E1DA 9038D

USB Headphone Amp DAC+HPA with 3.5mm Jack Output

    Calibrated and the specifications are laser-engraved on the case (>123db(A) is normal grade)
    3.5mm jack unbalanced output DAC+HPA 200mW@40ohm
    Designed with lightweight and compact body
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Verkaufspreis €99,00 Regulärer Preis

The New Upgraded Amp-9038D

According to multiple headfiers requests: 3.5mm jack unbalanced output DAC+HPA 200mW@40ohm in the same case as #9038SG3. The same as 9038SG3, 9038D will work with Tweak app

Aluminum Case, Laser-engraved Mark

E1DA continues the classic design to adopt the stable and longlasting Aluminum case. It’s lightweight and compact. Laser-engraved letters and marks won’t fade away easily

Designed for Daily HiFi Use

Designed with lightweight and compact body, E1DA 9038D is suitable for daily use with which weighs only 12g. Feel free to carry it anywhere and enjoy the high quality sound freely.

Use it Correctly

9038D contains a high-sensitive I/V stage that may cause audible noise when your phone uses LTE 4G, 5g. Some newest hardware may have issues like "stuttering" with USB3(Macbook pro 2020, MS Suface 2020, Lenovo Carbone 2020, Acer SF313-52-71Y7 2020). USB audio-bridge manufacturer was informed about that and we expecting the FW solution

Inside the Box

  • 1 x E1DA 9038D
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The E1DA 9038D Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

sandblasted/ black anodized aluminum/ laser mark/ ES9038Q2M/ OPA1622/ OPA1602 Susumu resistors, Murata C0G caps, AVX tantalum caps, Taiwanese connectors
USB+5V rail no internal battery, 95mA idle current, the device contains>4000uF of capacitance for the power rails filtering
USB-C, PCM up to 32b/384kHz, DSD256 USB bridge Comtrue CT7601CR custom FW
standard unbalanced output 3.5mm jack, HW volume control .5db/step
Output impedance
.07 Ohm@1000Hz Agilent U1733C
Output power
180mW@32 Ohm@1kHz@THD=1% 200mW@40 Ohm@1kHz@THD=1% 120mW@16 Ohm@1kHz@THD=1% measured at +.5dbFS level, typical PC USB2 port powered the hot unit produces less power
Frequency response
5-80kHz +.05/-1db@ 32b/384kHz
S/N ratio
-125db(A) referenced to 2.75VRMS DR AES17 125db(A) THD+N@1kHz@-.5dbFS .00014%, SINAD 117db typical for 24b/44.1kHz@no-load THD@1kHz@-.5dbFS<.0001% typical for 24b/44.1kHz@no-load THD+N@1kHz@-2.5dbFS.00018%, SINAD 115db typical 24b/44.1kHz@32ohm THD+N@1kHz@-7dbFS.0005% typical for 24b/44.1kHz@16ohm(-6dbfs correspods 120mW)
-135db@1kHz no-load, -82db@1kHz 32ohm load

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Un John
Wonderful product


Astonishingly good audio in a tiny package

Coming at this from an audio production angle I'm amazed at the audio quality from this tiny thing. I've been happily using a Benchmark DAC 1 for many years in a studio setting. Now clearly technology improves over time but I'm simply stunned at how detailed and clear compared to the (old but highly regarded and neutral sounding) desktop DAC1. Everything is CRYSTAL clear and the depth and detail is exceptional. For audio production this is perfect, allowing you to really hear into the mix. Reverb tails and delays are revealed in exquisite, tiny detail, simply put, I can hear details in music that simply weren't present when listening on the DAC1. I've only used the device in a studio setting (on an iMac Pro) so haven't had any interference issues that have been mentioned. Highly recommended for audio production. Hat's off to the E1DA team!!!

Major portability issue to an otherwise great sounding device

I have used the E1DA 9038D for 2 months as an external DAC for several desktop PCs and the phone I use every day. This DAC pairs greatly with my SA6 IEM. The improvement in sound clarity compared to the built-in systems I tested (even the quad-DAC of my LG v30 which I am not particularly fond of), results in a more analytically refined experience and that is exactly what I wanted out of this little device.

Unfortunately, the E1DA 9038D would have been the perfect purchase if not for its high sensitivity to electromagnetic interference. Basically, it is completely unusable with data enabled on my phone, and even on my PC I experience some crackling noise every once in a while. This issue can be a deal-breaker and the sole reason I removed one star in the rating. Lesson learned, I will be careful to check EM shielding the day I consider a new DAC.

Small perfection

I've been really surprised by what modern engineering can achieve is such a small package!

I've seen the measurements, read the details on construction and electrical design of this dongle, and been already impressed. When i finally got the device and just compared it to big professional DACs i use at studio...man, that was really astonishing, it is really on top level of quality audio reproduction.

It was a surprise, especially comparing it to very expensive big converters of yesteryear, but then i thought - man, my phone is much more powerful than my PC from 2005, and it is much cheaper too!
So, that's a real explanation - the technical progress is still really big, and it came right about time to high fidelity audio. Congratulations!

Highly recommended, despite it is not so easy to plug to phone (need special cable and/or external power), but - no hassles, no audio-related drawbacks, ultra-high audio quality.

Surprisingly good!

This dongle is inexpensive and sounds fantastic! Masterfully detailed, strongly paced and dynamic. With headphones the volume level can be very loud and impressive. I can't think of another dongle that sounds this good at this low price... Just get it!

Amazing Dac 9038D! Amazing Service Linsoul!

Got the 9038D in December. LOVING it, great clean dac . Using with redmi note 9 pro, no problems at all except EMI interference only when 4g data turned on. Staticv3 on discord helps every one with query and I suggest every E1da user should go there regarding any problems.
I did the y splitter cable mod (explained in website and discord) in order to use powerbrick with Shanling M0 as it cannot solely power the dac. By doing and a/b'ing I have noticed a slight improvement in sound separation in instruments than using C to C cable on M0 , phone and Laptop (I think even lower noisefloor? ). The difference is very less that you might not notice it unless looking for it, but I thought its worth mentioning. While using c to c with phone is a portable setup but using with powerbank its not.
A quick comparison between M0 sound and 9038D would be that latter got better bass, more spread out presentation, more separation between instruments which provides over all better 3d illusion. M0 have slightly sharper and forward treble while e1da got more detailed and pleasant treble. I still like the sound of M0 but 9038D is better in all ways.

Headphone/iem used- Blon bl03, bl01, Tanchjim O2 and Sundara (yes It powers Sundara and sounds good but still, an amp is suggested)

While ordering I asked linsoul to send split cable as well as C to C because there was no option to add both. They send it in my other order which is highly appreciable, great service keep it up! 9038D is absolutely amazing dongle dac and I recommend it.

Dmitry A.
Quality King

I used to own 9038SG3, but after selling out all the power hungry headphones, I sold it too, but I still need some kind of DAC at home for different scenarios. Here goes 9038D, it's just awesome, for 99$ you get S tier DAC with A++ tier HP amplifier, this thing outperforms almost any portable player and most pure DACs below 399$ in terms of Hi-Fi quality. Using it with Tin Audio P2, kinda ultraportable couple with top tier sound.

Aaron Y
Great sounds with one flaw

The E1DA 9038D is a powerful and fantastic sounding dac/amp. It does everything well except for one. It doesn't accept trrs headphone jacks. I can overlook this one flaw because the E1DA sounds so good. It's even powerful enough to drive the HD6XX to very loud levels. Very satisfied.

Jason A.

Sounds amazing, especially given it's small size and price. Also really impressed by it's build quality. Been working perfectly so far!

Ivan Hack

Nice device. Sounds great!

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