Yanyin x HBB Mahina

2EST + 4BA + 1DD Tribrid Monitor

    10mm Biodynamic Diaphragm Driver
    4 American-made Knowles Balanced Armatures Drivers
    2 European-manufactured Sonion EST Drivers
    Sophisticated Acoustic Engineering Strategy
    High Quality Graphene Silver-Plated Cable
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About Yanyin  

Yanyin was started by passionate audio lovers who wanted to share better audio performance at more affordable price ranges. Putting audio quality at the forefront of their goals, Yanyin is determined to achieve the best in class sound that reproduces your music at its full potential. In collaboration with the globally renowned audio reviewer, Hawaiian Bad Boy (HBB) from Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews, Yanyin and HBB has developed a completely new in-ear monitor tuning that is highly resolving, dynamic, and accurate. HBB’s years of experience and large in-ear monitor frequency measurement database has allowed a comprehensive approach to creating a balanced tuning that is both precise and pleasant, delivering the ultimate listening experience.


The Mahina was born out of a need to fuse monitor-like accuracy with a powerful and enjoyable bass performance. The tuning was inspired by studio-monitors with external subwoofers that present crystal clear transparency, but impactful and clean bass response.

The Mahina utilizes a 10mm biodynamic diaphragm driver to mimic a sub-bass impact in the extreme lows. The sophisticated acoustic engineering strategy used in the Mahina allows a powerful and rumbling bass impact, but without muddying the mid-frequencies. In turn, the four American-made Knowles balanced armatures in the Mahina delivers a neutral midrange that is ever slightly warm for a lush texture in the vocals and instrument fundamental frequencies. The Mahina also features 2 European-manufactured Sonion EST drivers, which is famed for its extreme upper-treble extension. The EST drivers in the Mahina create a life-like airy atmosphere by enhancing the micro-details within the music, but are carefully tuned to sound natural and free from harsh timbre.

The result of these combinations is a transparent monitor-capable device that is full and enjoyable for everyday listening by any music enthusiast.

High quality graphene silver-plated cable

The cable is made of 4 strands of Litz structure, graphene wrapped with silver-plated cable. The cable is relatively soft, and the stethoscope effect is not obvious. The earphone is designed with detachable cable and also supports balanced plugs. The default pin is 2pin 0.78mm connectors +3.5mm single-end.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Yanyin x HBB Mahina
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Yanyin x HBB Mahina Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Yanyin x HBB Mahina
10mm Bio-diaphragm dynamic + 4 Knowles independent balanced armature + 2 Sonion electrostatic units
Frequency response
Cable material
4 strands graphene wrapped with silver-plated cable
Cable length
2pin 0.78mm
Nozzle diameter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Musical brilliance

The Mahinas are an incredibly well tuned set of IEMs, offering an wonderfully immersive experience that is extremely musical.

The vocals are sublime, and forward too. They are the shining feature of the Mahinas in my opinion.

Close behind the vocals comes the bass, these IEMs have a very warm and full sound to them which is very well done. It hits hard too, but not overly hard, just the right amount for my ears.

And then we have the treble, surprisingly detailed considering the sound signiture. I don't see these IEMs ever being fatiguing, the treble is not what you would call bright but is still incredibly detailed, I love it.

Finally, the fit. It's great. Actually, it is one of my favourite things about this set. I could wear this hours on end, it is easily the best fitting IEM I have ever owned.

Also, the case is really good, very high quality, and can fit quite a bit inside.

They may not be the best for more clinical song libraries, e.g. progressive rock where you want a more sterile replay of the song.

But If you listen to EDM/Hip-Hop or similar genres, these could potentially be endgame, they really are that good.

Great all around set

Absolutely love this set right up with monarch mk2.
Great bass , nice controlled treble and great vocals as well

Matthew G.
Brilliant. Get them!

If you listen to rock, hip-hop, electronic music etc, these are endgame. The bass is fantastic. Note weight and warmth is there, as well as thump and slam, but without any bleeding into the midrange. The treble is relaxed and tastefully done. This is my first tri-brid set and the EST drivers really make a difference. The imaging and soundstage is well above average - very good. The case is the best I've ever had, the fit is great and the quality is up to standard for the price. Well worth the money

Great. 9/10

These are simply fantastic IEMs. I got them to replace the Variations as my every day IEM at work since I've been using those for the better part of a year. The bass is very similar to the Variations, the mids are more forward and better, and the highs are still detailed but not quite as bright.

The cable and the case are GREAT.

The only reason I don't give these a 10/10 are the stock tips which are meh and the fact that I wish these were a little less sensitive. Listening on a full power desktop amp like my JDS El 2 stack, on low gain I can barely move the volume knob. I recommend something like the hipdac with the xmatch gain turned off, or the Qudelix 5k.

Punchy bass but horrible Linsoul after sales service.

I now own these along with the EJOM Kinda Lava.

Bass - Mahina's are punchier, KL has better texture but doesn't slam as hard.

Mids - Both nicely done, KL seems just a tad clearer. (Source is important here)

Treble - Mahinas are relaxed while the KL is energetic, at lower volumes, it could make the Mahinas seem dull but as soon as you listen at louder volumes they shine, KL comes off a little brighter due to the tuning across the bass and mids.

Overall, Id say if your music is hip hop and EDM get the Mahinas (though very boomy tracks will be overwhelming at times and the KL might suit the boomier muddy tracks better) if it's more vocal-centric get the KL. Mahina's are comfortable and KL is also decent with the right ear tips. KLs can sometimes be found on eBay for great deals.

Update - after sales service is a nightmare when you have to ship your item back to China and deal with them.

Endgame material

The Mahina is an incredibly balanced and enjoyable monitor, presenting an elevated yet controlled bass, a transparent and clear midrange and a smooth treble without sacrificing any details or extension.

Technicalities are excellent, with an expansive soundstage and accurate imaging.
All those qualities combined with a small footprint, suitable for long listening sessions. For me, comfort is the iem's strongest point.

For many, the Mahina could easily represent endgame potential at a reasonable cost.

Just to give you a hint, I would pick this over my previous Monarch MKII.

Buy this, you won't regret it!

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