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Audiophile Tuning 2DD+3BA Hybrid IEM
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Innovative Isobaric Dynamic Driver Subwoofers: The Doscinco features cutting-edge 2DD subwoofers arranged in an isobaric configuration, revolutionizing the IEM market. This design not only increases the quantity of sub-bass frequencies but also enhances tactile quality by sharing pressure across the drivers.

Audiophile Tuning for Exceptional Sound: Engineered with a 10dB powerful bass shelf, the Doscinco provides robust and powerful sub-bass and lows. Its integrated midrange approach ensures a smooth transition from bass to mids, delivering rich and warm tones. The carefully tuned treble offers excellent micro-detail retrieval and crisp articulation, making it suitable for discerning audiophiles across genres.

Premium Sonion and Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers: Designed around the latest Sonion 26A05 and 2354 series balanced armature (BA) drivers and the Knowles 33518 super tweeter, the Doscinco employs a 3-way crossover with the 2DD sub-woofer system. This configuration results in an exciting and engaging sound signature, catering to diverse audiences and usage scenarios.

Exceptional Technical Performance: The Doscinco stands out with its exceptional technical performance, delivering a full and robust sound. Whether you're an audiophile or a casual listener, its versatility makes it suitable for various genres, ensuring an immersive audio experience for any audience.

About ZiiGaat

ZiiGaat has been the silent engineering team behind many of today’s most popular global audio brands. For over a decade, we have been developing OEM and ODM products for numerous consumer and professional brands. Taking the years of experience, we now wish to set out and unleash our technological innovations and passion for audio to new levels. By creating our brand, we can freely experiment and share our work without corporate restrictions. Our skillset, experience, and next gen tools equip us to produce some of the best audio products the market has to offer. We aim to be more than just an audio brand; we seek to be a tech team that can work closely with the audio community to make better products for all of us. Each ZiiGaat member is passionate about music and best-in-class audio resolution, and we are on a mission to help people rediscover their music like never before.

Isobaric Dynamic Driver Subwoofers

The 2DD (dynamic driver) subwoofers utilized is the latest innovation in the IEM market. 2 separate 10mm polymer diaphragm drivers are arranged in an isobaric configuration in our proprietary acoustic enclosure. The isobaric configuration allows an immense increase in not only the quantity of sub-bass frequencies, but also the tactile quality, by increasing the shared pressure across the drivers.

Audiophile Tuning

The Doscinco was designed to provide a high technical performance as an audiophile entertainment IEM. With a 10dB powerful bass shelf, the sub-bass and lows are incredibly powerful and robust. Rather than a sharp bass-to-mid transition, the Doscinco was tuned with a more integrated midrange approach. This provides a smoother bass-to-mids transition, and gives the mids more body, warmth, and richness. The treble was also designed for discerning audiophiles, with excellent micro-detail retrieval and crisp articulation. The Doscinco provides a full and robust sound with great technical performance, making it suitable for any audience for any genre.

Sonion and Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

The Doscinco is designed around the latest Sonion 26A05 and 2354 series balanced armature (BA) driver from Europe and the Knowles 33518 super tweeter from the USA. Arranged in a 3-way crossover with the 2DD sub-woofer system, the Doscinco provides an exciting and engaging sound signature for any audiences and usage cases.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x ZiiGaat Doscinco
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The ZiiGaat Doscinco Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


2 10mm Dynamice Drivers + 2 Sonion +1 Knowles


104dB @ 1kHz


11 ohms @ 1kHz


16 ohms


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Customer Reviews

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Jonathan H
like it loud?

pros DNB lovers dream here! Crank them up and they come alive.
cons bass can take center stage on tracks in genres where you don't want it to.

Max Sidorov/Soundcheck39
2 to 5 = success!🔥

+Great appearance
+Comfortable fit
+Natural tonal balance
+Body and deep low frequencies
+Warm weighty mids
+Tool positioning
+Layering of virtual plans
+Large image
+Smooth and believable highs
-Very meager set
-Sometimes too much low frequencies (subjective)

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