GoldPlanar GL600

66mm Nano-Membrane Planar Magnetic Diaphragm Driver

    Durable and Light-weight Design
    Providing a natural and realistic sound.
    Enjoy long listening-sessions, hence focused on a lightweight
    Quality Audio Cable.
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Gold Planar

The core team at Gold Planar began designing and building quality audiophile headphones in 2010 as a major manufacturer for some of the most reputable brands in the industry. In 2017, Gold Planar was officially established as its own purveyor of boutique Hi-Fi headphones, with the goal of creating the highest line of reference headphones. Today, Gold Planar uses all of its years of knowledge and experience to design proprietary in-house planar magnetic diaphragm drivers that exceed the performance values of modern day standards. Gold Planar planar drivers are used by other manufacturers of top-end headphones, and are often regarded as the best in class. Gold Planar is proud to now be designing its own headphones under its name that boast their expertise and talents. We invite you to experience the original planar magnetic driver headphone in all of its fullness and audio glory

66mm Nano-Membrane Planar Magnetic Diaphragm Driver

The GL600 was designed as a reference tuning headphone, utilizing Gold Planar’s proprietary Nano-Membrane 66mm planar magnetic diaphragm driver. The internal driver design was modified from the standard drivers other manufacturers use, with the internal plate having been restructured to increase the surface area and airflow. This enhancement, along with the upgrade in magnet strength, makes the ultra-thin nano-membrane even more responsive, providing a more life-like soundstage, improved resolution, and a fullness in sound across the entire frequency spectrum. You can expect a thick and powerful bassline, rich mids, and airy and transparent trebles. As a reference headphone, we focused on providing a natural and realistic sound that is also comfortable and enjoyable. An open-back design was selected to create a translucent atmosphere and accurate stereo imaging. The internal cavity design was also machined to maximize airflow and focus the sound

Durable and Light-weight Design

The headphone is constructed of durable yet lightweight aerospace-grade aluminium and leather headband/ear cushions. We wanted our listeners to enjoy long listening-sessions, hence focused on a lightweight and flexible frame that would also endure the test of time. You will find the fit to be extremely comfortable, an added compliment to the extraordinary sound of the GL600..

Quality Audio Cable.

The GL600 comes with a 1.5 meter long 6N OFC oxygen-free 4-core copper cable. As one of the metals with the best properties for electrical transmission, the full copper cable will provide an unhindered Hi-Fi listening experience, specially enhancing the smoothness of the sound and warmth

Inside the Box

  • 1 x GoldPlanar GL600
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The GoldPlanar GL600 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

0.25%@1KHZ/100dB SPL
Nano Diaphragm planar driver
1.5meter OFC 4 core cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sean W
Good sound, Lacking build quality

These are very light weight however come out of the box with extreme clamping force. I recommend bending the metal of the frame a bit very gently around the top center till the force is reduced. the sound was very detailed at first but seems to have calmed down and become more flat after extended use.
The earpads are attached with velcro pads. Very cool, however they are not all that durable after a few months the glue holding the p.u. leather to the velcro frame that conceals the foam has started to come undone (see photo).
Often times I notice a strange resonant or humming sound, I believe this may be the headphones picking up stray E.M. from the washer or drier in the next room. Usually with a less sensitive pair on this sound is muffled enough that I can not perceive it even though they are also open back(akg 7xx, akg 240mkii).

Overall I am happy for the price and was thoroughly surprised by the difference in audio delivered by planar 75%

p.s. please sell replacement earpads

Declan Edmonds
A perfect 10, minus 2.

These headphones would be a perfect 10 in every department, if it wasn’t for one major flaw. The headphones are SO - DAMN - TIGHT on your head, after about 5 minutes of listening you’ll need to take them off because your head is spinning with pain. It’s almost like the engineers who made this thing never actually wore it themselves for more than 45 seconds. Headphones should be designed with semi-pulled back cups so when you wear them, it doesn’t have to stretch as much.

Apart from that, the detail and transient response of these things is insane. You will hear things with these headphones you’ve never heard before in your music/games.

DHD van der Wal
snel klinkend en vol van midden tot en met hoog

Na inspelen en het verwijderen van de plaktape achter de oorkussens, klinkt de gl600 uitstekend. In het begin was het geluid erg muf en gericht op de strakke bas. Het hoog en midden was traag en ongedetaileerd, maar na het inspelen trok het geluid helemaal open. De bouwkwaliteit is erg goed. Ze zijn goed afgewerkt en zitten prima. Ze lijken nog steeds ieder moment beter te worden in geluidsweergave. Eerst was ik dol gelukkig met de shuoer tapes, maar nu is de Gl 600 mijn grote favoriet. Sommige audiofielen vinden lijzig fijn hoog mooi. Een kleine triangel klinkt dan kil en verfijnt mager, zoals te horen is op de shuoers. De temperatuur van hoog, midden en lage frequenties moet gelijk zijn, naar mijn mening. Daarom verkies ik de gl600 boven de shuoer tapes. Ik ben gelukkig met deze koptelefoon.

Good first effort for their own design. Needs some tweaks though.

First things first, these look AWESOME from a distance but they're sharp. The metal is not close to being smooth whatsoever. Once you get them on your head you're never going to feel that though. They're really comfortable once on your head, clamp is firm but not aggressive and the cushions, while I don't think they're memory foam are plenty soft. Sound wise? They sounded really muddy/muffled but in a weird part of the spectrum. Almost mid forward but not quite. They came with this weird fabric tape covering the driver on the side facing away from your ear. I tried taking them apart and running them without the supplied black foam blocking off the driver and just fully open without actually removing anything permanently. Removing the fabric tape actually made them sound way better.

Honestly if these seem appealing to you and you buy them but at first they sound funky try removing the fabric tape they put over the driver. Should make them sound way more natural.

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