1 Dynamic Driver + BA Hybrid 2pin 0.78mm Detachable HiFi In-Ear Earphones

    10mm Titanium-plated diaphragm + Knowles 32876 balanced armature
    Composite Titanium diaphragm
    Two-channel audi conduit
    8 strands silver-plated braided cable
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As first sight , Envy the craftsmanship

The rear cavity of RT5 adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy CNC precision carving process, (180#zirconium sand) anodized, the cavity surface is warm and delicate, the classic retro red and blue mandarin duck color scheme, enjoy music can also be more stunning.

More comfortable, medical resin 3D front cavity

RT-5 is made of 3D printing of medical-grade curing resin imported from Germany, with high soft surface treatment. The craftsmanship is skin-friendly and comfortable to avoid allergies caused by earphones.

Sound in Vientiane just because of the real material

The RT5 hybrid earphone tuning scheme adopts Knowles RAF-32873 full frequency balanced armature. The earphone impedance is only 13.6Ω, listening to music on the phone easier to drive. The unique balanced armature tuning structure can ensure the high dynamics of the balanced armature unit of the characteristics of performance, delicate mid-to-high frequency, and transparency, and the dynamic. The sound extensibility of the unit is further improved, and the overall musical feeling is more full and durable.

Quasi-HiFi-level acoustic debugging let the audiophile be more sincere

The core dynamic of the RT5 hybrid earphone uses the 10mm titanium-plated polymer composite diaphragm of RT-3. High-density mid-frequency vocals are more pure and gentle, low-frequency volume and depth of dive. The expressiveness is more outstanding, full of shock.

Comfortable and enjoyable debugging sweeter and more heartwarming

The mid-to-high frequency response is smooth, transparent and beautiful, and the transient performance is particularly prominent.

Free collocation, more possibilities of detachable cable design

RT5 earphone adopts 0.78mm 2pin pluggable design, you can freely replace the Bluetooth module, HiFi upgrade cable, multi-specification balanced cable, etc., can become Bluetooth HiFi earphones in seconds, making music more audiophile.

More sincerity, customized eight- strand braided cable

RT5 cable adopts 8C* (24*0.05mm+200D) oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire core, can effectively improve the separation, transparency and sound field range of the musical sense, the vocals are clearer and more beautiful, while the distortion rate is effectively reduced, and the details are better

Human ear customization, wear lightly, the heart moves with the rhythm

The front cavity of RT5 is made of resin 3D, professional ear return custom-level fit, wear more firmly, passive isolation and noise reduction canreach at least 25~30dB, easy to deal with in noisy environments such as daily work and study, listen to the graceful music quietly

Shunt duct design, listening attentively is purer

RT5 audio channel nozzle adopts dual- channel audio duct design, accurate crossover adjustment not only makes the connection of the hybrid unit more smooth, but also more direct avoid overtones caused by the disordered frequency response of the two units in a single channel.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x AUGLAMOUR RT-5
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The AUGLAMOUR RT-5 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

10mm Titanium-plated diaphragm + Knowles 32876 balanced armature
Aluminum magnesium alloy, CNC + resin 3D printing
Frequency response
8C* (24*0.05mm+200D) oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable

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