Tripowin Zombur

High-Purity 4N OFC Oxygen-Free Copper HiFi IEM Cable

    Brand-New HiFi Audio Cable
    High Purity Oxygen Free Copper
    Cotton Yarn Outer Layer
    Various Choice & Wide Compatibility
    Reliable & Durable
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Brand-New HiFi Audio Cable

From the community, for the community. Your voice is heard! With years of rich experience in HiFi audio cables and tons of hearty feedback from the community, Tripowin recently released a new budget cable-Tripowin Zombur cable. Affordable and valuable, Zombur is the cable that every audiophile should have in the collection.

High Purity Oxygen Free Copper

Tripowin Zombur cable adopts high purity oxygen free copper material to improve conductivity. The nature of OFC cable makes it has quite high corrosion resistance from time to time which means the long-lasting quality. More than that, it can effectively reduce distortion, making the transition between high and low frequencies more natural, with better ductility, and making the overall sound performance smoother.

Cotton Yarn Outer Layer

Born to be different, Tripowin Zombur features a cotton yarn outer layer with cross-knitting technique. Cotton yarn is strong and durable natural fiber. It is soft to touch and lightweight. This means the cable is easy to storage and won’t be bothered with tangling.

Various Choice & Wide Compatibility

To accommodate a wide range of earphones, Tripowin Zombur cable is designed in universal 3.5mm plug and optional mainstream 0.78 2pin, MMCX, QDC connector. If you are looking for a budget cable with a good look and high performance, Tripowin Zombur could be the one.

Reliable & Durable

Affordable, reliable and valuable-Tripowin Zombur is the cable that you need for everyday use. Quality is our first priority and rest assured that Zombur is as durable as your expectation.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Tripowin Zombur
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Tripowin Zombur Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Tripowin Zombur
oxygen free copper
Number of strands:
2 strands
Number of cores:
(19 core*0.08mm+8 core*0.06mm+58 core*0.05mm)*2 strands
Dimension of single wire:
Outer layer:
cotton yarn
Available connector:
2 pin/QDC/MMCX(IE900)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dariusz B
Gets the job done

I needed a replacement cable with mic for my KZ ZSN Pro X.
The original cable was stiff, tangled easily and one of the lines eventually snapped near the Y-splitter.

Zambur is just better, that's it.
I didn't notice any changes to the sound quality (duh, it's just a cable), but I did notice a huge improvement in the usability department.
Zambur is much more flexible and dosen't "hold the shape" like the original cable did, which means it doesn't tangle on its own and is much more comfortable to wear. Will probably last a lot longer too, judging by the extra flexibility and dense braid around the lines. The built-in mic works fine, defnitiely good enough for phone calls.

Luca Lorenzi
Really good

Thin but durable, works with everything

Áron Tóth
great overall wire

The quality is great and the mic works great too. Also the customer service was outright amazing

Sean Cheng

Too much cable noise

Dear Customer,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

In order to help you better solve your problem, we have contacted you via email and look forward to your reply.

Once we confirm the issue , we will try our best to help you with it.

At the same time, we also sincerely suggest that you contact us at any time by email if you encounter any problems during use, and we will do our best to solve them for you.

We are waiting for your update.

Your patience is so much appreciated.

Jason Robinson
Great thinner cable

Full disclaimer: I only buy “upgrade” cables because of comfort, style, flexibility. I do NOT believe that cables make any sound difference unless your talking balanced 2.5mm to 3.5mm to 4.4mm. Copper/silver 4/6/8/16 cores, that stuff makes 0 difference. My opinion.
The Zombur is wrapped in cloth and it has some weight to it considering it’s a thinner cable. It almost never tangles or gets kinked up. I get no microphonics from my clothing. The ear hook is pretty thin but very sturdy and holds against my ears well, no excess pressure but a firm hold. This has become my Go-To cable replacement, would be awesome if there was a TFZ connection but that is a rarity nowadays.

Alexei Boukirev
Great fabric covered cable

I bought several of QDC and 2-pin variety. This a cheap but great fabric covered cable. Pliable, no kinks, nice to touch. What I also like is that 3.5 mm connector is small, so the entire cable is lightweight and compact.

Keep in mind that 2-pin connector has an extrusion and fits best IEM's with a recessed 2-pin receptacle. If your IEM has a flush 2-pin connection it will still work but will look slightly off.

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