Mangird Tea

6BA+1DD Hybrid Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphones

    An Upgraded Version of Mangird Ten
    An overall flexible, natural and balanced sound signature
    Imported Egger Resin Shell
    Fully upgradability for more choice
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Mangird Tea-An Upgraded Version of Ten

Mangird is truly a perfectionist while making and creating the astonishing HiFi earphones. Following the first legend model, Mangird Ten, the audio engineers have take numerous work in improving the new model-Tea. Just like the name, this model takes that much time as making a cup of tea and displays details as you are tasting the tea, lingering aftertaste is so attractive

6BA+1DD, Natural and Balanced

As a professional HiFi brand, we know the skills to get the right driver configurations, thus we are adopting 2*Knowles RAD-33518 for high frequency, 4*Sonion 2600 for mid frequency and 1*German Bio-titanium dynamic driver to present an overall flexible, natural and balanced sound signature. The mids and higs are quite detailed and transparent while the vocals are full of emotions, bass is super powerful, and one of the best choice for classic music, the broad sound field is played to full

Imported Egger Resin Shell

Functionality is not the only pursuit of Mangird, we take the art of craftsmanship at the same level. Featuring an amber crystal clear cavity, made from high quality German imported material, we add some luxurious flavor to it by embellishing the gold foils on the faceplate. The shimmering material is quite eye-catching under any circumstances

Detachable OCC Cable.

For Mangird Tea, we choose the 8 core high quality OCC cable for stable, lossless music transmission. With this cable, the sound is clearer and smoother. Detachable also ensures fully upgradability for more choice. You can change it for any other cables you prefer.

Custom High-End IEMs.

Custom HiFi IEM is one of the best in the market and we make it affordable to most people. Mangird Tea will beyond your expectation to rival the products that far more expensive that it. It’s a must to have item if you are into this field. Get it, enjoy it and live your music life to full

Inside the Box

  • Earphone*1
  • Foam Eartips
  • Storage Box
  • Mangird Silicone Eartips(S/M/L)

1 Year Warranty

The Mangird Tea Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Model name
Mangird Tea
Driver Configurations
-2* Knowles RAD-33518 -4*Sonion 2600 -1*German Bio-titanium dynamic driver
Hybrid Driver, 6BA+1DD
18 ohm
112+/-2 dB/mW
Frequency Response Range
Line Length

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1 Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Brian Bellis
Great all rounder

Fit is great. Feels premium. It's got a buttery smooth sound without sacrificing too much on details, and still has a good punch. Not muddy IMO. Great set to get if your not sure where to start. I have lots of other sets and is still in my favorites. 4/5.

Poncho Vargas
Buenos Auriculares

Excelente conformación de sonidos ademas de bien distribuidos, es el primer auricular de esta calidad que adquiero y ha cambiado por mucho la forma que oigo la musica.

Excelentes auriculares

Es increíble lo bien que se escucha la música, de todos lo géneros, en estos auriculares, únicamente en los agudos de la voces femeninas se nota algo alto, pero se soluciono con las almohadillas de espuma que vienen con los auriculares.

Amadeo Belles

No coments

Snake Roberts
Mangird Tea

Used with Spinfits. Seal and fit is great. Cable is nice, build quality excellent. Sound. Bass is elevated about 3-4db above neutral, and is high quality and detailed bass. Mids are slightly warm and very detailed. Mids are perfect, there is no upper mid shout. Treble is even with the mids, highly detailed with a little extra bite around 8khz. The dip at 5khz is noticeable but helps to keep sibilance under control. This dip is the ONLY criticism of these IEMs. You do lose some detail because of this, no, the detail is pushed back slightly not lost. Imaging and depth are excellent. This is a big sounding IEM. I have more expensive IEM's, the Mangird Tea could sell for $500 and still be good value.

Love the tuning

Didn't like it at first, but after a month of owning it I guess it opened up. Driving it with Astell & Kern Alpha, and the old portable Minidisc. I also have the Blessings 2 and the Thieaudio Monarch 1. I am using this a lot more than the other 2, and that says a lot. The voice is more forward but not fatiguing, love the tuning. I tried the spinfit large buds but I went back to the stock large rubber that came with it, works better for me. I want to replace the cable, but I rather not because removing it often is where the problem starts. Will only replace it when it start to malfunction.

Sound good, but poor quality control

Have had these for a couple months now and they still sound good, but the back vent on the right iem has a dent in it and the left iem has fallen out a few times due to it being much easier to disconnect than the right. It is quite sad the only thing dragging them down is quality control : /

Expected highly

It was very harsh in the highs for me to pain in ears. Maybe a faulty iem I got. Maybe not. Watch out the hype train. Now I purchased the ISN H50

Zachary Paton

Unmatched at this price point, awesome stereo image and instrument separation

Mitch Steinman

Soundstage and instrument separation is amazing!

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