QKZ x HBB Khan

2DD Dynamic Driver HiFi IEM with 3D Printed Ergonomic Lightweight Shell

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Product Features

10mm Bass Dynamic Driver+7.8mm Mid&High Dynamic Drivers
 tuned in collaboration with HawaiiBadBoy @badguygoodaudioreviews.

4th Gen DLP-3D Exquisite Production for lightweight ergonomic shells.

Detachable 2-pin 0.75mm Oxygen-free copper cable with microphone and touch controls.

Ergonomic Design in Glorious Shell with a case carved like dragon scales and covered by resin.

With the master craftsman skill of QKZ audio and professional tuning by HBB (HawaiiBadBoy from “Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews”), the audio quality of Khan is far better than what you would assume for this price range. With this high-tech style IEM, you will hear pure and warm music as if the artist is right in front of you.

Technical Details


QKZ x HBB Khan


10mm dynamic driver + 7.8mm dynamic driver



Frequency Range





Recessed 0.75mm 2pin



CABLE Material

Oxygen-free copper

CABLE Length


what's in the box

1x stock 3.5mm cable
3 pairs of eartips
1 pair of earphones
1x HBB commemorative coin
1x Small carry case


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great IEM for it's price QKZxHBB Khan

I just bought this when i saw the review saying it has a subwoofer built in 🤣🤣.
I hate using EQ on my DAP. I have tried using a few IEMs but they cant satisfy me. I am not a bass head but i expect the bass to be like my Rotel/B&W combo. But i understand IEMs are hard to do it as speakers we can use our room acoustic to change the sound appearance.

So hearing this IEM, i am really 'wowed', it does have the bass, deep and punchy when required without having to EQ. Mid is a bit of recessed but i dont like shouty or on my face vocal. Treble is the tricky part, it is rather tamed, altho i would prefer it to be slightly louder. But it actually performs well with most of my songs collection. Staging is ok i guess, i am more into instruments timbre as to staging so i cant comment much on this. BTW i pair this with either Shanling M6v21 and Fiio M11 plus ESS.

I am happy with this purchase, for this price. Tho its dark sounding, i dont mind it.

The QKZ HBB Kahn could be your end game

The Khan is so good it makes me angry. It just puts so many iems in my collection to shame.
The tuning of the Khan is genius. This is one of the most perfect tunings I've heard. It strikes the perfect balance for every segment of the frequency range where there could be a potential tradeoff in the sound. And this results in a set that sounds like it's achieved every benefit without making sacrifices in the sound. The bass is deep and rich with a huge textured sound that doesn't interfere with the mids. The lower mids are rich with a juicy weight to the sound, but at the same time the mids are clear and sweet and open sounding. The upper mids sound correct for vocals and instruments alike, and create an excellent sense of presence without ever being shouty or piercing. The treble is present with just enough extensions to to give lifelike edges to the sound, that never offends. The entire frequency is coherent, comfortable and engaging. Truly this tuning is rare, masterful and astounding.

Sound stage and imaging are very important to me in an iem. When I'm talking about sound stage I'm not just talking about the size of the sound, but the shape in all directions. And the Khan succeeds in creating one of the most 3-Dimensional stages I've heard in a dynamic set. The sound stage is wide, round and has a height to the sound that I almost never get in Iems. This just has an overall outstanding stage, that truly makes this set exquisitely immersive.

To add to the immersiveness of the stage, the khan is also equipped with superb imaging and separation. Instrument placement just feels so unrestricted in this vast soundstage. I can pinpoint sounds coming from all sides and nothing feels squeezed in or compressed. This iem can also provide some interesting insights into the audio engineering of a track, as you can really clearly hear when more or less compression is being applied by listening for the spread between instrument placement in the sound field.

The one element of Khan’s sound that I would not compare to top-of-the-line sets is the detail. This is not to say this detail is lacking - but with every TOTL set now equipped with planar, estat or the latest and greatest balanced armature super tweeter - dynamic drivers struggle to squeeze that same amount of detail and treble extension. That said, this is performing pretty damn well for the drivers it has, and because Khan has such excellent staging and imaging it creates a sense of realness that isn't dependent on resolution.

Some notes about accessories: The khan comes with the same basic black cable that nearly every budget set comes with and I find that a bit limiting to its image. Just the fact that that is the cable they packed it with will forever keep folks thinking of this as a budget set, rather than the work of art it is. I'd gladly pay a few extra bucks for this to have shipped with a slightly better cable, which would likely only cost QKZ slightly more to include. The set also comes with a gold colored metal commemorative coin, which is actually really cool, but since im not a closeup magician, I don't really know what to do with this but stick it in my drawer. And again, I would rather see that expense have gone into a nicer cable.

The box that the Khan comes in says “The Future of Audio.” and I have to say, nothing would make me happier than if this style of tuning was adopted as the new universal tuning target. This set could very well be a catalyst for a huge swing in i.e.m. tuning theory, and i'm here for it.
I would easily recommend this set to anyone looking for a comfortable all-arounder set with an immersive soundstage.

Warren Cu
Amazing Bass wow

At first I was unimpressed but wow. The bass with artists like Sullivan King, Spiritbox, RIOT, or KROWW, hits and rumbles so nicely! It's very satisfying to listen to metal and rock with. Quite a nice upgrade for the Blon-03. Not to mention the drums and guitars just sound natural. And despite the bass being as it is, it doesn't drown out the upper or make anything sound muddy. I'm surprised at the clarity for instrumentals. Then again this is coming from someone who's been using the 03 and Chu for months.

Fit is snug and comfortable that doesn't hurt my eats (way better than 03 and Salnotes Zero) and the stock tips actually fit me! Didn't have to finagle with using other tips or finding my double or triple flange tips that I usually have to use. I'm very happy I ordered this on release for the hell of it, no regrets here!

Three "issues" that didn't really bother me:
- There was a small piece of board/stickiness residue left onto of the left ear piece from the packaging I found after unboxing that I cba to clean.
- The default cable isn't great, the termination of the 3.5mm plug was too big for my phone case so I ended up having to swap cables to my Yinyoo 8 core. Not a biggie, it tangled easily anyways so I didn't mind having to swap cables.
- Been using for about 3 days and the R/L engravings have already worn off completely. Looking for the R/L lettering was already too small and it's easy to figure out the two.

A solid hit for the bass lover

Serious bass. Like Serious. Buttttt it is extremely well balanced on the upper end and actually works. Good set to have.


The sound here is well-balanced right across the board. Digs deep with muscularity where called upon. Has smooth presence and well extended highs without shouting at you. Good all-a-rounder and a solid value at this price point for sure.

Dark, heavy, bass-leaning U-shaped sound

The QKZ x HBB Khan is IEMs with a dark, heavy U-shaped sound signature. If you are looking for IEMs with a rich low-frequency sound, it is worth considering, but there are many better low-frequency models available, so there seems little need to choose these, which is not suitable for everyone among low-frequency earphones and is not of high quality.



Just received these today and on first impression one word springs to mind and to put it simply “WOW”, very impressive sound, great tuning, wide involving soundstage, great vocals both male and female, very well balanced sound and the bass and sub bass are excellent, listening to the remastered “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica on lossless audio and DAMN what a masterful presentation of a great song, “Hey Nineteen” by Steely Dan and again DAMN !!! amazing presence and soundstage.

Much more to listen to and enjoy and I will add to this review soon but for now - WOW HBB you know sound and your tuning is awesome to say the least, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, you won’t be disappointed and at such a good price, AMAZING.

QKZ x HBB Khan
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