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KZ E10

1BA+4DD True Wireless Hybrid Driver HiFi Bluetooth 5.0 Aptx Earbuds

    1DD+4BA Hybrid Technology Configuration, HiFi Sound Quality
    Bluetooth 5.0, QCC3020 chip, APTX lossless audio transmission
    Auto Connections, Smart Touch Control
    Built-in dual microphone,CVC+DSP dual microphone intelligent noise reduction
    Ergonomic earhook design, light luxury metal and resin look
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1DD+4BA Hybrid TWS Earphones Ever

Being in this market for years and made so many successful budget HiFi earphones, KZ never stops and compromise in sound quality. Here comes the hybrid driver E10 TWS earphones which is equipped with a 10mm double magnetic dynamic with a larger diaphragm and a larger volume of magnet energy. The powerful output wide range can effectively compatible the high, medium and low tri-band. It excels most TWS earphones in the market with its extraordinary sound quality.

Smart Touch&Auto Instant Comparing

Born to offer the easiest operation, the earbuds are auto pairing once pulled out from charging case. Simply take it out and hit on Bluetooth list and pair. The touch control function will release you from the pain of pressing buttons again and again. It can do all the functions with simple touch.

Resin Metal Case and Innovative Earhook

Like a fine art, E10 perfectly combines metal and resin to present a soft hard luxury look. The specially earhook offers secure fit and is widely applicable to various scenarios, no more worry about falling off.


With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology it can greatly reduces audio transmission loss. It’s more stable and faster than previous versions. The power consumption is lower while the performance is stronger. APTX lossless audio transmission technology brings qualitative improvement to sound signal. You can enjoy faster higher transmission.

All You Want Is It

KZ E10 true wireless earbuds will fulfill all your fantasy and needs about Bluetooth earphones. Ergonomic skin-friendly silicone ear hanger design makes it fit in your ear securely. Built-in dual mic, CVC+DSP dual microphone nosie reduction, Bluetooth 5.0 and everything you need. Come with 12 month warranty provides worry-free purchase..

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ E10
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ E10 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the True Wireless Earbuds only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Model Number
KZ E10 Bluetooth Earphones
1 DD+4 BA
Driver configurations
2*30095 High frequency BA; 2*50060 Mid-frequency BA; 10mm double magnetic dynamic
Earphone Charging Time
Earphone Running Time
Earphone Battery Capacity
Charging Cabin Battery Capacity
Charging Cabin Charging Time
Charging Cabin Standby Time
about 100days
Earphone Weight
Bluetooth Range
Charging Cabin Weight
Communication Distance

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Can be great

I purchased these when they first came out. It first I was very unpleased with them. They sound pretty darn good, especially for the price... However the connection was horrible. I had a Galaxy Note 8. The connection would be intermittent, one bud would cut in and out all the time, even in a direct line to my phone of just a few feet. If I would turn my head, done. If I had my phone on the left side of my body, or the right... Horrible.

Now, I tucked these away because I didn't want to go through the whole return crap... And I got a new phone. I have the LG V60 ThinQ. This phone has Bluetooth 5.1 I believe, and it could just have a better Bluetooth transmitter... Whatever it is, I have a rock solid connection now. No more issues, I can even go to another room and spin around and they stay connected really well.

It sucks that you need the latest and greatest to take advantage, however I myself am happy with my purchase now.

I wanted to love these.

These sound amazing. If only the connection was solid. I went through 2 sets of silver units with both of them having horrible connection issues. The first set right earbud would randomly disconnect at random moments and the 2nd set left earbud would randomly disconnect at random moments. It happened enough times I couldn't enjoy listening to my music. Again, when they do work, they sound phenomenal but they don't work long or consistent enough for me to enjoy they're great sound quality. Almost ever negative review I read stated something similar to my issues with the KZ E10. I was hoping the connection issues were ironed out by the time I ordered my set but it wasn't. Shame on Linsoul for not taking the time to ensure the KZ E10 would be ready for market. These would've taken the wireless earbuds market by storm and would've changed the industry. They sound that good. I advise anyone considering these to wait for either a firmware update or a version 2.0 that has been reviewed by any relative/trustworthy YouTuber first before buying. That way you can discern if the connection issues are resolved. I think these should be recalled, fixed, then brought back to market.

Ransom Rockwood
Don't waste your money

I bought two pair: one as a gift and one for myself and neither work well. One doesn't work AT ALL. it won't pair no matter what I've done. The other pairs fine and plays but requires constant unpairing and repairing to get rid of these God awful drop outs of the left ear bud.

When they are synced up and playing the buds sound great but I didn't pay for something that works great 10 percent of the time.

This was obviously a beta product and they didn't work out any of the kinks before rolling it out to the public. Shame because I love KZ products.

could be great but arent

The sound is pretty amazing for true wireless iems, the fit is great and the design of the iems and the case is bang on, but all this means nothing because the bluetooth connection simply isnt working. After 1-2 min the right earpiece always turns off (lady voice says power off) then the only way to turn it back on is to put it in the case, only for it to turn back off after a few seconds again.
I'v tried re-pairing, pairing on different devices, making sure everything was charged (earpiece AND the case), nothing works. Right earpiece always turns itself off after a minute or two.
I dont know if Linsoul will trade me these for some that work or refund me, but right now, all they are is a 60$ paper weight...
P.S. I'v looked around and connectivity problems is rampant with these. buy at your own risk...

Hi, thank you so much for your sharing your feedback to us. We have updated this issue to the KZ technical team also and they are currently also working on to resolve the issue. For your case, we have also received your emails. We will try our best to process your warranty .

Alex Strakovsky
Charging case doesn't fit larger aftermarket tips.

Agree with Audiofool. Just need to add that E10 sounds a lot better than TRN T200, a bit better then KZs own T1 and Creative Outlier Air. Buds are well fitting using shallow tips. Unfortunately charging case does not have extra space to fit larger aftermarket tips. Also it doesn't disconnect automatically when returned to the case. Have to press and hold the case button until LED turns green.

Finally, a wireless Zs10 Pro!

Shells are mid-sized, fairly ergonomically shaped, and combined with a forward rake of the nozzles sit fairly deeply in the ear so moved little during exercise.   Overall, comfort is good and I suspect unless you have smaller than average ears, the E10 will likely be a comfortable fit.  The earhooks are loose enough that the battery component only touches the rear of the ear at the lower end near the earlobe and were comfortable even for a glasses wearer like myself.

Pairing is a bit odd in that it has to be paired in the case before removal. Once paired I averaged about 4 hours of useful life from the earpieces before they had to be returned to the case.

Bass is proportional and not overly emphasized but has good rumble and slam. Lower mids are linear with mid-bass with upper-mids being much more highlighted and forward. Treble is slightly hotter than the Zs10 Pro and gives the E10 a bright overall sound but not hyper-aggressive like some earlier KZ models.

If you like a bright sound with good detail in the mids, the E10 is a good inexpensive option for wireless wear. If you struggle with treble peaks, you may need some EQ to make the E10 work for you.

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