2DD+5BA Hybrid IEM

  • Hybrid Acoustic Architecture
  • Delicate Sound Quality
  • Transparent Resolution Custom Unit Combination
  • Stunning Hi-Fi Sound Quality
  • Enthusiast-Grade Cables
  • Timeless Design and Comfort
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Hybrid Acoustic Architecture

Experience enriched vocals with intricate details. The ST7 features a new dual-dynamic driver + five Balanced Armature architecture. A coaxial dual-dynamic driver, with the dynamic driver responsible for mid-bass and bass, and the five Balanced Armature units handling high frequencies and mid-high frequencies. This setup captures richer details, delivering a comprehensive improvement in detail resolution for a richer and more complete sound performance.

Delicate Sound Quality

Enjoy a pure listening experience with the coaxial dual-moving coil unit design. The 10mm LCP low-frequency diaphragm provides deep bass responses, while the 6mm composite diaphragm ensures clarity and fidelity in mid-frequency content like vocals. From deep bass rumbles to detailed mid-high frequencies, the ST7 offers precise, realistic, clear, and dynamic audio immersion.

Transparent Resolution Custom Unit Combination

Meticulously crafted combination of five Balanced Armature units ensures optimal resonance alignment and smooth transition between dynamic driver and Balanced Armature drivers. Two ultra-high-frequency Balanced Armature units positioned closer to the sound outlet minimize reflections, preserving high-frequency details for an exceptional listening experience.

Stunning Hi-Fi Sound Quality

The high-precision three-way crossover design ensures balanced and harmonious sound performance across low, mid, and high frequency ranges. The smooth and natural overall response, along with flat frequency response and exceptional reproduction capabilities, allows for enjoyable listening of a wide variety of musical genres.

Enthusiast-Grade Cables

Equipped with fever-grade four-strand silver-plated wire for delicate, full, and round sound, enhancing full-frequency resolution. The interchangeable design meets diverse scenario needs, offering versatility for high-fidelity transmission.

Timeless Design and Comfort

Available in classic black and white colors, the ST7 boasts an aesthetic appeal that complements any style. Its ergonomically-designed housing, crafted based on thousands of ear imprints, ensures a custom-like fit, enhancing comfort, noise isolation, and zero-distance contact for focused music enjoyment in any scene.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TRN ST7
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TRN ST7 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Jack Type
Product Model
Transducer Type
Hybrid In-Ear Monitors
Ear Hook
30 Ohms
Connector Type
Frequency Response
Cable Length
1.2m ± 3cm
Weight (Headphone + Cable)
Approximately 4.9g + 10g

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