ACMEE Magic Sound IV

HiFi Headphone Amplifier ES9018K2M 192K/32Bit USB Portable DAC

    Aluminum Casing, Supreme Material
    Excellent Decoding Technology, Multiple Choices Available
    Symmetrical Left And Right Channel, Balanced Output
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Magic sound IV decoding headphone amplifier is a new generation of magic sound series launched by polar acoustic technology.The headphone amplifier is a product series inherited from polar acoustics.It is the fourth generation product so far. It has the most powerful hardware decoding ability in previous products, and uses supreme earphone chip to ensure excellent driving force and better portability.On the road of designing excellent audio products,polar acoustics will continue to forge ahead.

Aluminum Casing, Supreme Material

The Magic Sound 4 headphone amplifier not only adopts high quality aluminum material for casing but also inherits the exquisite sandblasting workmanship and deep blue color scheme of the previous model-MF02S. Its appearance design echoes and inherits the MF01 and MF02S, adopting the side gully and the same intaglio process of MF02S high-end version. Moreover, it uses a non-button, single indicator light and seamless design to fully present the simplism and modernism. Get it and feel the deep beauty of pure color

Powerful Power, 7 Power Supply Chips Included

In total, Magic sound 4 has 7 power supply chips in its small body. For audio power supply, we adopt ±5.5V boost and ±4.8V ultra-low noise LDO design, which effectively reduces power supply noise. The power supply of left and right DAC sound track are separated, adopting two 4.8V ultra-low noise LDO power supplies to improve the separation degree of left and right sound track (Note: For the ESS version of the DAC, two 3.3V LDO power supplies are also used). Plus the 3.3V power supply and 1.2V power supply for the digital circuit.

Excellent Decoding Technology, Multiple Choices Available

The moment we developed this model, we know we will made it more than one version. Currently there are 100 pieces of Magic Sound 4 are 768K/32Bit using AK4493EQ DAC version. There are also two versions of ES9038Q2M (launched in 2022) with 386K/32Bit and ES9018K2M with 192K/24Bit. So we have your needs covered. Stay tuned...

Symmetrical Left And Right Channel, Balanced Output

ACMEE team uses the same independent PCB board design as MF02S. In the audio circuit, a completely symmetrical design for the left and right channels is adopted, and the wiring length, wiring width, wiring path, and component layout are consistent to improve the consistency of the left and right channels. It uses OPA1622 or RT6863 high-sound quality and high-drive amp chip, and has both 3.5mm audio and 4.4mm balanced interfaces, which can satisfy most headphone drivers.

From ACMEE Brand Team

Over the years, ACMEE Audio has been supported by many loyal customers and friends. Thanks to all of our customers, PS.friends, who have supported ACMEE products and provided valuable opinions and feedback, ACMEE has been improving day by day. We are not born to be flawless and we will always be happy and open to all the true advises.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x ACMEE Magic Sound IV
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The ACMEE Magic Sound IV Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Casing material
6060 aluminum
Sampling rate/Bit
highest 192K/32Bit(for WIN system without driver)
Output level
single-ended 1Vrms/balanced output 2Vrms (Note: The user manual content isn't up-to-date)
Output power
Single-ended: 250mW (16ohm)/125mW (32ohm)/26mW (150ohm)
Balanced output:270mW(16ohm)/500mW(32ohm)/106mW (150ohm)/53mW (300ohm)
single-ended: 110dB; balanced-115dB
Frequency response
Audio supply
±5.5V + LDO to ±4.8V
DAC supply
3.5mm PO/4.4mm balanced
Product dimension
Product weight
TYPE-C to USB cable/TYPE-C cable/warranty card/user manual

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1 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
J Lewis
ACMEE Magic Sound VI Fantastic little Blue Dac

I was looking for a cheap dongle dac for my secondary backup rig when I saw Zeos make a few favorable comments about this dac so i started to check out what other reviewers had to say. Well, reviews were mixed, some said it ran to hot, it doesn't, (33C 92F). Another said it drained the phone battery, on my S21 it used about 10% to 12% per hour, I'm sure their are better dacs but I'm not really using it on a phone. A couple of reviewers commented that it either didn't meet power specs or that it didn't have enought power but it plays my 660s and 400i with no distortion so loud that my wife yells at me from the bedroom to turn it down when I'm listening in the living room. One thing that most people agreed on was that it sounds good and I think it does too. I listened to it for a few days and its dead silent between tracks, music is clear and transparent. I went back to my main rig a SMSL SU-8 dac and the Topping A90D and I believe this little dac is better. I can't really describe what it is but it just has the slightest more open sound. I gave the SU-8 and A90D to my wife and I'm not looking back. The ACMEE MAGIC Sound VI is fantastic.

Pretty much useless

1. Either this is a damaged DAC/Amp or it simply offers no sound improvement.
2. Linsoul will not honor replacement or warranty.
3. Strongly recommend you not purchase from Linsoul. Takes months to receive items, email replies are slow and intentionally designed to discourage service.

Hello there.
Thank you for the review.
You selected Standard Shipping for your order, and it was delivered in 20 days after the parcel was shipped out.
When you contacted us via our support e-mail about the issue with your DAC/AMPs, we replied you within 1 working day.
We requested for a video to find out more about the issue that you were facing, and to clarify this further with the manufacturer if need be.
We also asked you what were the devices used to try out the product with.
However, you did not provide any of that, which is why we are unable to offer a solution.

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