AAW Mockingbird
AAW Mockingbird
AAW Mockingbird image
AAW Mockingbird image
AAW Mockingbird image
AAW Mockingbird image
AAW Mockingbird image
AAW Mockingbird image
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AAW Mockingbird

Mockingbird Reference Universal In-Ear Monitor

    Please note,this product is only available for North America, Europe and Australia
    complete new approach : TrueXross
    4 way crossover network configures
    Best balanced armature.
    Extremely Confortable Wearing Feeling.
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About AAW

AAW leads the premier In-ear Monitor market with its distinctive innovations on driver technology. We design some of the best balanced armature with dynamic driver hybrid system in custom and universal in-ear monitors. However, our miniature planar magnetic and electro-static driver system are truly state of the art technology in the portable audio world, unmatched by competition. Each of your AAW In-ear Monitor is handcrafted by our technicians with the most meticulous quality standard. We are the Mechanics of Sound.

Successor to the acclaimed W900

the Mockingbird is at the summit of our ideology of fusing the best traits out of dynamic and balanced armature drivers. Instead of creating a high order 6RC crossover network, which usually causes chaotic phase shifts and scrambled arrival-timings, AAW uses a complete new approach called the TrueXross to solve the classic coherence issue in hybrid earphones. The dynamic driver is appropriately tuned in regards to the diaphragm and further utilizes a physical low pass filter, which reduces the number of overlapping frequencies with the balanced armature drivers. Coupled with delicate positional arrangement and front acoustic chamber design, AAW is able to achieve improved coherence, minimized phase shifts, and optimized arrival timing of the music signal.

Mockingbird is designed to be a true reference monitor.

It offers powerful yet natural sub bass which you will never find in a full balanced armature IEM. The 4 way crossover network configuration includes a dedicated woofer and mid, treble, and super tweeters. Carrying the traditional characteristics of AAW's highly praised musical imaging, instrument separation, and realistic sound stage, Mockingbird steps up the game by offering extended treble and superior detail retrieval. The end result is a high-end speaker-like performance condensed into a tiny footprint of an IEM

World class balanced armature drivers.

AAW worked with the best balanced armature maker in the world to develop the bespoke super tweeter drivers used in the Mockingbird. It ensures non-compromising sound pressure all the way up to 20kHz and can further extend to 40kHz.

Extremely Comfortable Wearing Experience

Suitable for stage performers, recording studios, audio engineers, and the most critical audiophiles. Comfort and isolation like never before so you can be alone with your music, anytime, anywhere.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x AAW Mockingbird
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The AAW Mockingbird Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

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