Electrostatic Driver DD BA 7 Hybrid Drivers HiFi In-Ear Earphones

    Excellent Hybrid Driver
    Customized Red Carbon Fiber Faceplate
    Flexible Detachable 2Pin OCC Cable
    Collaborative Tuning
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HBB X SHUOER Customized Red Carbon Fiber Faceplate

The faceplate is a flaming red carbon fiber that fully represents the namesake of the set. Chassis has a fine froasted finish that is CNC milled and oxidated. This creates a surface that is smooth to the touch and resistant to scratch. Also this kind of material is durable and stable after a long time of use.

Hybrid 7-Drivers IEMs At Your Doorstep

An all-star 7-drivers array that redefines high fidelity. Well arrangement of electrostatic driver, balanced armature and dynamic driver deliver an accurate and detailed sound performance. 10mm carbon nanotube DD. Dual Sonion 2389 BA drivers and quad Sonion EST65QBO2 electrostatic drivers that is your hifi experience to the next level.

Collaborative Tuning

As described by HBB himself “The LAVA is a slightly re-tuned EJ07m with an adjustment to the mid-bass The adjustment, which is slight, gives more energy to drum kits. bass guitar and male vocals while maintaining the upper mids and extension (via the quad EST) This set would be aimed at listener who likes a little more note weight and punches without sacrificing the mids”

High-Purity OCC Cable

Shuoer EJ07M HBB is equipped with a 1.25m high-purity 100 stands high purity 6N 0CC copper cable. It features a braided structure to help reduce the cable noise and keep the cable lightweight and flexible. It has standard 0.78mm connectors.

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The LETSHUOER EJ07M HBB Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configuration
10mm carbon nanotube DD+Dual Sonion 2389 BA drivers and quad Sonion EST drivers
19 ±1 ohm
Distortion rate
Standard 0.78mm
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jakub Tomša
Do I need any other IEMs?

So, I'm not a reviewer at all, but since these IEMs have only 1 review here, which is ridiculous, I'm gonna throw my two cents in. Maybe it will convince a few more people to give these a try.

First of all, the only other IEMs in my collection are Blon BL01, Blon BL03, Trinity Audio Vyrus V2, Geek Wold GK10 and that's about it. I don't have serious listening experience with any other IEMs, so keep that in mind.

My music library is full of different genres – Prog Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, EDM, different OSTs… These played basically anything I threw at them like champs. OOTB, some of the tracks showed a bit of harshness in the highs/upper mids, but I believe the burn in did it’s thing and the sound became nicely rounded. These are now giving me detailed, holographic sound with just the right amount of quality bass. Mids are almost to die for, beautiful and engaging as they should be. Where these may be lacking a bit is in separation on very busy tracks – think of Devin Townsend and his walls of sound, or some extreme Metal. But this music is hard to replay for any headphones, so I guess I’m nitpicking here. What I know is, that if the track has been engineered and mastered well, it’s an absolute pleasure on these.

As a source I’m using either HiBy R5 (OG version) or Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS. Sounds great on both, but R5 can give these some serious juice from the balanced output to make them sing to the best of their potential. I mean you can really crank it up and these babies will keep their composure across the entire range.

What is also worth mentioning is the size of the shell. These are tiny compared to some of the other tribrids, which I find absolutely brilliant since I have smaller ears.

I know that it’s a huge jump in quality coming from BL03 for example, but I’m really rediscovering my entire music library which is extremely exciting! When I regularly get shivers down my spine during listening sessions, I know I have something special. And yes, I’m either bobbing my head or foot-tapping constantly 😊

Think I’d give these something like 4,75/5 ⭐

Patson Godinho
Decent but after sales service is bad

GOOD IEM but bad after sales service, good luck shipping any repairs back to China

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