Planar + PiezoElectric Drivers Hybrid IEM

    Novel Concept, Precise Execution
    Custom Made 14.2mm Planar Magnetic Driver
    Custom 18 Layer Double-Sided PZT Driver
    Open-Back Design
    Interchangeable Connector Cable
    Note: Ear tips included may change later on
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Novel Concept, Precise Execution

The Hook-X is the first attempt at a hybrid in-ear monitor design utilizing the planar magnetic driver in combination with a piezoelectric (PZT) driver. These two driver types are among the most sensational driver technologies in the audio industry, and have never been utilized together in an IEM format. We took on this momentous concept, and through careful engineering and testing, have successfully created an IEM that encompasses the powerful characteristics of these drivers fashioned with tonal perfection. Unlike other IEM novelties that simply cram in hyped drivers, we our proud to achieve a product that is tuned to balance and allows the listener to both appreciate the acoustic superiority of these drivers as well as enjoy the music through their harmonious tonality.

Custom Made 14.2mm Planar Magnetic Driver

The planar magnetic driver utilizes a thin ribbon suspended between two powerful magnets through which electrical currents run. The advantage of a planar magnetic driver is the extreme responsiveness compared to dynamic or balanced armature drivers due to its lower mass and strong magnetic field. We manufactured our own large 14.2mm planar driver, which is driven by powerful N52 magnets. The precision of this driver allows incredibly punchy and impactful sub-bass response, as the ribbon is more responsive to transient signals. Furthermore, the full frequency range is effectively extended from 20Hz to 40kHz to produce an upper treble response previously unobtainable in an IEM. Internal housing structure design and acoustic damping system were carefully brought about to achieve a balanced target tuning, a rarity among IEMs that utilize the planar magnetic driver.

Custom 18 Layer Double-Sided PZT Driver

The piezoelectric driver achieves enhanced treble response through vibration of piezo elements within the housing. In cooperation with an external team with military engineering backgrounds, we have designed a double-sided layering system consisting of 18 ceramic piezo elements that has been fine-tuned after more than 100 acoustic shock simulation experiments. Each of our PZT drivers undergoes 52 complicated processes during production, and is hand tested and paired. In addition to the planar magnetic driver’s extended treble response, our PZT driver adds an extra dimension of sonic resolution and air that is incomparable with typical balanced armature or even electrostatic drivers.

Open-Back Design

For both tuning and acoustic properties, the Hook-X adopts an open-back design. This allows the maximum amount of airflow to highlight the planar magnetic driver’s characteristics. Additionally, this opportunity opens up the soundstage compared to typical IEMs, mimicking the openness and realistic playback of open-back planar headphones. Finally, the open-back design prevents the buildup of pressure within the ear to reduce hearing fatigue. The housing of the Hook-X was software designed after a large number of simulation experiments to match the typical ear angle and wearing experience. Each unit is crafted from a high-precision 5-axis CNC to ensure uniformity of the acoustic chambers. From the housing design to the driver assembly, each aspect of the Hook-X is a demonstration of workmanship, engineering prowess, and acoustic tastefulness.

Interchangeable Connector Cable

The Hook-X comes standard with a modular connector cable terminated to 0.78mm 2-pin jacks. This means that you can simply swap out the connector between the 4.4mm and 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm unbalanced jacks to use with any of your devices. This incredible design limits the need for bulky adaptors. The cable itself is made using OCC silver-plated coaxial shielded wires that enhance the transparency of the hybrid drivers.

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The RAPTGO HOOK-X Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

14.2mm Planar drive+Double-faced 9-layer PZT drive
Wear Type:
105dB SPL/mW
Frequency range:
20Hz- 40KHz
Audio interface:
0.78mm - 2.5mm/3 5mm/4.4mm
Earphone cable length:
Packing List:
RAPTGO HOOK.X Earphones*1
0.78 2pin OCC Silver Plated Coaxial Shielded Wire + 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm Plugs
Earphones Bag* 1
Headphone Silicone Sleeves*3 (S M L)
Warranty Card And Instructions*1
Nozzle diameter
About 5.2mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Stefany Nguyen


Driver flex disaster

Left IEM developed unbearable driver flex after a few months of use. Almost impossible to wear them comfortably anymore as every little movement causes the driver to flex and click in my ear.

Up to the point that this started they were fantastic. I mostly use them for FPS games and have had no problems pin pointing other player positions with them.

Gary Gitchel
The best!!

These guys have been in my ears as my default since ordering. Such an enjoyable listen! Although I occasionally worry that my S12's and OH10's are getting lonely in their case, I cannot tear myself away from the Hooks! Thanks, Raptgo - these rock!

great iem worth the money

came in premium packaging in perfect condition. well rounded iem for gaming and music and are comfortable in ear for long sessions

Amazing sound at this price point

I'm really impressed with the sound from these. I've already owned a couple of other planar IEM variants at around a similar price and these are definitely the best sounding overall to my ears so far. Another thing I like is the cable with changeable plugs which means it's easy to swap between using single ended on my phone or balanced on my protable amp unit. I would definitely recommend these if you are looking to try planar at this price point and time of review.

Ole Grätz
Would I buy them again?

It’s absolutely a great iem.
Bass Extension is really good.
Impact is also nice.
Midbass is really well balanced and not overbloated.
Mids are okay, they are good enough.
Treble is also good.
Vocals sound good without piecing your brain.

Would I buy them again?

I’m new to IEMs but these are amazing

I have the steel series arctis pro wireless headset and had no complaints, but a friend suggested some budget IEM’s for a change.
I started off with the Moondrop Chu’s which sounded decent, and a week later the salnotes zero came out so I figured I’d give them a try too… again they were very decent to the point where my ss gaming headset was tossed aside.
Not sure what possessed me to spend 10 times the price, but everything just happened soo quickly and within a few weeks I had moved onto these Raptgo’s…… and WOW they are absolute beasts for gaming !
I’m still new to IEMs so I don’t know how to explain my senses, but they are so clear, I can hear every step the enemy takes before anyone else, I can pinpoint exactly where the shots are coming from, and I can distinguish the different layers of environmental sounds such as wind, cars, airplanes, etc. nothing is muddled up and everything is just the perfect amount of loudness.
10/10 recommended

Ben Campbell
Changed my life

Want more like this.. perhaps it is the vented nature of the chassis which reduces listening fatigue

I run EQ of about 6db @ 7khz and 2.5db @ 14khz on my Fiio players

Very pleasing sound.

I wear a pair of Sennheiser HD569 closed back over the top for extra isolation -

Basically has solved my noisey environment commute with immersive crystal clear non fatiguing transparent sound

Planar with a twist

This is the first hybrid planar iem that I’ve tried, and it really does what a hybrid should; combine the strengths of the different driver types. If you’ve tried a planar iem before and loved the crisp detail and realistic instrument placement, but wished it had a little more of the dense buttery low-end of a dynamic driver – then this might be the iem for you. The hook-x has a really pleasing warm tuning which highlights the bass while also allowing for a great sense of clarity and detail.
This is a bone-conduction bass which kind of has its own type of sound – in many ways a very opposite sort of bass to a planar. It feels a lot more physical than a planar bass, but sacrifices some detail and texture. The Treble is really well tuned, keeping to a very pleasant level, but because it’s a planar, you’re still getting a lot of detail without exaggerating the treble. That said, when I tried EQing the treble on this set, I was able to squeeze a good amount of extra detail out of the hook. But the level of treble on this set is perfect for long listening, as everything sounds sweet without hurting you. The lower mids are little problematic for me sometimes, as the planar and bone conduction driver seem to battle it out here during fuller parts of a song, creating some mud and bloat.

This is an open back iem, but it seems to still do a very good job of keeping noise out, and sound leakage is not noticeable unless you stick the back of the iem right up to your ear. The sound stage on the hook is average, as is the imaging. This was a little surprising to me because ive come to understand that open back drivers tend to open up the perceived space. My guess is that the bone conduction driver is to blame for this, since it’s vibrating your inner ear through contact, rather than vibrating the air. The imaging is a is a lot more left-right than front-back, and the placement within the stage is not very precise. Again, I suspect this is related to the bone conduction driver.
I definitely recommend this set. It’s a great set for comfortable relaxed listening that won’t put you to sleep. The tuning is really well done. There are a few drawbacks with the technicalities, but overall, I wasn’t too concerned about them while listening, because the set brings a lot to the table in other ways. But if you are looking for the sound of planar bass, you should be warned – the bass on the hook x does not have that texture and precision that you might get out of other planar sets. But what you do get is a bigger, more present and thumping bass. It took a bit of listening to adjust to it, but after a few days, I’m decidedly a fan of how this set sounds.

Also I love the cable this thing comes with. It’s a cloth-wrapped cable with interchangeable terminations. It feels very premium and matches the look of the iem. The entire packaging felt very premium and the carrying case it comes with is the perfect size.

Cristen Mendoza

They sound great and look cool. Definitely worth purchasing.

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