Fearless Audio S6Rui S6Pro

    Note: Due to it is customized product, it will take 7-12 days to ship it out,and even longer to manufacture the CIEMs.
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6 Balanced Armatures Earphones.

The Fearless Audio S6 Rui/ S6Pro has 6 balanced armatures with 3 way crossover tech and 2 sound tubes. It has 6 Micro Knowles Balanced Armature Driver, Including 1 Sonion Dual Bass BA Driver, 1 Knowles Mid-Frequency BA Driver and 2 Knowles Treble BA Driver. It can perfectly present wide sound field, high resolution sound quality. It also excels in high frequency with better elasticity.

Unique DDP Technology.

As a brand pursuing for perfectionism, we adopts DPP partition pressure treatment technology which can better balance the comfortability and functionality. It offers better wearing experience than traditional earphones

Detachable 2Pin Cable

Each earphones come with a detachable 0.78mm 2 Pin cable. With this cable, it also ensures fully upgradability for more choice. You can change it for any other cables you prefer

Custom Fit IEM Supported

Digitization Mold Tech. As a customized earphone, we can also accept personal ear files. Obj, stl files are accepted.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Fearless Audio S6Rui S6Pro
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Fearless Audio S6Rui S6Pro Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Processing Time

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Pre-order Period: 2 working weeks


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  • All orders to be shipped out sequentially.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shocked and dissapointed 5 years later

The company has made no strides to improve upon this price range 5 years later after I bought the S6Rui. All that seemed to happen was an increase in the price of these impressive but already outdated IEMs. I came here looking for a "sequel" an upgrade/replacement. Now all I'm here for is a review. These are wonderful IEMs, there are tricks to put them on, and always start off with the smallest eartips since these are deep fitting. Noise isolation is great, and separation of instruments is very clear and obvious. Removed a star because it's no longer competitive. It's pretty annoying to see a company resting on their laurels for the mid range market. It screams arrogance.

Also, Linsoul, can you provide a way to purchase replacement eartips for the Fearless Audio S6Rui or a link to a supplier? It's frustrating to find a replacement for these proprietary eartips. Another reason for the 4 star rating. Excellent unboxing experience though.

Falling In Love All Over Again

There is in every note, weight, and it absolutely captivates me.
Music: Nightcore”ily (Surf Mesa), AC/DC “Thunderstruck”(What can’t you focus on, is what I find, be it guitars, drums, vocals or bass, I can be there.), It’s balanced in a warm way, the bass has an elevation, and the same with the treble, yet the mids don’t take a hit, but sound simply perfect, filled with richness. Sub-bass can be felt on most tracks not as reaching like a DD, but on a few songs such as “Me and Your Mama” by Childish Gambino, there’s a smoothness with richness, and here the sub-bass rumbles and is felt as if it was truly a DD, absolutely amazing. The bass hits hard with a quick punch yet not too quickly so that the ripples are felt, detail is amazing, and there’s a crispness to them, PostModernJukebox, Iron Maiden(Number of the Beast), Opera “The Doll’s Song from “Tales of Hoffmann 2011 performance”, and many more, simply wowed over, the layering and texturing (The Weight!), the width is = in its depths. Different sources and quality, (Flac, MP3, Dac, Youtube, SamsungS9+, though there were mild differences on each, they all sounded splendid and lively, I did not feel any dryness.
Cons: Cord is built great, but way too heavy, switched it out, and fit took some adjusting and getting use to for a proper seal. )2 long of a stem for me, used foams
but I must admit, it’s the music that matters the most to me, and I have that with these, the sound that comes out of them is something I always want to

So good

I’ve had my S7 rui for almost a year now and still loving them and use them for everything they sound great. Lots of detail lots of bass my only regret would be not spending the little extra to go custom

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