2BA + 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFI Audiophile In-ear Earphone

    Knowles BA drivers, Beryllium-plated dynamic driver
    Balanced pressure relief technology
    High-purity silver-coated monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable
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A classic reborn

One of FiiO’s classic earphones is getting a thorough upgrade to the next level! The FH3 utilizes an expertly tuned hybrid system of a 10mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver + 2 Knowles ВА paired with a high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable for a truly excellent high-fidelity sound.

Lightning-quick, intense bass

The 10mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver in the FH3 was specifically chosen for its superior acoustic properties. The beryllium-plated diaphragm is not only light and thin but is also extremely rigid, allowing for thunderous yet lightning quick, responsive and dynamic bass

Two Knowles BA drivers, for powerful sound.

Two Knowles drivers paired with a beryllium-plated dynamic driver placed near the opening of the sound tube, controlled by a physical + electronic frequency crossover system masterfully cover the entire frequency response range. High-frequencies: the Knowles RAD-33518driver provides extremely clear sound with well-extended yet smooth treble. Mid-frequencies: the ED-30262 gives sweeter and fuller vocals as well as a wider soundstage. Low-frequencies: a 10mm-beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver provides explosive bass with shocking authority.

Getting closer, allowing clearer listening

Acoustically, placing the driver responsible for treble closer to the ear reduces unwanted treble reflections that reach one’s ears compared to a typical earphone design, ensuring minimal loss of treble detail and thus making for more pleasant listening. *Laboratory tests show that if the treble-producing driver is placed closer to the opening of the sound tube, 8 15 kHz frequencies are 3-4dB louder than if placed further back, for clearer overall treble.

High-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable

The included high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable was carefully chosen for its fidelity and ability to resolve details, being noticeably better than the typical earphone cable. One’s music will sound sublime with the included cable, which brings the best out of the FH3's drivers. 4 strands of 96 wires, gold-plated plugs, 3.5mm jack, MMCX connectors..

Aerospace- grade aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, a circle of comfort for one’s ears

5-axis CNC precision machining ensures that thealuminum-magnesium alloy body of the FH3 is made to tight tolerances. 5-axis CNC machining, 23 tool buts, 4340 finish milling cuts..

Smooth sailing with 3rdgen industrial design

Sporting the all-reliable MMCX connectors and reinforced, the Shuoer Tape gives the users the freedom to explore and discover much more adept sound signature by combining different cable options to ensure synergy with your audiophile equipment is uncompromised. With the peace of mind that the MMCX connectors are durable and steady even after thousand times plug and pull

S.TURBO acoustic

Even more performance is extracted from the beryllium-plated dynamic driver when it is combined with FiiO’s patented S.TURBO acoustic design. The longer and smoother turbine inspired sound tubes effectively filter unwanted high frequencies, giving one deeper and harder-hitting bass. Patent number: ZL 2018 2 1141627.9 Physical + electronic three-way crossover Tube length: 41.5mm Effective crossover rolloff: about 32dB

Get addicted to stress-free

In order to achieve more comfortable listening, theFH3 utilizes FiiO’s patented balanced pressure relief technology. The FH3 is carefully designed so as to ensure that the air pressure in the front and rear chambers is balanced, thus ensuring music dynamics are not distorted and thus making for stress-free listening.

Smooth as silk, frequency response

The carefully-designed internal acoustic structure as a physical frequency crossover system- ensuring that bass, mids, and treble seamlessly blend without interfering with each other for an extremely vivid experience

More ways to listen

If the stock wired earphone experience isn’t working out, one can try these other solutions out!

MMCX cable upgrade. To replace the stock cable with a higher purity one, as long as it’s with the common MMCX connectors.

With wireless Bluetooth earhooks UTWS1. With support for the aptX/AAC/SBC Bluetooth formats, the UTWS1 instantly transforms the FH3 hybrid IEM into a true wireless one.

With neckband Bluetooth cable LC-BT2. Take the Hi-Res music around wherever with the LC-BT2’s comfortable neckband design. Equipped with the Qualcomm CSR8675 + AK4331 DAC, this neckband cable lets one experience true Hi-Fi music through Bluetooth.

Hi-Res Audio certified

The FH3 is certified by the Japan Audio Society to be capable of bringing you "Hi-Res Audio" with quality far beyond those of CDs.

Hi-Res Audio certified, meticulously catered to audiophiles Every accessory included with the FH3 was carefully chosen to enhance one’s wearing experience. 11 pairs of ear tips spanning 4 different sizes and types allow one to maximize their wearing and listening comfort.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x FIIO FH3
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

10mm beryllium-plated dynamic driver, Knowles ED30262 for mid frequency, Knowles RAD33518 for high frequency
Frequency response
24ohm @1kHz
Max input power
Cable material
high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper
Cable length
7.3g (single unit)
Wear method

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ravid Chen
Excels at imaging, but not enjoyable

This IEM is not comfortable after a few Hours.
You can try using third party eartips.
They sound good on singers like Bob Dylan and the Beatles, but bad at heavy rock, hip-hop and classical genre.

The imaging is stellar, so it is great for gaming,
Build is good but they're very noise sensitive. Make sure you have a good amp.


I love this product and use it for everything i do on my pc, The only issue i have for it is that the part of the cord that wraps around the ear is a litte to coiled.

Damir Music


(Lance 2)

Oops, I meant 9.25/10*

(Lance 2)

These are so good for $129. Not sure why $145 here... These sound MAGICAL, that's how good they are. They don't just sound "good", "pretty good", or "decent for the money". This is literally the best IEM I've ever heard around the $200 range, including Blessing 2. The treble is not that good, with a small stage and close sound, and you need to use the stock black barrel tips to soften the treble edge they have. Mids are just fine to me, and overall details are nicely crisp & clear, with vocals right in the middle and easy to hear. Now the the best I've ever heard in an IEM, by a mile. Hearing synths and drums and anything on these sounds sooo good. The berylium DD lets the bass absolutely shine, with incredible depth, speed & texture! It's magical. Now what sucks is the stock cable, that's rubbery and loops up on its own, but you can replace that with an $8 AK TRN 8 core after you get them removed. The Legacy 3 has a much more spacious presentation, but they absolutely do not sound magical, and their bass cannot compete with FH3 in any way whatsoever. This is God Bass.

~8.25/10 Overall

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