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7HZ i88 MINI

Diaphragm Dynamic Driver HiFi In-ear Earphone

    8mm LCP Diaphragm provide high-resolution sound
    CNC Aluminum Shell greatly reduces distortion
    Faceted Shell meet your needs
    Custom Mixed Cable provide full upgradeability
    8mm large dynamic driver loudspeaker
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8mm LCP Diaphragm

Unlike i88, the newly released mini model features a 8mm LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm. This imported material is expensive with high strength, high modules and excellent performance. It will provide high-resolution sound details and brilliant transient response. This new diaphragm truly brings fresh energy to 7HZ earphone. Follow our lead to experience the next level of HiFi music.

CNC Aluminum Shell

For shell, we go with aviation-grade Aluminum via CNC precise process and with second anodic oxidation process it just presents a satisfying look. With this material and technique, the shell greatly reduces distortion and accurately restores the original sound. You’re ensured to enjoy HiFi music.

Faceted Shell

Like the i88, i88 mini not only focusing on sound quality we also has our own aesthetics of HiFi earphones. The multifaceted panel is astonishing and breath-taking. Under different lights, it shimmers like a diamond in the dark. The luxurious feeling is blowing right away. Colors are classic and simple for this model, the classic black and red combination, and silver are available for your needs.

Custom Mixed Cable

7HZ i88 mini comes with a cable made of silver-plated OCC and OCC, high reductive sound quality. It’s also detachable to provide full upgradeability. You can easily change the cable to your favorite one.

Newly Developed Loudspeaker

i88 mini is equipped with a custom 8mm large dynamic driver loudspeaker. This structure is the heart of the earphone to ensure powerful performance. It increases the speaker’s sound output near and below the resonant frequency, and improves the lower frequency and energy.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x 7HZ i88 MINI
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The 7HZ i88 MINI Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

i88 mini
Frequency Response
8mm dynamic driver, LCP Diaphragm

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Customer Reviews

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German Ramirez
Best dynamic I own !!

I will start by saying that it was a big surprise , due to the fact I thought they weren’t that good at first. They sounded some what bright and lacking punch I got them on sale for 90 so i thought it wasn’t too bad of a loss. So as I let them do some burning in time I tried multiple tips you guys remember the blon 03 yeah same issue here it has a short nozzle but they’re tiny so once you get the right ear tips they stay in nicely and you can sleep on your side with these on which one of the reasons I like them. Anyways with the right tips the sound was just great I used it with a Hidizs s9 , s3pro, btr5 and the sudio mk2 i think is called. Ok so They sound incredible in my opinion the detail retrieval is great it feels like there is a BA driver in there too the vocals are pushed forward which is why with the crappy ear tips it came with sounded harsh the bass is just right los not overly done but it has an echo if you know what I mean these iems sound wide specially using them with the Hidizs s9 which is my favourite combo by the way I found with the btr5 on high gain the bass it’s more prominent so it does like power I still have to try it on my actual dac and amp stack but with the portables I’m blown away with the Hidizs s3 which I just have it as it came I didn’t update the sound signature sounds very rich in bass with with rumble on the mid bass but you never lose the detail I think my s3 came on bass boost which sounds freaking great with these. Anyways 7 htz did it again with the i88mini best detailed dynamic driver I own I do have the timeless which we all know about I kind of would like to say that they tried to put that tuning on this no as fast and as I say it likes power so you can get more bass in my opinion and last but not least I can sleep with them on oh and the black and red number 7 looks so cool I’m very happy with this item !!!!

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