7 BA Drivers Hi-Fi In-Ear Monitor

    3-channel independent sound ducts with individual chamber
    Customized Balanced Armature Drivers
    Highly-Precise 3D Printing Process
    Colorful Resin Faceplate
    Abundant accessories
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TRN's Customized Balanced Armature Drivers Combination Configuration

The low frequency unit adopts TRN's 22955 driver, which has a powerful and robust output; Two 50060 drivers are used for upper-midrange and high frequencies + one 29689 driver for the lower-midrange and bass; three 30095 drivers are used for exceptional treble details. This combination gives a full, sweet and yet highly-resolving sound, which also unleashes the true fidelity of your music.

Highly-Precise 3D Printing Process

X7 uilizes DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printing - a highly-precise 3D printing technology with impeccable accuracy. Every structural detail is more finely reproduced, especially the internal acoustic chamber which is difficult to achieve with conventional 3D printing.

A Simple Yet Effective Crossover System

To obtain a purer sound and crosstalk between multiple BAs, X7 uses a 3-channel independent sound ducts with individual chamber. Professional audio-grade electronics components on SMT surface-mount PCB board provides excellent electrical performance to the frequency crossover network. With the help from precision 3D printing, all 7 drivers will better maximize their strength.

Colorful Resin Faceplate

X7 adopts a billiant pattern achieved using imported resin, spray paint, high-gloss polishing and acrylic coating. The hypo-allergenic medical-grade resin is specially imported from Germany, which gives the most comfortable feel. Rest assured it has been built with utmost care and precision for premium quality and reliability. It is really a marriage of art and technology.

Audiophile-grade accessories

X7 is equipped with audiophile-grade accessories. Standard 4-core silver-plated cable effectively reduces interference, crosstalk and transmission loss to bring Hi-Fi quality sound to your hands. 7 pairs of assorted eartips, 2-pin type connection for maximum compatibility and customization, which makes Hi-Fi more interesting and fun.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRN X7
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TRN X7 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Customized 22955 x 1
Customized 50060 X 2
Customized 30095 X 3
Customized 29689 X 1
Frequency response
Connector type
Full balanced armature
Jack type
3.5mm 2Pin
Cable length
What's in the Package
-TRN X7*1
-2 Pin 3.5mm Cable*1
-6.35mm Jack Adapter*1
-Airline Earphone Adapter*1
-Aluminum Storage Case*1
-Ear tips*7 (Balanced Eartips *3 (SML) + Bass Eartips (SML) + Memory Foam Eartips *1)

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Customer Reviews

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Declan Edmonds
Dark horse

These earphones have a more flat, and dark sound signature which is evident by its lack of 10kHz, but don’t sound muddy.

They are extremely comfortable, extremely pretty, light, and of high build quality.

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