Tripowin Karen

High-Purity 4N OFC Oxygen-Free Copper HiFi IEM Cable

    Updated HiFi Audio Cable
    High Purity Oxygen Free Copper
    PVA Clear Outer Layer
    Various Choice & Wide Compatibility
    Durable & High-Quality
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Updated HiFi Audio Cable

From the community, for the community. Your voice is heard! With years of rich experience in HiFi audio cables and tons of hearty feedback from the community, Tripowin recently released a new budget cable-Tripowin Karen cable. Affordable and valuable, Karen is the cable that every audiophile should have in the collection.

High Purity Oxygen Free Copper

Tripowin Karen cable adopts high purity oxygen free copper material to improve conductivity. The nature of OFC cable makes it has quite high corrosion resistance from time to time which means the long-lasting quality. More than that, it can effectively reduce distortion, making the transition between high and low frequencies more natural, with better ductility, and making the overall sound performance smoother.

PVA Clear Outer Layer

Born to be different, Tripowin Karen adopts clear PVC outer layer which is widely in the industry because of its lightweight, durable, low cost and easy processability feature. It is also soft to touch and wrap. This means the cable is easy to storage and won’t be bothered with tangling.

Various Choice & Wide Compatibility

To accommodate a wide range of earphones, Tripowin Karen cable is designed in universal 3.5mm plug and optional mainstream 0.78 2pin, MMCX, QDC connector. If you are looking for a budget cable with a good look and high performance, Tripowin Karen could be the one .

Durable & High-Quality

Affordable, reliable and valuable-Tripowin Karen is the cable that you need for everyday use. Quality is our first priority and rest assured that Karen is as durable as your expectation.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Tripowin Karen
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The Tripowin Karen Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Tripowin Karen
oxygen free copper
Number of strands:
2 strands
Number of cores:
18 core*0.06mm*3 (18 core*0.06mm*2)*2 strands
Dimension of single wire:
main strand-2.6mm; another strand-2.0mm
Outer layer:
Available connector:
2 pin/QDC/MMCX

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great simple cable

This is a perfect simple replacement cable if for some reason you have an issue with the stock cable on one of your IEMs. The copper wire looks attractive, and the clear PVA outer layer feels nice to the touch. The metal fittings are well polished and neither look nor feel cheap. The cable holds its coil well—this may be a plus or minus depending on if you prefer something with more compliance, but I like it because it makes for tidy storage of IEMs. The input plug is narrow enough to fit into phone cases, which in my opinion is a must-have for any cable. You really can't do better than the Karen for $10.

Overall Satisfaction: 5/5

The only potential improvement I could suggest is that it would be nice to also have a flush 2-pin option so that the cable could pair better with IEMs like the Salnotes Zero or Kiwi Ears Cadenza. Also, a silver wire variant would be welcome purely from an aesthetic standpoint. But I understand that at this price point, you can't always have the luxury of choice.

Exceeds expectations

Fantastic cable fantastic price.

its not a karen

its a pretty good cable, it handles okay, itll be pin straight but as you close it up it might get a bit wavy, i like its feel and colour and for 10 bucks its much better than most included cables that this cable would replace in that more economical price range. has a right angle plus which some might not love but it has that small extension to pass through thick cases or daps. its built to a competent level BUT the zonie is only 3 dollars more and its a much better cable the price ranges are too small, maybe if it was slightly thicker and softer itll get another star!
and as you see the copper wrap does fit rose gold crn's very well

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