High-Purity Furukawa OCC Copper Upgrade Cable

    Upgrade Cable
    High-end Look
    Independent Aluminum Shield
    Comfortable Fit
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High-Value, Aftermarket, Upgrade Cable

The HULK PRO is the successor to DUNU's first aftermarket cable with the patented Quick-Switch modular plug cable system. The original HULK cable was created for and by audiophiles as a high-value, aftermarket, upgrade cable with a thicker gauge wire. HULK was beloved by audiophiles for highlighting the richness of their music, matching the performance of cables costing several times more. Additionally, the Quick-Switch modular plug cable system gave users the flexibility to hot-swap between multiple different portable sources.

22 Awg Monocrystalline Copper Wire

HULK PRO extends the success of its predecessor by sticking with 22 AWG monocrystalline copper wire in a handbraided, four conductor design, but with additional structural and metallurgic enhancements. Although it is not advertised as such, the new cable structure of the HULK PRO is compatible with a Type 4 Litz configuration.

Shield Enhancement

The added shielding and enhanced Litz structure all serve to further improve crosstalk characteristics and minimize signal interference.

Cable Details

-Aramid (Kevlar) Fiber Core
-Furukawa Electric OCC Copper, further purified via secondary fire refinement (similar to the process employed with the wires in the LYRE cable) [secondary refinement is a necessary step because of dwindling supply of Furukawa PCOCC wire material, which was discontinued in 2013, and new wire is extruded from Furukawa-made OCC large copper ingots following secondary fire refining]
-Dielectric Insulating Layer
-Aluminum Shielding Layer

High-end Look

HULK PRO introduces the next evolution of aesthetic features on DUNU's popular, patented Quick-Switch modular plug cable system. Whereas previous cable products from DUNU have had a polished or chromed aesthetic, the coarser lines of the brushed metal finish on the plugs give off a slightly more industrial, functional vibe, and enhance HULK PRO's identity as a burly, robust cable. The aesthetic features extend further to the barrel casings for the MMCX/2-pin connectors, giving HULK PRO a cohesive, high-end look only found in boutique products at several times the price.

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The DUNU HULK PRO Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

1.2 ± 0.1 meter
High-Purity Furukawa OCC Copper with Secondary Fire Refinement
22 AWG
Independent Aluminum Shield
DUNU Quick-Switch Modular Plug System
Package included
-2.5 mm TRRS balanced plug
-4.4 mm TRRRS balanced plug
-3.5 mm TRS single-ended plug

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