Fearless Audio S8Freedom S8Pro

8 Balanced Armatures In Ear Monitor

    It may take 10-20 working days to build the CIEMs and UIEMs with customized faceplate
    8 Balanced Armatures in Knowles and Sonion with 4-Way Crossover Technology and 3 Sound Tubes
    Rich In Vocal Detail And Emotion
    Unique Various Choices Of Custom Faceplate
    Come with a Detachable 2Pin Cable
    *Note: For customized UIEM/CIEM, both faceplates have a default logo. If you have special requirements, please contact us via email (Support@Linsoul.com).
    *Disclaimer: Please kindly note that for CIEMs, the outcome of the design or colour may not be exactly the same as the options listed. The options shown are merely for reference. Thank you for your understanding.
Fearless Audio S8Freedom
Fearless Audio S8Pro
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8 Balanced Armature In-Ear Monitor.

S8 Freedom/S8 F equips with high quality BA drivers with 4 way crossover technology and 3 sound tubes. Every 2 BA Drivers will deal with ultra-low frequency, medium-low frequency, medium-high frequency and ultra-high frequency, which make it perform well in all frequency bands. The vocal expression of the vocal and the well-balanced tuning of the tri-band make it more resistant to the earphones of the listening style, and the popular atmosphere is more excellent, which is mor

Balanced Frequency Response Curve.

Fearless Audio is focused on high-end custom earphones and because of our rich experience we are able to tune S8F into a most satisfactory response curve. The vocal is rich in detail and emotion, the high is full of air, the sound will never let you down

Custom Faceplate.

The Fearless S8F/S8P has a custom faceplate of various choices. The pattern is unique and it’s irreproducible. Each part is displaying the exquisite technique and aesthetics of Fearless Audio handmade earphones

Detachable 2Pin Cable.

Each earphones come with a detachable 0.78mm 2 Pin cable. With this cable, it also ensures fully upgradability for more choice. You can change it for any other cables you prefer

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Fearless Audio S8Freedom S8Pro
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Fearless Audio S8Freedom S8Pro Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

8BA (1 Sonion compound ultra-low frequency,1 Sonion compound middle-low frequency,,2 Knowles independent middle-high frequency,1 Knowles compound ultra-high frequency)
15 ohm(S8PRO)
Passive noise reduction
Frequency response range

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Horbury
Excellent sound

Really very good Iems. Quite a lot of quality bass. superb mid and high frequency response. Coherent and resolving. Quality cable. Great fun. Comfortable for long periods and beautiful to look at.

Praised Audio

These iems look great BUT SOUND HORRENDOUS. The highs are shrill, sibilant and muffled. They sound like they are broken and are unusable. I even purchased the CIEM (Custom)version so I can't even return it or sell it. I asked if I could get it sent back to check if they were broken but that would cost 80$ if they end up not being broken. These things sound terrible and waste of 525$. I have heard many iems before, Moondrop Blessing 2, 7hz Timeless, Campfire Satsujin, Simgot EN700 pro, and Moondrop Aria just to name a few all of which sounded better than these, hell apple earbuds sound better than these at least I can listen to those these are so sharp it is too painful to use. A 525$ paperweight. Please do your self a favor and AVOID THESE LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Fearless Audio S8F Review

I've been using almost exclusively my S8F's for almost two years now and am very happy I bought them. They were a massive upgrade from the Shure SE535 I had been using for a few years prior, though I should also consider the fact that I upgraded to a Cowon Plenue R. Nevertheless, whether I'm listening to Jazz, Ambient, or Hip-Hop, these headphones give an enormous space and pick up the most unique characteristics of the recording for a beautiful blend. They are more than comfortable enough to keep in for more than two hours at a time.

Minor Issues:
The cable may be a bit of the heavy side
The cable's plastic seal is probably going to split like mine did just the other day after quite a lot of use

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