lot of air while keeping the bass attack and response fast and accurate. The BA is tuned to sound lush and controlled. You can hear clean cymbals, clear vocals

Metallic Venting and Nozzle

Metallic back air vent design is developed for the dynamic driver to adjust the air pressure inside the chamber to control the bass decay and it’s positioned on the side without blockage when inserted. While the quality metallic nozzle is premium built for durability

Improted Wooden Faceplate

The faceplate is made from imported wood materials with which you can get different faceplate with each pair as there’s no one is the exactly same. Each pair of earphones is unique. The handmade body also adopts the latest 3D printing framework and is post processed by applying resin top coat, polished by craftsmen manually

2 Pin Detachable Cable

Coming with the Form 1.4 earphones are a fabric-shielded high purity copper cable chosen for the project. There is good synergy for this combo and metallic parts and terminations are chosen for better durability and sound

Driver Configurations

1 Shozy Custom Dynamic Driver - light weight, fast and responsive - accurate reproduction of sound with low distortion - quick bass attack with good details - great strength/ durability - better resolution 4 Shozy Custom Balanced Armature - responsible for the treble extension and upper mids - tuned to sound lush and controlled - natural presentation and a lot of air and treble details - fatigue-less tuning while you can hear clean cymbals, clear vocals

Inside the Box

  • Carrying case
  • 9 pairs of eartips

1 Year Warranty

The Shozy Form1.4 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

4 balanced armatures, 1 dynamic driver
Imported medical resin (3D printed)
Imported wood stabilized panel
3-way crossover
102 dB
20 Hz – 20KHz
16 ohms
2-pin 0.78 mm
3.5 mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Aaron Iscoe
A dark and rich brew

The shozy 1.4 is relaxed and laid back. The dynamic driver is mid bass focused so things have a good bump and thump. The balanced armatures provide clear and smooth upper mids and treble. The treble is very polite and maybe too rolled off for some. The echos and reverberations have a distant lingering quality, almost haunting, that presents a deep sound stage on a lot of tracks. Love it or hate it the treble is unique and gives this set a spot in my collection.

Sophanna Ven
One of my favorites

The Shozy 1.4 Does everything right you can’t go wrong if you just want one IEM I would suggest this one

Poh B.
Amazing Sound!!!

I knew I had to get these Shozy Form 1.4s from the start. Indeed, the sound does not disappoint. Warm and laid back, it never offends with its nonexistent sharp trebles. This helps treble-sensitive people listen to music for long periods of time. Also, it sounds really fun and the sub bass is amazing. These are my sub-$400 top of the end IEMs. Last but not least, the imaging and soundstage makes you feel like you are listening to vinyl. Listening to music is always an enjoyable past time with these powerful Beryllium DD + 4 BA drivers. Here, take my 5 Stars!!! Looking forward to future offerings from Shozy!!!

Reviewer avatar
Another winner

I love this set; I have the 1.1, and the B2, and all three are excellent. Highly recommended. Great service from linsoul as well.

Gary Bennett
Great earphones from Shozy

Great earphone and as per usual very fast delivery from Linsoul


Shozy Form1.4

Form 1.4 - Sabor duradero

He oído hablar de la marca Shozy ya hace mucho tiempo, pero mi experiencia comenzó con el Form 1.1. El Shozy Form 1.1, un producto raramente bueno en su rango de precios, que se centra en el entorno de la música. Los tonos de frecuencia media son uno de los mejores que he escuchado con este precio.

Aunque la afinación general de los dos es similar, si tienes suficiente presupuesto, creo que el Form 1.4 es un producto bastante mejor y mas avanzado que el Form 1.1, con detalles más ricos, respuesta más rápida y sonido más prominente, mejor grosor y textura del sonido vocal. El Shozy Form 1.4 es rico en información además tiene una buena precisión en el control de los detalles, y muy maduro en su tono. El Form 1.4 es cómodo y se puede utilizar muchas horas.

A pesar de que mantiene una buena transparencia sonora, la alta frecuencia del Form 1.4 no es un sonido translúcido típico, prestando más atención en unir las frecuencias media y baja, consiguiendo un sonido más armonioso que el Form 1.1.

En cuanto a las voces, especialmente la voz masculina, es uno de los mejores IEM que he escuchado, especialmente para los entusiastas de las tonalidades vocálicas.

En lo que respecta al Form 1.4, sin importar su apariencia o rendimiento sonoro, creo que Shozy ha dado suficiente seriedad al producto, al igual que los sonidos vocales que presenta, el Form 1.4 es un IEM encantador y sabroso. Si eres un amante vocal como yo y tienes suficiente presupuesto, no te pierdas este Form 1.4.

Cameron J Montes-Murray
Basically What I Expected

Basically Shozy Form 1.1 with a bit more detail and slightly brighter mids.
Like Form 1.1, Form 1.4 is especially good for those with treble sensitivity.
Songs that used to hurt my ears are now tolerable. Tested using IDM,
such as Autechre and Richard Devine, using purer synthesized tones
that expand the entire dynamic range, basically Peak Sound Techology

John Park

The Form 1.4 made me doubt about my $1400 earphones.
The soundstage is among the widest soundstage I've heard in an IEM. And it has great seal/isolation. I don't know how they did it. In fact, I've had several instances when I was listening to some live recordings or watching YouTube videos, and I had to take out my earphones because I thought the sound was playing out of my laptop. The soundstage is that good. I'm serious. I was watching an acoustic cover song on Youtube yesterday night, and I unplugged my earphones because it sounded like the sound was coming outside my earphones from my computer speakers.
The tuning is simply brilliant.
The bass hits like a dynamic driver so it's punchy, quick, and strong. Not the most powerful bass, but it is still punchy compared to normal standards. Definitely not a neutral iem.
The treble sparkles. And vocals are fantastic.
It's a strong statement. But if you're looking for a ~$300 earphone, this is my top recommendation.

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