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1BA+1DD Hybrid Dual Driver HiFi In-ear Earphones

    Improved 10mm XUN Dynamic Driver+30095 Balanced Armature
    Upgraded version of KZ ZST
    Classic cyan and purple color
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The Upgraded Version of the Legend - KZ ZST.

KZ ZST has accumulated quite good feedback from customers. Based on that, our team has upgraded it to the new hybrid king - KZ ZST X. Equipped with the KZ latest dynamic driver “XUN” and 30095 high performance balanced armature, along with the upgraded cable and classic innovative transparent cyan and purple color, ZST X excels in performance in every way. Get it, and start to enjoy the vivid HiFi world right away

10mm XUN Dynamic Driver+30095 Balanced Armature.

For this model, it adopts the hybrid configuration to mix a 10mm large diameter dual magnetic driver with a 30095 balanced armature. The result is amazingly well with clean and tidy sound, fast and transient response while also maintains the lossless in high frequency. It provides rich and detailed performance, especially for the interpretation of different instrumental music

Upgraded 3 Acoustic Tuning

Tuning is vital and as a brand knowing well of its customers, KZ has nailed it to get a horizontally and vertically matched three frequencies. Electronic frequency division and physical structure double tuning present a favorable sound, detailed and vivid

Upgraded 0.75mm 2Pin Detachable Cable

Continuing the legend, ZST X adopts standard 100 core high-purity silver-plated cable for quality sound performance. The cable can greatly reduce the loss and distortion in transmission, ensuring crystal clear and beautiful sound. Detachable feature provides fully upgradeability for future replacement. It offers more options than other products

Details Make Sense.

Details can either make it or mess it. Here for KZ ZST X we focus on every details. From the HD microphone to the patented soft silicone sleeve and the L/R mark on the earbuds, we never compromise. Designed based on ergonomics provides ultra comfort even for long time wearing. Earbuds will sit snugly in your ear

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ ZST X
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ ZST X Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product Name
KZ ZST X In-ear Earphone
Earphone type
Earphone sensitivity
Frequency range
Pin Type
0.75mm 2Pin
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I think those are underprice great build smooth sounding

Jake Brandley
Nice cheap set

Brought these for my partner to share my CHI-FI adventure with her and she loves them. Fit was odd at first can kill the sound if you push them in too hard from covering the little breather hole but haven't had a problem since, very light and comfortable to wear. Punchy bass but I find them shouty in the treble depending on volume and song but overall nice cheap set to have on hand plus the the purple on blue is fantastic.

Pete Valdon

Quality & Price. Great earphones for a Great Price. Buy!

Hannan Mohamed

I still Don't hownto put them together but it's a lovely one and it doesn't like the ones that would easily break so thank uuu

Eric Fleming
Its pretty good

Feels a tad cheap but for $20ish who can complain, sounds great and comes with a wonderful cable.

Bobby brown

is good big pp energy

Ziad Kaddari


Íris Sofia Vaz Fonseca


alae bouchlih
Good Quality

Sound and color and box package . 5/5 STARS

Joseph Veloso
Its great, something cheap with decent sound.

Compared to my KZ-AS10, the bass has more punch and broad, mids are back a little bit compared to the highs and lows, and a prominent treble (sometimes too much and the “s” and “h” sounds) but very clear. Sound is very much “V” shaped. Despite its sound presentation I still very much enjoy the sound, especially at this price point. Wire is great btw. I recommend if you are looking for something cheap with decent sound. “Burn in” them in too. It helps.

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