YinLvMei M400 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 DAC
YinLvMei M400 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 DAC
YinLvMei M400 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 DAC
YinLvMei M400 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 DAC
YinLvMei M400 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 DAC
YinLvMei M400 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 DAC
YinLvMei M400 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 DAC
YinLvMei M400 Plus Bluetooth 5.0 DAC

Yinlvmei M400 PLUS

Bluetooth 5.0 DAC with AK4499 Chip

    Has 4 sound channel and 8 output channels
    Built-in asynchronous USB chip-SA9227
    Custom Operational Amplifier&Power Tube
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The Upgraded M400 Plus

As M400, M400 plus adopts the newest AKM flagship DAC-AK4499 chip which has 4 sound channel and 8 output channels. Each channel is equipped with an IV operation amplifier, in total of 4. It is of high resolution, and density. M400 plus is powered by 8 330UF E-type tantalum capacitor. It’s powerful

Asynchronous USB Processor

M400 plus has a built-in asynchronous USB chip-SA9227. With this chip, it’s easy to manage the output and the reforming of digital signal. Along with 3 pieces of high precision timer crystalloid, it’s more accurate and the sound quality is more elegant. Besides, the SA9227 can be a professional USB DAC

Bluetooth 5.0 CSR8675 Chip&Qi Wireless Charging..

M400 Plus adopts the Bluetooth 5.0 CSR8675 chip from Qualcomm. It’s more stable and faster in transition. It supports LDAC/APTX-HD/APTX-LL/APTX/AAC/SBC protocol. Built-in 5000mAh large capacity battery ensures long playtime. Moreover, the Qi wireless charging features makes it easier to recharge the device. Simply put your M400 plus on the wireless charging pad, and enjoy free-of-cable charging

Custom Operational Amplifier&Power Tube

M400 plus adopts customized special tuned dual operational amplifier and 8 power tubes. It has two levels of thrust control and can greatly decrease the distortion. The sound is smooth and detailed with broad sound stage. Easy to use with your phone or any other devices

PGA2311 Volume System.

M400 plus adopts the luxurious volume control system-programmable simulation volume. It can not only solve the low volume and distortion issue of traditional simulation potentiometer, but also avoid the compress of dynamic while using digital volume control system. 2 pieces of PGC2311UA makes 4 channel system. It makes the M400 plus is of high standard of sound output.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Yinlvmei M400 PLUS
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

USB Chip
Digital Receiver Chip
Bluetooth Chip
Battery capacity
with USB-7.5h; with Bluetooth mode: 7 hour
Bluetooth Protocol
IV Switch Operational Amplifier
custom dual operational amplifier+power consumption tube*8
4.4 balanced output, 3.5mm LO, 3.5mm PO, 3.5mm Coaxial
Type-C port
Output level
single end 4.25VRMS, balanced end 8.5VRMS
single end 0.0007%, balanced end 0.0006%, 1kHz 32ohms
single end 125dB, balanced end 130dB, 1kHz 32ohms
Output impedance
single end 2ohms, balanced end 1 ohms
single end 32ohm/380mw, balanced end 11250mw
Product dimension
Product weight

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