THOR Mjölnir

Next-Generation Beryllium Driver Earphone

    Created the next-generation of large-sized beryllium diaphragm
    Unusually strong Tesla Magnetic Driver
    Formed from the German EGGER medical-grade resin
    Much faster flux and quicker surface vibrations
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About Thor

Thor was founded by a freelance engineer who has built up a sizable reputation in the DIY in-ear monitor community in China. Through close collaboration with local driver manufacturers, Thor has created the next-generation of large-sized beryllium diaphragm that is denser than those currently used on the market. With a vision for paramount sound quality and bespoke character, Thor is committed to hand crafting each earpiece in small batches and continually innovating the field of in-ear monitors

Mjölnir (Me-yo-neer)

With collaborations with local driver manufacturers, Thor has created a next-generation beryllium diaphragm that is more dense than other Be-drivers currently used on the market. The denser material and larger 10.4mm size allows a much faster flux and quicker surface vibrations, resulting in a much more detailed music playback and enhanced overall resolution. The new diaphragm material required pairing with an unusually strong Tesla Magnetic Driver to achieve the diaphragm’s maximum potential. The driver features incredibly powerful lows that emphasizes the subbass punch of kickdrums and bass guitars. The mid frequencies are characterized by rich warmth and clean texture, while the high frequencies are smooth, without being over or under bearing. The overall tuning of the Mjölnir is smooth and balanced, with sparkly details that sit perfectly in the mix. We believe lovers of impactful yet crisp bass will be thrilled by the new potential the Mjölnir and its beryllium driver is capable of.

One of a Kind Abalone Design.

Each Mjölnir unit is handbuilt by Thor’s founder and chief engineer. The housing is formed from the German EGGER medical-grade resin, which is both safe to the skin as well as extremely durable. The faceplate of each earpiece is crafted from hand-cut genuine abalone, which makes every unit unique and one of a kind. By focusing on small-batch handcrafted quality, Thor aims to create a sustainable and reliable company image that reflects the incredible sound of its in-ear monitors.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x THOR Mjölnir
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The THOR Mjölnir Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

10.4mm dynamic driver
Frequency response
110 dB​
0.78 2pin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Love the sound and clarity but the BASS is really lacking in the sub-bass region

I have no idea why people are calling these basshead IEMs… They are clearly not. Go look at BGGAR and other’s reviews and graphs. The sub-bass rolls off and you can hear that clearly when you burn them in and then run through your bass test songs. Their bass is roughly equivalent to BLON BL03 but with a better sound stage can clarity, with the same lack of sub-bass as compared to others such as the TFZ lineup, Empire Ears Legend X, the Sony 12mm DD lineup, to name a few. The bass is ok but not impressive. It’s tight and clear and music that is not oriented towards bassheads sounds amazing. There may be a mod for it to increase the sub-bass since they have ports but I haven’t seen any yet.

Terence Dunne

Faster Than The Speed of Sound Thors Mjolnir Opened My Ears To The Beauty of Mystical Sound Waves of Thunder and The Clapping of Lightning Bolts From The Heavens Residing in My Mere Human Ears That Only Cherubs That Surround GODS Throne Can Experience Drums Harps Violins Cymbals Flutes Trumpets Human Voices Elevated To How They Are Intended To Be Heard 5 STARS!

Seth Hale
Hardest bass yet.

If you have something that hits harder bass than these, let me know. Not louder or boomier, but harder - moving more air and clearer.
The treble end is also very hard/clean/detailed - so much so that the V-shape is still too much. The exaggerated vocal treble they did was unnecessary, because I can still hear it very clear at lower volumes.

I wish this had a darker sound tuning, but I can't fault that beryllium driver.

José Luis Valencia Cuellar
Thor Mjölnir in ear

Son buenos no tienen tanto bajo pero si están reducidos en medios y altos. Sonido aceptable. Mil veces mejor que los beats o bose. Me gustan mas los fio fh1 y fh5.

Ricardo Lopez
Not what I was expecting

It suppose to be hand made and it's clearly not and that it had an incredible bass and it was a disappointment.

Alejandro Cabral Santana
Bass as bass was written to be.

Mid range is articulate and detailed, not as V as i thought it would be, highs are crips and nice, cymbals and china crash are clean and detailed, one of the best I’ve head in a DD

Soundstage is good, REALLY good, if it would go by number i would set it at 8.5 / 10

BASS: when i placed them on i was like “ah its ok...” 3 minutes into Opeth’s Damnation, i was already living the dream, this is the best bass I’ve tested, MASSIVE, RUMBLE, DETAILED, Head shaking

That’s what i wanted, and I’ve got it. I haven’t tried EE Zeus or any other god like headphone, campfire Vega was the last headphone that left me in awe, but this, this thought me a lesson: price tags ain’t everything. For me this is what i was looking for, good mids, good treble and enough bass to feel my head shake like no other thing

Cristopher Calderon
The best bass earbuds

I bought this as a recommendation from a Youtuber (vivirdigital).
I'm not disappointed. I'm a bass head and had use only Sony headphones or earbuds for my bass needs, but I was not completely satisfied with the sound. With this earbuds I can hear more clarity in the music and enjoy of a rich bass.
I have used this to listen to music, movies and video games. It does a great job at all those task, just keep in mind that I mostly play history driven games solo, in which I think they do an excellent job.

Juan A. Ocasio
Thor Mjolnir los mejores

Los mejores IEM que usado hasta el momento,buen sonido y mucho bajo como me gusta y a buen precio

Smihn Joth
A good buy

I was positively surprised of the bang-for-the-buck of these. The bass has proper punch in it without making everything else sound muddy. Nothing pops up unnaturally , pretty much nothing gets lost. Mjölnir's a well-thought and balanced IEM, I don't hesitate to recommend these.

Semen Gabyshev
Thor Mjolnir

These are fantastic basshead headphones that have very deep bass with good control that doesn't creep into the middle.
The middle is warm, without any distortions and ticks.
The upper ones are slightly pushed in, but without fanaticism you will hear all the cymbals and bells.
The scene is normal, more micro-contrast. Nice fit, as if they were made right under my ears. Noise isolation is good.
These were the pros, and now about the cons. Very long delivery, I waited 4 months. There is literally no delivery set.
Only headphones with cable, case and foam. Is Linsoul serious?

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