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Unique Melody MEST MKII

Newly developed dual-sides Bone Conduction Driver  In-Ear Monitor

    Carbon Fiber+Gold Foil Facepanels
    Dual Highly-Detailed Electrostatic Drivers
    Four High-Performance Balanced Armature Drivers
    Professionally Designed 5-Way Crossover
    Transparent, Clean Sound Output
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Advanced Dual-Bone Conduction Driver

UM improved over its Bone Conduction driver they utilized in the OG Mest. For the Mest MKII, they have developed a dual-sided piezoelectric bone conduction driver. Here the driver is placed in between two supporting plates providing a large contact area effectively improving the efficiency and performance of the driver.

Quadbrid Driver Configuration With Ultra-Wide Frequency Response

Unique Melody Mest MKii utilizes a Quadbrid driver configuration with a total of eight drivers per side. The pair features a DD unit, four BA units, two EST drivers, and a Dual-sided Bone Conduction driver. The DD unit produces a powerful lower-end response while the mid and high frequencies are handled by two BAs each. Two EST drivers produce an energetic ultra-high response and the dual-sided Bone Conduction driver provides full-range refinement. Thanks to the highly responsive driver configuration, the frequency response with Mest MKii reaches as high as 70kHz.

Beautiful Carbon Fibre Shell

The effectiveness of the Bone Conduction drivers depends on the fitting coherence and skin contact. UM has crafted the Mest MKii earpieces using high-quality carbon fiber material. The pair has beautiful looks with carbon fiber and gold foil mixed design on the ear cavities. It also features upgraded metal vents that allow for better air pressure management inside the cavity resulting in better performance with the driver units.

High-Purity OCC Copper Cable

Unique Melody Mest MKii comes with a high-quality PVC coated cable. It is made with 4 cores of 24AWG OCC Copper material providing high-grade performance with the pair. Users can also buy it in the 4.4mm termination option.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Unique Melody MEST MKII
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Unique Melody MEST MKII Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Types
Dynamic Balanced Armature Electrostatics (EST)+ Bone Conduction( Dual Sides Bone Conduction) , 4-Way Quadbrid
Driver Types
Dynamic Balanced Armature Electrostatics (EST)+ Bone Conduction( Dual Sides Bone Conduction) , 4-Way Quadbrid
@ 1KHz 112dB1KHz
Frequency Response
Cable Sockets
2-Pin Flat2
One Piece Carbon Fiber Gold Foil
5-Way Crossover
12.3 ohms
UM M2 24AWG Upper Grade OCC Custom Cable
Driver Configuration
1 Dynamic Bass Driver 2 BA Mid Drivers+ 2 BA Treble Drivers+ Configuration 2 EST Ultra High Drivers Full Range B2 Bone Conduction Driver
Ear Tips
AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec SS /MS/M

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Johnson
Stunning Sound

These are the best IEM’s I’ve ever heard hands down.
I also own Senn IE900, Shure SE846, UE11 Pro, JH13 and the MESTII beats them all.

On the same level as My Focale Stellia’s…….sublime

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