Yinlvmei S2

The newly released Yinlvmei S2 equips with AK4497 chip, SA9227 asynchronous USB chip and MCU contro

    possess a tiny body and feather-light weight
    adopts a high precision CNC aluminium alloy.
    work with may platforms and various systems
    4 Levels Gain Adjustment.
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AK4497 Chip

The newly released Yinlvmei S2 equips with AK4497 chip, SA9227 asynchronous USB chip and MCU control. The outstanding PCB layout, framework, dual power supply, make this product nonparallel among the market

Lightweight and Compact

Built and designed as an amplifier, S2 only possess a tiny body and feather-light weight. Carry it anywhere anytime to enjoy HiFi-class music. No more bulky devices.

CNC Shell and PCB Board

The S2 adopts a high precision CNC aluminium alloy. For PCB board it adopts 6 layers of FR-4 military grade material which has extraordinary anti-interference function. You can use it on your phone freely

Wide Compatibility

S2 can work with may platforms and various systems like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac...It’s a good companion for your device to upgrade the music experience to the next level

4 Levels Gain Adjustment

S2 supports 4 kinds of DAC filter adjustment, 4 levels gain adjustment to avoid too strong power. With the on-the-go S2 amplifier, the sound is more detailed and smooth

New Features of S2 Headphone Amplifier

-Designed to be functioned like a player but with lighter and smaller body

-Adopted AK4497 chip for the first time

-A1S operation amplifier, the tone is more sweet and detailed

-4 kinds of DAC filter supported, 4 levels of gain adjustment supported, the perfect power force

-PCB board, CNC aluminum alloy body

Operation Guide for Phone:

Connect to the phone via the included OTG cable, the red light on S2 will be on

Filter Gain Adjustment Instruction:

The default level is 1, press one time for level 2, two times for level 3, three times for 4.

Tips for Using:

-Please don’t use any adapter that’s higher than 5V otherwise it will burn the amplifier.

-When connected to PC, it’s better to turn down the volume before using and better with a short cable. Unplug the earphone first and then the USB cable.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Yinlvmei S2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Yinlvmei S2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

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