Gold Planar GL1200
Gold Planar GL1200
Gold Planar GL1200
Gold Planar GL1200

GoldPlanar GL1200

Full Frequency True Aluminium Ribbon Driver Headphone

    The sound quality is soft and clear, the bass is deep
    High frequency is flexible and excellent. Transient state is outstanding than most headphones
    High resolution, broad sound stage
    NOTE: This headphone needs professional audio amplifier to power. We suggest to play with 4ohms load, single track/100Watt.
    Replacement ribbons will not be issued due to accidents and improper installation by the user.
Titanium GL1200 with gold ribbons & silver ribbons
A gold ribbon
A silver ribbon
One pair of silver ribbons
One pair of gold ribbons
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Why Gold Planar

Gold Planar uses all of its years of knowledge and experience to design proprietary in-house planar magnetic diaphragm drivers that exceed the performance values of modern day standards. Gold Planar drivers are used by other manufacturers of top-end headphones, and are often regarded as the best in class. Given all of the conditions, Gold Planar has gone beyond to create their own HiFi world. Here, you are expecting a brand-new concept for HiFi headphone with this true aluminium ribbon driver headphone-GL1200. You can enjoyh thick and powerful bassline, rich mids, and airy and transparent trebles of this GL1200 headphone.

True Ribbons for A Reason

The GL1200 is the first True Ribbon headphone from Gold Planar. Highly specialized ribbon drivers are made from aluminium and were developed to reproduce 15Hz to 40kHz bandwidth in order to eliminate the need for sealed chambered bass. In this case, this design allows for open-air baffles (both front and back) for a true full-frequency soundfield..

Ergonomic Design for Supreme Comfort

Being professional but doesn’t mean being bulky. The headphone is designed with a soft leather headband and comfy earmuff. It eliminates the pain caused by inflexible material and also provides good seal. It can be worn comfortably for hours at any listening level

Exquisite Mesh Panel

This headphone features well-built mesh panel and exquisite accessories. Despite the outstanding aluminium ribbon driver, it also comes with a hard case to fully protect the headphone from damage while transportation. You can storage it securely and carry it anywhere you want

Inside the Box

  • GL1200 GL1200
  • GL1200 stock cable
  • Impedance adapter
  • Impedance converter
  • Waterproof hard-shell box
  • User manual

1 Year Warranty

The GoldPlanar GL1200 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Open back
Soundtrack System
Full frequency aluminium ribbon driver
Frequency Range
Magnet Type
N52 Neodymium
Driver Dimension
90dB, 1mW
<0.1% THD
Product Weight
about 520g
3.5mm plug
Cable Length
2 meters
Cable Material
6N OCC silver-plated cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Bliss worthy all the aggravation -buy the best amp and you will transport yourself to the best listening experience ever - just remember to buy extra ribbons and be prepared to keep volume lower than normal - see the reviews on head-fi

David Turcotte
This is an amendment to a previous review

I feel like these are quite good for the money. I wouldn't pay more though. This is a headphone for those that prefer wide speaker type staging and thick and bold sound over. What I love about these are the comfort and the tuning. They're quite linear and neutral, just the way I like. My only complaint is they aren't super fast. No they do not beat estats in speed or detail. Don't believe those reviews. But they do things different for sure. They have much better bass and sound thickness. Considering the next step up is Raal at 2-3x the price, this is a much better buy.

Trey Hoffman

I have since had to replace my ribbons because the old ones stretched to such an extent that they were physically hitting the inside of the housing, but they did send the replacements to me for free. If you burn them in for a 120 hours like I did, don't expect to get another 100 hours out of them before they are useless. But this was the absolute killer, my resistor box literally started smoking! Smoke started pouring out of the front of the unit and was hot to the touch. Thankfully I was sitting at my desk with them on when it happened. I asked to have them send me a return label and they refused to pay for it and wanted me to pay for the return back to China! They sounded fantastic in the beginning (after burn in) but that was very short lived and not worth having your home possibly burnt down in the process. I will never buy another product for Linsoul despite what their policies say. They are a cheap money grabbing company. Do not buy these! You have been warned!

Hello there.
Thank you for the feedback.
Your GoldPlanar GL1200 was delivered to you 4 months ago.
We do not know why the resistor box started to produce smoke.
However, you would have to send the item back to us so that we can hand it over to the manufacturer, GoldPlanar, to check and fix it.
Our Return and Warranty procedure has been clearly stated under our 'terms and conditions', which all customers have to read and acknowledge before purchasing our products.
Therefore, a shipping label was not provided to you when you contacted our support e-mail.
We hope that clarifies.
Thank you.

With Best Regards,
Linsoul Team

Horrible Horrible Customer Service

Do not buy these.

They sound good, but if you have any problems with the ribbons, the company will not take care of you and you will have a very expensive piece of plastic in the end.

I got 2 sets of ribbons. Only 1 set is working. They are very fragile and even the one set I have are beginning to vibrate.

Asking for replacement is insanely difficult and the customer service rep is trained to fight you all the way through.

Not the kind of service that is expected for $1500 headphones.

Go look at store reviews on head-fi or other hifi websites. The customer service is notoriously bad and people have lost lots of money buy their products which end up not working in the end.

I hope my existing pair of ribbons last a long time, but these are know to be very delicate and moving your headphones around in certain ways might damage them, etc. Which is what I think happened to mine (damaged during transit).

The ribbons come in this plastic case the ribbons kind of move around in them.

I'm done with this company, they ruined the experience for me.

Horrible company.

Hello there.

First, thank you for the feedback.
You informed us that a set of your ribbons were not working well only after receiving the headphones for more than a month. As such, we could only request to have it returned to us for a check because GoldPlanar, the manufacturer, did not allow us to sell the ribbons separately.

As mentioned, please understand that we are not the manufacturer, but GoldPlanar's distributor.
Before you contacted us, we already received a few feedback from our customers about their concerns as well, and had relayed their messages to the manufacturer accordingly.

Moreover, a reminder is stated on our website so that to all our customers would be aware that replacement ribbons will not be issued due to accidents and improper installation by the user. Additionally, we also attached a video on how to properly install the ribbons and published it on our SNS platforms.

Without the manufacturer's approval, the ribbons cannot be sold separately. However, after much negotiation with them again, they have given their approval to sell the ribbons separately now.

We hope that clarifies.

If you still think that we have provided a poor service, we regret to inform you that we have done our very best to resolve this issue and there is nothing more that we can do.

Thank you very much.

With Kind Regards,
Linsoul Team

John Massaria
Updated Review on GL1200 and Ribbon replacement

Linsoul has finally stepped up once again to Gold Planar and is sending a replacement of the original defect replacement ribbon and I could not be happier. I seriously love the gold ribbons installed best and was relieved to hear they would honor the replacement of both. Not worrying about future issues is a huge weight lifted- I think Gold Planar is trying to accommodate their growing pains of selling so many units and is doing the right thing- I still think these are the finest headphones I ever heard at any price but with many quirks- but all worth while in the end. Highly recommended and Linsoul is back on top for service.

Trey Hoffman

Out of the box these sound terrible. It wasn't until around the 90 hr mark before they loosened up quite a bit. After 120 hours of burn in they sing like no other. They need thicker pads so your ears don't touch and vibrate when bass intensive songs play.

Hybrid Llano Trinity 300 Amplifier, Audio Research Hybrid Preamp, Yggdrasil 2, XLO cables

John Massaria
Don't waste time- BUY THESE- Unlike Anything I ever heard short from my Magnepan Speakers

I wrote an extensive review on head-fi and I have to say these are my favorite open back headphones I ever heard at any price. Linsoul was great too as they accommodated a damaged ribbon I mistakenly blew on while looking at the ribbon (I was drinking wine and decided to look at the ribbon) silly me- but Linsoul stood behind their customer and replaced the ribbon - they are excellent people at Linsoul. About the ribbon- they are durable but like sticking your finger in a dynamic driver- they can be misshaped by you so do be careful - my suggestion do not blow or touch the driver if you decide to slide the cover off and take them out and certainly don't do it while drinking wine! These are very durable and interchangeable when new drivers come out- and the user can replace them easily without tools. My head-fi review is under my name- I paid full price from Linsoul and made zero money from my review- all I can say is I love my purchase and will not be selling these any time soon. They are going to get a lot of use and be an iconic statement in my collection- one that makes music sound like no other headphone I own- closer to the Magnepan ribbon speakers I own. I love the sound and 3d image- nothing comes close. I do use a large B&K Amp and a Adcom Amp and at this time I think the B&K sounds better- it's not a big deal having the amp since most headphones require a amp anyway. Yes its a big amp but the payoff and reward of all the difficultly comes in a sound that is addictive like no other. Highly recommend this GL1200 and Linsoul. Thank you! -John Massaria

Bongo Fury
If you can afford these then buy them...

Gold Planar have absolutely blown my other headphones away. First the GL2000's (which I love) then these GL1200's. These are another level. You have to have a fairly powerful speaker amp to run these. I use 240W into 4 ohms and it is more than enough but I would not want less than a real 120W into 4 ohms. I could ramble on about the amazing sound but all you need to know is that they just sound like music. These are my end-game headphones.

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