XENNS Mangird Top

8BA+1DD Hybrid IEM In-ear Earphone

    0.78mm 2Pin Connectors
    Well-tuned Sound Signature
    Unique Handcrafted Faceplate
    Upgraded Custom Cable
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About Mangird 

Mangird was started by a small handful of young engineers passionate about music and high-resolution audio. Combining their knowledge in electrical engineering and studio performance audio gears, the Mangird team has since produced numerous professional in-ear monitors that have stirred up a global sensation. Some of these include the Xenns UP, which combined the latest driver technology with a powerful tuning, and the Tea, which was beloved for its precise balanced signature. The Mangird team is committed to hand-producing each of their units in small batches to ensure top-of-the-line quality assurance and a bespoke character. Make every song your own with Mangird.

8BA+1DD Hybrid Drivers

XENNS Mangird Top equipped with a Knowles 32406 dual balanced armature driver for ultra-high frequency, two E50D dual balanced armature units for high frequency, two Sonion 2600 series mid-high frequency balanced armature drivers and one 10mm beryllium-coated dynamic driver for bass.

Sound Signature

XENNS Mangird Top features an airy smooth high frequency, especially when play instruments and vocals, the detailed changes of emotions is so thrilling and moving. For bass, it’s flexible, powerful and dynamic. Three frequencies are divided clear but precise, full of atmosphere and broad soundstage. It could be one of the most appropriate IEMs for rock and roll, popular music or vocals.

Handcrafted Beauty

Each XENNS Mangird Top unit is handcrafted, using German medical-grade resin that is painstakingly UV cured. This process creates an extremely durable shell that is also safe to the skin. The faceplate is also hand created, meaning each IEM unit is unique and bespoke for each user.

Upgraded Custom Cable

The XENNS Mangird Top comes standard with upgraded cable, allowing easy plug swapping between 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and 2.5mm jacks. This 6N OCC Copper Single Crystal Silver-plated cable has been optimized to deliver a more refined transparency in the sound. The 2-pin connector means that the user can easily change the cable to mix and match the sound, as well as extend the lifetime of the IEM without worrying about damages to the cable.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x XENNS Mangird Top
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The XENNS Mangird Top Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Mangird Top
1*Dynamic Driver+8*Balanced Armature Drivers
Plug specification
0.78 2pin swappable
Frequency response

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Still on TOP! Just amazing!

After two years of owning them, had a bunch of other iems in my collection, I still come back everytime with the TOP. These are on my #1 spot. Just so good sounding!! Highly recommend! The XENNS TOP are hard to beat! I hope XENNS (or Mangird) will release something else in the future that can beat the TOP, will buy for sure.

Raymond Lemieux
Top Grid

My dac makes these sing like no other.

Tommi Nurminen

XENNS Mangird Top

Luis Martins
My first IEMS - XENNS Mangird Top

XENNS Mangird Top is really Top IEM!!
It is very beautiful, great construction and sound quality.
I am very happy with the Mangird Top.
Thank you very much Linsoul.

The best iem under 600 USD

Simply, perfect balance, very good and smooth treble, airy, very glood and pleasing clarity, the mids are just perfect balanced, very good female vocals and very good male vocals, bass, perfect amount of bass, textured, present but not bassy, if you are basshead this isnt your set but that doesnt mean that the bass is bad or inexistent, for me its just perfect, perfect tuning, very good technicalities, imaging and soundstage, i can hear all the nuances of my music clearly, this is just perfect, possible endgame.

very nice iem

a good set of Iems, very balanced.

Alexandre Michaud
These are on TOP! Just amazing!

I have many IEM, different configurations, different prices, and these came on TOP of the pile. Best IEM I've ever had point. Extremely well tuned, well balanced, excellent bass, excellent mid, excellent treble, everything sound so perfect!!! Those are perfect!!!!! For music, gaming, everything, these are the best all-rounder! Grab those while they are available. 5 stars!!!! XENNS Mangird TOP, I'm in love. Top tier IEM that compete with those that cost a lot more!

Amazing IEM

XENNS Top is an amazing IEM. Smooth, detailed, articulated. An excellent all rounder. Delivery from Linsoul was flawless.

Adilson Marques

XENNS Mangird Top

Charl Fourie
Mangird is TOPS

Top tier capabilities with great tuning, these are my personal favourite IEMs. Light-weight and very comfortable. I like the low frequency kick. Mids and higher frequencies are fantastic, but arguably not as sweet as my Moondrop S8, but the DD makes for preferred timbre. Maybe I only imagine the differences... you have to be an audiophile reviewer to tell. I do not need better IEMs than these, no need to spend $1k or more. Buy a set before they are all gone. [NOTE: despite the LINSOUL offer, these are NOT supplied with the composite cable, only 3.5mm]

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