Planar Diaphragm Driver Over-Ear Headphone

    Designed with the highest-quality materials for the Perfect Fit
    Ergonomic Ear Pads
    Detachable 3.5mm Connector/Plug Cables
    Ultra-High Resolution Audio
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Planar Diaphragm Driver

ZEPHONE is truly a hidden gem in the HiFi industry. With pure goal of providing high class headphones for the community, ZEPHONE really received a lot good feedback from its users. Engineered for acoustic accuracy, the newly launched headphone is equipped with a unique Planar diaphragm driver that excels its peers. This model creates have a very even, precise sound, even without the aid of headphone amplifiers

The Perfect Fit - Optimum Comfort for Hours of Listening Pleasure

Designed with the highest-quality materials for the metal headband and sandwiched with several layers of resonant dampening polymers, you’re ensured with a secure fit and cloud-like comfort. The lightweight and softbuild design means your long listening sessions will be pleasurable - without the pressure.

Ergonomic Ear Pads-Comfort meets HiFi

ZEPHONE earpads are made of innovative and ergonomical shape with leather cover and sponge filling. It feels ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable. The large size earmuff provide good fit even for long time use

Detachable 3.5mm Connector/Plug Cables

This model is designed with universal dual 3.5mm connector that is compatible with most audio player. The “L””R” mark on each side make it easy to plug and use. 3.5mm stereo plug provides more fun of enjoying HiFi music. The high quality cable also means you can benefit from the extra voltage of your desired digital source.

Ultra-High Resolution Audio

Music You can Reach Out and Touch. We wanted to present a sound that was both accurate, and musical. We tuned the bass to be very precise yet deep enough to leave a satisfying rumble. The speed of the bass allows our transparent mids to shine through for those smooth vocals. The trebles shimmer like crystals and presents a detailed, while enjoyable, listen.

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Technical Details

planar diaphragm
> 22 ohm
Frequency range:
Rated power:
Max power:
Left and right channel error:
Distortion rate:
dual 3.5mm connector
Product dimension:

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