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12 BA High-end Tunable In-Ear Monitor

    Four 31736 Balanced Armatures Hybrid Drivers & Two 29689 Balanced Armatures Drivers
    22955 Balanced Armatures Driver & 30019 Balanced Armatures Driver
    Two Versions Available, Main & Auxiliary Turners
    Medical-grade Materials 3D Printed Housing
    Silver-plated OFC Cable
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A New Surprise From KZ

KZ, an eminent manufacturer of professional aural transducers, has recently launched a new offering - the KZ AS24 - which boasts an array of impressive attributes. The AS24 is available in two versions. The price difference between them is not that big. But if you are a person with your style preferences, its Tunable version is a very good one to try.

12 BA Drivers, This Earphone Has No Room for More

The AS24 has 12 BA drivers per side, which breaks the audio hardware ceiling. 31736 array-design BA is responsible for high and ultra-high frequency, providing smooth scalability and rich sound details. Customized 29689 BA is responsible for mid-frequency, bringing a clean vocal and transparency in mid-range. 30019 BA is responsible for high-frequency, providing a refined sense of layering and realistic on-site experience. The newly designed 22955 BA is responsible for low-frequency, bringing a powerful and resilient bass.

Precise Structure Like an Artwork

The traditional "u" shaped reed is designed for hearing aids, and its bending process may lead to poor stability and consistency. This time, KZ has designed a "trident" reed specifically for HiFi earphones, which is more accurately centered between the magnets. This design can enhance sound density, reduce distortion, and achieve better transient performance. Compared to all previously balanced armatures, the newly designed 22955 BA can deliver more powerful and resilient bass. The new generation 29689 BA can deliver spacious, elegant, and natural sound with superior treble extension.

Customized Tuning for More Flexibility

AS24 has dual tuners and 8 switches. There is one tuner on the top and one on the outside of the chamber, each with four level switches. By flipping the switches, you can freely adjust and control the low-frequency, medium-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high frequency of your earphone.

A Design that Combines Elegance and User Experience

The AS24 housing uses new manufacturing technology. Different from general 3D printing, the new generation DLP 3D printing technology can realize high-precision printing of complicated internal structures of earphone cavities, with the advantages of higher printing efficiency, more uniform illumination, and higher curing strength. At the same time, the lot cavity model, designed and finalized based on a large number of users' big data about the ear and ear canal, provides a comfortable wearing experience for listeners. It is made of a lightweight and skin-friendly resin material that remains comfortable to wear for long periods.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ AS24
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

Product Model
AS24(Standard Version/Tunable Version)
Standard Version: 112±3dB
Tunable Version: 109±5dB
Standard Version: 112±3dB
Tunable Version: 109±5dB
Plug Type
Pin Type
Cable Type
Silver-Plated Cable
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tomas Pichardo

The only is the cable is too short beside that all is excellent

Mod Cruel
Interesting IEMs w/ Options (But not all Good) [Tunable Version]

I've been daily-driving these for the last month since receiving these and I have a few thoughts to share regarding them. I hate writing lengthy reviews so the following will be bullet points for easy reading. As always, these are my opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt (AKA biased).

The Good:
- Options galore. Some are better than others (spicy mids/highs depending on settings) [Expanded upon later]
- Flat Signature (slightly cold/bright) but can be tuned to be V/U shaped
- Decent ear fitment

The "OK":
- The included cable works but is flimsy and low core-count. You'll want to get an aftermarket cable.
- Included Ear-tips work but only 3 options are provided. None worked for me thus I purchased aftermarket ear-tips.

The Bad:
- While tunable, tuning these requires carrying a sim tool (too small for fingers unless dexterous)
- Most tuning options make the signature noticeably worse and spicy in mids/highs
- Low extension is noticeably lean and wimpy (All BA driver IEMs are known for this)

Let's talk specifically these tuning options. These 2 sets of 4 dip switches on each IEM. There's an included card in the package explaining what each one boosts (all/low/mid/high/etc). Tuning requires the use of a sim tool (one is provided). When testing the different tuning variations, I've found that the low boost switches are smooth bumps but due to there being no DD drivers, it sounds wimpy and unappealing while remaining clean and distortion-less. The mid switches work as intended and provided decent bumps in a good area to target mids increases (no muddy areas). The highs and super highs are bright when bumped and if sensitive to sibilance, you'll want to steer clear. The super highs are also unnaturally crisp that leads to early ear fatigue.

Let's be clear here, this is my opinion but I'd steer clear of the high/super high bumps and even the mid bumps. The low bumps are decent but again, somewhat lackluster.

Overall, these are a solid choice in this price bracket but the downsides to these plus the need to purchase aftermarket cables and ear-tips makes these a tough choice to recommend.

Wojciech Zielinski
Resolution is out of the world, I mean it!

I've owned so far only Moondrop Blessing 2 dusk, Thieaudio Oracle and this IEMs. My conclusion is I like most my KZ AS24 (darker) of all ever heard headphones, period. Tunning is a way of taste and here You may adjust it a little to Your preferences. What stole my heart, it is a resolution. It is something, which I haven't experienced before, so much...

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