Kinera Dromi

6N OCC 4 Core Silver-plated Upgrade Cable

    Adopts a complex litz structure
    2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm copper with 24 carat gold plated plugs
    Covered with PU material
    Wear resistant, corrosion resistant
    High temperature resistant, and more flexible
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Space Chain — Dromi

It is that the giants control the power of space and have the ability to cross mountains and seas. After the giant Fenrir was killed by Thor, the gods discovered the giant’s space power secret. It comes from their strong bones of legs. So the gods used the blood of giants as a guide, fused their strong leg bones and refined them into a chain with the power of space-Dromi.

Cable Process

Dromi is a 4 core of 6N OCC with silver-plated upgrade cable. It’s braided from OCC with silver plated wire, which is from 50 strands of 0.05mm and 50 strands of 0.06mm diameter. In order to achieve the stability and conductivity of the sound signal, Dromi adopts a complex litz structure. Each core diameter is 1.5mm, which is insulated independently. Not only effectively avoids the sound distortion caused by the skin effect and the proximity effect, but also the wire has a better antioxidant effect.

Sound Character

Copper wire has a better bass dive and sense of volume, while silver wire has treble ductility and sound resolution. A good copper wire sounds like a silver wire, and a good silver wire sounds like a copper wire. When the two are combined, the sound is sublimated. Dromi is such a cable that combines the excellent characteristics of copper and silver. After connecting earphones, the overall sound stage instantly expands. The sound is clear, with accurate instrument positioning and vocals. Due to the ingenious combination of copper and silver ratios, sound is solid and flexible. It’s no exaggeration to say Dromi is an overall sound improvement cable !


Dromi has a compact replaceable plug design, equipped with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm copper with 24 carat gold plated plugs, to meet the requirements of the popular players in the market, just change as you like. The internal connection is a 4-pin 6N OCC and OCC with silver plated mix conductor, so that the audio signal can be transmitted more stably and quickly. Optional Kinera customized 0.78mm 2pin and mmcx plugs is with long service life.

Plug External & Cable Splitter Metal Part

The plug external &cable splitter metal part are made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The surface is coated with anodized technology, which can effectively prevent the shell from scratch due to friction. It looks perfect even has been used for long time.

Protective Skin

PU is a more expensive outer protective material than PVC. It is wear resistant, corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, and more flexible. It can ensure the durability of the wire, at the same take into consideration of wearing feeling.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kinera Dromi
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Kinera Dromi Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

6N OCC with silver plated
Braid way
4 core twist braided
50 strands of 0.05mm OCC with silver plated+ 50 strands of 0.06mm OCC with silver plated
Cable skin material
4 pin detachable plugs, 2.5mm balanced/ 4.4mm balanced/ 3.5mm plug
Cable Length
Cable structure
litz structure
0.78 2pin/mmcx

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kinera Dromi IEM cable

These are my favourite cables, I have four of them on various IEM.

I don’t hear changes in sound with cables but the Dromi certainly didn’t do anything to hurt the sound quality of any of the IEM.

The Dromi looks beautiful, functions and handles perfectly and the ear hooks are nice and supple so are very comfortable.

The pins are as strong as any other cable and don’t bend in normal use.

The twist can loosen very slightly over time, especially if handled roughly but it is very easy to fix that. Just hold one end of the cable and turn the other to tighten the twist and heat the whole length of the cable with a hairdryer then allow it to cool while holding the twist. I did that with one of my four Dromi’s, it is very easy and very effective.

Stephen Michel
quality does not match price

The braid is inconsistent throughout and there are some very bent sections that retain the kinks it shipped with. It is even coming untwisted somewhat in some sections. Overall the comfort, aesthetics, and sound of this cable are great, but was ruined for me by the poor quality control when considering this premium price. I've had many sub $20 cables come that were made better than this. Disappointed. I honestly should have returned it but I didn't want to deal with the process and figured they'd tell me nothing was actually wrong with it. Rum cable on the other hand was top notch.

Rodrigo Diaz
Terrible cable wit fragile pins

One of the left side pins bent after first use with my ThieAudio Monarch making the left side unusable, no sound reached the left IEM. Terrible quality. Never had any issues with any of the other cables, even my budget cables. I will never purchase an upgrade cable ever again and, of course, I will never purchase a Kinera product ever again either.

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