Linsoul Euphrosyne

Silver Plated Litz type 6 Upgrade Cable

    Braid cable with 140 cores 5N OCC + 240 core silver plated OCC wires
    Litz type 6 structure
    Made of special SOFTFLEX material
    Solid sound enhancement
    Soft and durable
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Verkaufspreis €89,00 Regulärer Preis

High Quality Material.

Euphrosyne cable features a combination of luxurious mixed braided cables: 140 cores 5N OCC + 240 core silver plated OCC.

Unique structure

It uses a unique Litz type 6 structure and a concentric counter-helical braiding weave method. After countless tests and sample checks, the Euphrosyne cable has managed to guarantee that the final sound reaches the performance expected by the specialist.

Solid Sound Enhancement.

Euphrosyne cable offers better bass control due to its special material and unique weaving method, with richer high frequency details, a smoother and more natural transition. The overall sound becomes more solid and expressive, the dynamic performance is raised to a higher level.

Refreshing Color Scheme.

The outer skin of the Euphrosyne cable is made of special SOFTFLEX material to wrap the wire, which provides a flawless feel, good resistance and long durability.

Pre-shaped Earhook & Detachable OFC Cable

As its name, Euphrosyne is like the embodiment of elegance and high-end. It’s designed with two distinct colors. Each cable combines two colors and braided in a special pattern.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Linsoul Euphrosyne
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Linsoul Euphrosyne Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Linsoul Euphrosyne
Cable material
140 cores 5N OCC + 240 core silver plated OCC
0.78mm 2Pin or MMCX
2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm available

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Customer Reviews

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Heavy & Unpractical [for me]

This cable is very beautiful and well-made. However, it's bulky and much heavier than other cables I have. The plastic part below the 2-pin connector isn't very convenient for me. It's not a great option for traveling or even for carrying around.

Great cable

My IEM are very comfortable to wear with this cable maybe a little weighted (not fit for sport). They match beautifully with my Big panda IEM . For the sound I am one of those who think that there is no real and great influence with the different cables but the aesthetics and ergonomics are important for that it fulfils me. it worths its price Overall a great purchase.

Sam S
Upgrade IEM sounds

I am not an audiophile expert, therefore, I would give a feedback as ordinary music-liked listener. In conclusion, I am enjoying for this upgrading cable.

I did pair up with Legacy 3 IEM, comparison to the stock cable, it is shown a clearer, more transparent in mid, and precise on bass note. For soundstage, it is somewhat comfortable, the layer of singer voice, the melody, and rhythms , made being listening a musical dimensionally.

Linsoul Euphrosyne

Sounds really very good for this price! !
Please, note! The cable is soft and solid, but isn't tiny for someone and 2 pin connectors are slightly long! If your ears are not big enough, cable might not perfectly fit around your ears!

Blue cable

Fantastic cable and performance for price point. No need to spend money on more expensive & fancy cables. This is all one true audiofil need.

Aaron Starnes
Great Cable, almost perfect.

This cable looks fantastic, the quality is visible.

Linsoul was kind enough to make this for me in a custom length, and I got it really short, so that I can clip my Fiio BTR5 to my collar and not have the cable dangle. I really love Linsoul will make custom length cables for you if you chat with them about it first.

-Looks Great
-High quality
-Unique attractive coloring
-High quality end connectors

-Plastic sleeve on 2 pin connector. It would look better and be harder to bend the pins if it was flush mount.
-Cable has more memory than an 8 or 16ncore cable. I think this looks great, but my 8 core cables feel and wear better.

Che sun Impellizeri
Nice mid range cable

These are my second pair of cables from Linsoul, I also have a pair of Linsoul LC08 cables. These feel more rubbery to the touch, not like my LC08 that feel smooth and silky to the touch. They are very comfortable to wear with not having to worry that they will fall out of your ears. They match beautifully with my Camp Fire Polaris II IEM’s. Overall a great purchase.

Backfire Fox
Absolutely stunning cable with amazing custom craftsmanship.

Absolutely stunning cable with amazing custom craftsmanship.

I have ordered many custom cables to accentuate my favorite headphones, in some cases it also increase fidelity (in the case of HD660S terrible stock cable), but in most cases its just for looks and making me feel better about my favorite headphones. That said, these have to be by far the best pair of IEM cables I ever purchased. They very lightweight and flexible yet at the same time they are very durable and look absolutely gorgeous. They cause no issues or pressure when draped over my ear and in no way color or change the amazing sound of my favorite IEMs the Mangird Teas.

If you are considering upgrading a cable I would say this rates up there as the best IEM cable I have tried so far and I have tried quite a bit with mixed results.

Feel: Extremely durable, coated nicely and twisted. While not braided. it does not feel like the twists will loosen any time soon.
Sound quality: No changes that I can hear and that is a good thing (the stock cable on the Mangird Teas is fantastic, but, to me, ugly).
Microphonics: Yes but only after the split and only if you tap on them (rubbing does nothing thankfully), no microphonics throughout the rest of the cable, which is good.
Comfort: Extremely comfy with no issues at all being draped over the ears for hours at a time. Also light weight so it does not pull your IEMs out or make your ears ache due to weight.

Conclusion: As the third product I have bought from Linsoul I have to save I am extremely impressed with the quality of these cables. If you are looking to customize your favorite 2 pin or mmcx IEM and love the color I would say these are a worthy upgrade in the looks department or if your IEMs came with a low quality cable. I would note that the 4.4mm cable seems to have less issues with grounding if using an XLR adapter than the 2.5mm does so take that into consideration if you are buying this for a balanced amp like a Magnius, Jotunheim, THX 789, etc.

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