1DD+3BA Hybrid Driver It adopts a 10mm custom dynamic driver for low frequency, matched with 2 Sonion balanced armature for middle frequency and 1 Knowles balanced armature for high frequency. TANSIO MIRAI SANDS is aiming to provide an extraordinary performance...
New Flagship IEM of Tansio Mirai Land 10mm custom dynamic low frequency driver, 2* balanced armature intermediate frequency driver, 1 *balanced armature high frequency driver, 2 *electrostatic high frequency driver, 4-way crossover 4 channel design make the sound balanced and...
TSMR8 Space 8BA Earphones. The TSMR8 Space adopts new original Knowles and Sonion Balanced Armature Drivers, 8 drivers each side. Using Sonion 33AJ007i/9 for low frequency, 33AP007 for middle frequency and Knowles 30017 for high frequency. Combining low frequency units...
Tansio Mirai TSMR-5 - Black
What`s the Improvement?  The TSMR-5 adopts new original Knowles and Sonion Balanced Armature Drivers. Using Knowles 22955 for low frequency, Sonion 33AJ007I/9 for medium frequency, and Knowles 29689x2 for high frequency balanced armature driver. Combining low frequency units in new...
Tansio Mirai TSMR-3 PRO/ TSMR-4 Pro - Clear
What`s the Improvement? The TSMR-3 Pro improves on its predecessor TSMR 3 with better definition and clarity, punchy bass, crystal clear vocals, sparkling highs, big soundstage. It`s a great IEM with its charm and sophisticated musical flavor Excellent 3 Drivers....
Tansio Mirai TSMR-12 ZODIAC - Black
New Flagship IEM of Tansio Mirai TSMR-12 or Zodiac is equiped with 12 Balanced Armatures per channel New and original Sonion composite low-frequency BA drivers * 2, Sonion composite intermediate-frequency BA drivers * 2, Knowles high-frequency composite BA drivers * 2, 4-way crossover design...

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