SeeAudio Yume

SeeAudio Yume

1DD + 2BA Hybrid In-Ear Earphone

    - Liquid Silicone Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Unit.
    - Two custom-tuned BA drivers.
    - Low-Frequency Filter Conversion(L.F.C.) Technology.
    -Tuned by professionals following the 2020 Harman Target Curve.
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Liquid Silicone Diaphragm DD Unit.

We have seen Beryllium diaphragms, DLC(Diamond-Like Coated) Diaphragms, now with the Yume, we have Liquid Silicone Diaphragm in the Dynamic Driver unit. Liquid SIlica is extremely insensitive to temperature fluctuations resulting in consistent, distortion-free sound output.

Custom-Tuned BA Drivers

Along with the premium liquid silicone diaphragm dynamic driver unit, the Yume also houses two custom-tuned balanced armature drivers for a detailed, non-fatiguing, super smooth audio output.

L.F.C. Technology

To remove any multi-driver crossover distortion issue in the output, SeeAudio has designed the inner acoustic structure with the Low-Frequency Filter Conversion Technology. In this, they have added a precisely designed 33.91 cubic millimeter front cavity between the DD and the sound guide capillary. It improves the overall consistency of the output and ensures that there is no multi-driver distortion.

Tuned Following the Harman Target Curve

SeeAudio Yume is tuned by professional acoustic engineers with years of experience in the audio industry. They have followed the latest 2020 Harman Target curve for a super smooth, detailed sound output with good punchiness and rich, crisp vocals. The output doesn’t feel sibilant or fatiguing even at loud volume levels, just enjoy your favorite music for countless hours.

Gorgeous Design

With the SeeAudio Yume, you are provided with a gorgeous looking pair with very beautiful designer faceplates, transparent inner cavity. You can actually see the neat and precise placement of driver units through the transparent cavity. The overall look of the pair is exquisite and rich.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SeeAudio Yume
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SeeAudio Yume Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency Response Range
Termination Plug
2-pin 0.78mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Yume, the bassless IEM

Well if you like any kind of bass these aren't for you, I have found listening to western to work exceedingly well tho. They isolate noises in the train better than any anc headphones I have ever used.
I can't stress enough tho they literally don't have base I'm only keeping them because I have heard horror stories about linsoul support (no actual experience tho)

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SeeAudio Yume

Steve Fultz
Check out the YouTube reviews on this IEM.

I think these are a little over priced for what they are. They should be competing with the Fiio Fh3s. There is quite a few reviews on these on YouTube.

Rafał Wiśniewski

SeeAudio Yume

My Name is ZeosPantera and I approve this message

These should have at least one written. I think these iems really do something special and the way they deliver sound and where you are sitting while it's happening. Intimate is a great word to use, however, I think they soften just the right frequencies to make it a very pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Bass response is just right and I'm not fatigued by the highs.

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