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TRN V90s

5BA+1DD Hybrid Driver HiFi In-ear Earphones

    Customized balanced armatures
    10mm dual-magnet high-flux dynamic driver
    Professionally tuned electronic crossover
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Based on the highly-acclaimed TRN V90, the newly launched V90s is equipped with a dual magnet high-flux dynamic driver bringing lower impedance and higher sensitivity, better drivability which leads to faster transient response and deep impactful bass, three 50060 and two 30019 balanced armature drivers for clear airy highs, rich mid-tones and crisp vocals. The hybrid technology is magnificent journey into great sound improvement over its predecessor..

Aluminum Alloy Housing&Ergonomics

Compared with the traditional die-casting process, 5-axis CNC machining although costly offers much better fit, feel and finishing. This process is commonly used in aviation, military, medical instruments and high precision equipment manufacturing. Designed based on ergonomics, V90s is comfortable even for hours of wearing. The soften edge around the earpiece and the natural curves are friendly to your ear and can fit perfectly

Fine Tuning&Electronic Crossover.

The electronic crossover in V90s has been carefully tuned with combination of arts and science in mind to deliver and experience that evolves musical expression with emotion of sound and tonal balance through engineering. It’s also tuned for perfect sound reproduction for various music genres. Immerse yourself as you are there at a live concert or with the artist recording in a studio

Pressure Equalization Technology

The inner structure of V90s is optimized with air pressure relief technology to harmonize excessive pressure from your eardrums to give a truly balanced natural sound without unwanted resonance or distortion, for the purest attainable sound

Detachable 6N OCC Copper Cable

V90s comes with a 4-core high purity OCC cable that allows sound to flow more freely and openly with a bigger sound stage, better note definition and less strident treble on treble intensive tracks. Detachable feature ensures fully upgradeability. You can easily change it into your preferred cable anytime

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRN V90s
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TRN V90s Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configurations
-30019 balanced armature*2 -50060 balanced armature*3 -10mm dual-magnet high-flux dynamic driver*1
Frequency range
Plug type
3.5mm straight plug

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I really like this set. It gives music a lot of energy. Songs with a lot of splashing and crashing on a drum sets cymbals can sound over-the-top though.

I'm not a fan on the stock cable because of how thin it is but it does the job.

If you're sensitive to treble, you might not enjoy this set.


At time of purchase this item was little sharp on miss.But after few weeks listening situation totally changed.All spectrum is well balanced. I'am very happy with this IEM's.Very comfortable fitting. Original eartips I changed for better results of fit..This is personal choice,but very important. Thanks linsoul for this product. Delivery not cross one week .

Roy Braithwaite
TR9 V90S

Sound lovely but the silcone tips do not keep their seal. So I will try some foam tips but the sound is good!

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