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3DD Array Type HiFi In-ear Earphones

    Array type dynamic high frequency combination
    Zinc Alloy Faceplate+Transparent Shell
    Ergonomic design to reach utmost comfortable wearing experience
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3 Dynamic Driver HiFi Earphones

KZ DQ6 embraces a new structure of Array Type along with three dynamic drivers. It’s designed with a 10mm dual magnetic dynamic driver and two 6mm single dynamic driver which will bring you the original HiFi sound quality with powerful analytical power and enhanced low frequency and sensitivity.

Arrayt Type&Acoustic Structure

Array type dynamic high frequency combination can greatly optimize the issue of insufficient high frequency of single dynamic and can increase the range of sound field and the sense of hearing is closer to stage sound. Apart from the innovative driver structure, DQ6 also adopts physical frequency division technology and electronic crossover. With it, you will enjoy clear vocals, distinct musical instruments and rich details.

Zinc Alloy Faceplate+Transparent Shell

DQ6 extends the aesthetics of modern simplism. It comes with two basic modern colors, each of which is build with a Zinc alloy faceplate and transparent shell. You can see through the structure with that shell while the surface shell is carved with a elegant KZ logo. Moreover, a water flexible silicone eartips and 4mm hardware sound mouth displays the perfectionism of KZ team

Detachable 0.75mm 2Pin Cable

DQ6 adopts the custom detachable recessed 0.75mm 2Pin cable. The recessed pins is more stable and not easy to break. Detachable feature enables future upgradeability. You can either replace it with the new one or a Bluetooth cable, the choice is yours

Ergonomic Design, Comfortable Wear

Despite from the functionality, we care about comfort as well. The shape of DQ6 follows the ergonomic design to reach utmost comfortable wearing experience while also offer pretty well noise isolation. You are able to enjoy better and clearer music with this on your ear

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ DQ6
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ DQ6 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configurations
-10mm dual magnetic dynamic driver -6mm single magnetic dynamic driver*2
3.5mm plug
0.75mm 2Pin
Frequency Range
Detachable Cable
Product Weight
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Pacitti Giuseppe

everything is fine

Fantastic iems

Has great sound separation, doesn't get distorted with lows and highs, pretty good midrange sound as well

Alexey Nizamov
Good earbuds for the price

These have great sound quality and come at a surprisingly good price. Would reccomend.

Joe G.
It's good!!

Bought these for my sister's birthday as she had earbuds on her list. Bought this brand on recommendation from the YouTuber Dankpods. Was not disappointed!! Sister says she loves them, and when I gave them a try I was impressed by the quality of the sound and materials used in such an inexpensive product. If you're thinking about buying from this brand, KZ, do it! It's worth at least twice the price. YouTube video placeholder
Really awesome for EDM

I won't go into the details of my Music Library
These DQ6 just need a fine adjustment between a new cable and ear tips .. so they are worth investing a bit to tune them - don't expect too much from the standard package.
I choose a mix copper/silver 8 cores and foam ear tips but I keep another pair of different ear tips in the carrying case, just depending of my types of playlists I'm listening too.
Durability and the shell fit are excellent after month and month of use

Modibo Kearney
Great sound but bad durability.

To give praises to this IEM, it features the best sound I’be heard to this day. I don’t exaggerate when I say that I adore how extensive the spectrum of sounds that can be reproduced are. That however, is what makes this review so disappointing. They don’t last, at least to full capability. I’ve bought it twice, after initially hearing about it throughout the internet when looking for a pair of replacement headphones. The first time, things were great for a while. Then later on, about a month and some change after, the left side of the pair started to diminish in strength. It was very apparent since like I said previously, when it works, you can really hear every low and high. The sound was lopsided, favoring the right one, requiring me to EQ my headphone output ratio to balance it again. This is at overall lower volume now but equal again. So I questioned it, but figured it could be a defective product. Some time later, trying to test if it was just a fluke, I repurchased it. Unfortunately, the same cycle happened. It sounded great in the beginning. It continued to for a few weeks while I was being very careful with it, and then the left side faded away again. I write this, sadly, not because I’d like to but because it is a potential experience of someone else that I’d like to prevent. To be clear, this is my experience and probably not indicative of most others’, but it is a thing. For potential buyers, expect great quality, but be wary of build quality. It’s also a shame because I love the design overall and think it looks well-crafted/engineered but that hasn’t been my experience overall, sadly.

Mike Apuli

good for the price

KZ DQ6 - Intimate warm fun.

I'm very pleased with this purchase, my set after some tips swap became a very warm V shaped sound, very relaxed intimate fun, I find myself picking them up more and more for a more relaxed listening experience. Very happy with them, would recommend, and would love to see more of this design in the future, maybe with beryllium drivers?

John Ciaccio
A nice sounding good looking IEM for excellent price.

Nice well rounded sound . KZ is getting better all the time with the tuning. No annoying peaks. Dynamic drivers done well. Not as punchy as the budget king Blon BL03 but has better fit and looks much nicer. If you are looking for something with more relaxed sound than others with BA drivers this is a nice change and you can't beat the price.

Tynan McLaren
Best headphones/earbuds I've owned

They have an amazing seal which blocks out almost 100% of noise. The sound is also amazing. There is super low sub bass and very crisp highs. I have paired them with the Shanling UA1 amp which makes it even better. I use them daily for very long periods of time including almost my entire day at school.

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