2024 April Linsoul Earphones Reviews

2024 April Linsoul Earphones Reviews

by Kareena Tang on May 20, 2024

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"This reworked EA500 LM IEM seems to be getting quite a lot of things right, from its technical chops, to the tuning & tonality, and even its packaging and accessories. Simgot has shown that it was not messing around when they released these and did put a lot of thought and effort into the product. I especially thought the tuning nozzles were a creative touch, and though they may not be a feature we use regularly, it gives you that extra versatility to choose one and stick to it right out of the box. They do make a noticeable difference and unlike some other gimmicky ones I’ve had bad experiences with, I liked both tunings and could see myself opting for different filters to suite my listening preferences."
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"Continuing the affordable bracket, the Black Hole comes at you with thumping, but uncontrolled bass. While the quantity is immense, the bleed into the otherwise good lower mids detracts from the overall."

" For those eager to get serious sound without breaking the bank, the KZ ZS10 Pro 2 is quite simply one of the best in-ear monitors you can buy for under $100. KZ has taken an already venerable budget line and improved it to new heights, setting a new benchmark for unbelievable value. If you want to experience rich, engaging audio without emptying your wallet, the ZS10 Pro 2 is a must-have. "

By David Becker

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“The EA2000 offers a bright and detailed sound signature, with clear and crisp yet natural-sounding highs, detailed but not overly warm mids, and an organic-sounding bass that is well-balanced, resolved, and tactile.”

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“Undoubtedly, The SIMGOT EA2000 stands out as an impressive release by Simgot. Its technical prowess is evident, and the user experience it offers is commendable. It gets a recommendation from me based on multiple parameters.”

By Nihal
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"As I said at the start of this review the Dunu Titan S is not good at just one thing. What makes it so good is them being so polished in many areas, which makes them a fantastic buy at its current price. You have an earphone built well, looks good, has some nice accessories, and has been well-tuned.

The audio performance is above average for its price, as is just about every area we test for. Dunu has done a fantastic job revitalizing the Titan headphone line, and this will be added to our list of the best earphones under $100 immediately.

I would recommend the Dunu Titan S to anyone who considers themselves a budget audiophile who listens to various musical genres. If you listen mainly to bass-heavy music, there are other options, but for those looking for one earphone to sound good with all this is a strong contender."

By Audiophile On

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"At the end of the day, if you're looking for a high performance IEM with technical abilities typically found in much pricier IEMs, with a mid centric sound that brings the beauty out in female voices, musicality and resolution in lead guitars, and which gives you an intimate experience with each song they're playing, ThieAudio Hype 4 is an excellent choice and a fully recommended earphone today."

By Audiophile Heaven

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