Beryllium DD + BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitor

    New Proprietary Closed-back 10mm Beryllium Dynamic Driver
    Best Performing Knowles ED29689 Balanced Armature
    Powerful Sub-bass Impact
    The Mid-frequenciesare Presented Naturally
    Perfectly Balance In The Treble
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Thieaudio was launched in 2019 as a creative endeavor of Linsoul Audio. The goal of Thieaudio was to serve as a creative platform for gathering the best teams of engineers to inspire revolutionary audio products for audiophiles and professionals alike. For each project, we hand select the most innovative and renowned engineers in his or her field to oversee the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the products. Gathering the momentum from the success of the Thieaudio Phantom planar magnetic headphones, as well as the Voyager, Legacy, and Signature series In-Ear Monitors (IEM’s), we are committed to the continual expansion on the limits of high-fidelity audio. We welcome you to join us and experience excellence in musical performance. 

Legacy Series

The Legacy series capitalizes on Thieaudio’s engineering capabilities to merge the latest driver innovations, creating a lineup of the ultimate high-performance hybrid in-ear monitors. Geared towards the discerning audiophile and music enthusiast, the Legacy series re-envisions the qualities that make up high-fidelity audio to present a unique combination of enjoyable tuning that also excels in technical performance. With each model of our Legacy Series, we hope to reveal a refreshing new perspective on your daily listening experience, immersing you deeper into the music.

When Legendary Drivers Meet

When most IEM manufacturers develop dual driver IEM’s, they are purposefully fated to be the entry-level, low-tier, and affordable compromise to their more expensive counterparts. For this reason, cheaper, less efficient drivers are selected, put together with less thought on acoustic design, ultimately resulting in an under-performing monitor. Thus, when our team came together to craft the Legacy 2, we dedicated ourselves to achieve the highest performance possible, carefully selecting components, and merging them through months of sonic engineering. 

Bass performance has always been of particular importance to the Thieaudio team, which is the reason why the Legacy series, with its incorporation of dynamic driver woofers, was started. Our team has come a considerable way in developing dynamic drivers, and we are proud to utilize our latest advancements into the Legacy 2. Featuring our new proprietary closed-back 10mm Beryllium dynamic driver, the Legacy 2 takes the biggest leap yet in bass performance. Beryllium drivers have developed a cult-like following in the audiophile community due to the stiffness of this element, which results in extremely quick responses. By using stronger internal magnets and a new acoustic casing design, we have taken this driver to its full potential, producing low-frequency responses beyond anything the Legacy series has achieved so far. 

In selecting the mid-high frequency driver, we have decided to utilize the tried and true legendary balanced armature, the Knowles ED29689. Famed particularly for its performance in popular single-BA driver monitors, the Knowles ED29689 has been widely acclaimed as the foundation of all balanced armature drivers, and still stands today as the most capable and best performing driver. Particular to our interests, the ED29689 features a completely neutral mid-frequency response, accurate mid-treble transition, and a highly resolving treble playback. 

By using similar tuning strategies as those found in our Signature series models, the Legacy 2 has been engineered to produce a powerful sub-bass impact that transitions crisply to the mid-frequencies, which in turn are presented naturally, with minimal coloring. The treble has been tuned to perfectly balance the ED29689’s high calibre treble resolution and the human ears’ preference for high-frequency decay. Through careful selection of the drivers and intricate tuning strategies, we have created the ultimate 2 driver in-ear monitor, that beyond its mere name, is truly a performance-grade monitor for both stage and audiophile use. In no way is the Legacy 2 a compromise, and we are confident that it stands to compete against any competition in the field, regardless of the driver count. 

Inside the Box

  • 1 x THIEAUDIO Legacy 2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The THIEAUDIO Legacy 2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Sensitivity (1KHz)
Frequency range
Impedance (1KHz)
Knowles 29689 + 10mm Beryllium
Noise Isolation
Earphone connector
0.78 2pin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Iggy Monroe
Would buy again.

Had then for about 2 months. So far so good. Replaced the cable, it's nice but a bit too heavy for my taste. Sound is neutral with a bass bump. Comfort great for my ears. Hope it helps.

Les Dominic
Good but not the best, specially for the price

I've used the Legacy 2 for about one month straight now but, when I recently got the Tin HiFi T2+ and the KZ X CRN Zex pro, I wondered why this IEM cost so much.

The bass is punchy, highs aren't peaky (even at high volumes), good imaging for gaming (Rainbow 6 Siege), decent sound stage, good mids, and an overall safe-sounding IEM. It also has great packaging, a good case, great cable, usable stock ear tips, a seemingly universal fit, along a great overall package.

Highs lack the "air" and imaging capabilities that the T2+ have, lacks bass extension, is not as great as ZEX Pro in critical listening, and is perfect at being average with no specific traits that scream 100$.

I bought this IEM as a replacement for my ATH MR7, and in that regard, I find the L2 better than the MSR7 in almost everything except the sound stage. I like the looks of the IEM and its performance in-game but, I can't justify the price for casual/critical listening and using it for games that require good positional audio.

Buy this IEM if you want to blow 100$ on something that you could use to listen to anything without expecting great detail, a breathtaking sound stage, or any stand-out features. It's not something I'd recommend when better alternatives at a lower price are present.

Michael De Lazzer
Best IEM around $100

I have bought many IEMs in this price range— from Moondrop to Meze— The Thieaudio Legacy 2 is the very best IEM anywhere near this— and I rank it higher than the Legacy 4, because of the new dynamic driver. I think it’s the best value under the $400 dollar mark. These have slam, great imaging, comfort, and a great cable. This is the one to buy. YouTube video placeholder
Full of Subbass & great separation for under $90

Got this from winning giveaway from directors garage of Michael De Lazzer youtube channel.

And yes i love love love the sub bass that are not lacking for my taste, mids are presented good for all around and presented laid back & treble is decent far from sibilant, the amazing point of these legacy 2 is it separation, for under $100 they surprised me. wideness is good and still inside my head feels, unlike the $1k that can make 3D surrounding outside my head feels. i used to use & still use some iems around under $300 like sony XB75AP, sony XBA-2, bose soundtrue ultra & jvc ha-fx850 and well i can't say they are average in terms of sound quality but compared to legacy2 for me (whom love subbass) has surpassed them for all around genre, but for my taste this iem is shine more with any sub bass / electronics genre.

The design is quite small remembering just using 2 drivers, and they have wings design that kinda grip in ears, faceplate design is beautiful, the blue remaind me the ocean & create calm feelings.

From the cable i love them, no microphonics, tangle hassle free, feels nice just love the cable, i even choose this cable with ease from audio 46 iems that came from their box.

No wonder this legacy2 won the shoot-out agains the two moondrops aria & starfields for mr. michael taste.

Thank You for linsoul who has sponsored directors garage channel, me & my hubby never miss an episode of them.

Solid pair of in ears.

I ordered these and blon -08 at the same time-ish . They sound good out of the box. I like the sound. It’s more of a forward and fast sound; to my ears. I also have the legacy 3, which is my go to pair to grab. The legacy 2 are great, but for a little more money you could get the legacy 3, which from personal listings, I find to be more open and fun to listen too. Also the legacy 3 seem easier to drive and are loud and clear no matter what they are connected too phone/ portable Dac/Amp combo. Overall if you want a good pair of in ear headphones the legacy 2 and 3 are amazing , light weight, and pleasing sound.

A. A
Good but not sure about price?

Purchased a few months after KZDQ6 ( both recommended by BGGR ).

Excellent bass and slam.

Initially I was slightly disappointed as these were over 3 times the price.

Vocals slightly recessed and sound stage not as open compared with the KZDQ6.

However imaging is a little better.

Not as “airy”, darker but less fatiguing for longer listening sessions.

Beautiful build, feel and finish ( better than KZ whose face-plate came off after a month ).

Very light and very comfortable ( stock silicone tips and cable).

Ultimately better than KZDQ6 but can't quite decide if they are worth the price.

Luigi Maria Larocca
Compétent but too basic

The Legacy 2 has good bass, recessed middle and thin treble. A dark very basic monitor.

Scott Putman


Ricardo Colon
Best Thieaudio IEM

Best IEM Under $350 Dollars

These IEMs are quite simply the best budget in-ear on the market today. The beryllium dynamic driver digs deep into the sub-bass while providing tremendous speed and detail. There are headphones at the $1000 dollar level that produce worse bass than the Legacy 2. These are the real deal.

More drivers does not necessarily mean a better headphone. Fewer drivers allow for better imaging, alignment, and fewer timing issues. Thieaudio has capitalized on this advantage and minimized the downside by using quality materials and drivers.

The Legacy 2 isn't a perfect headphone, if one exists at all. The treble can run a bit harsh here and there, depending on the source and song. But you will be hard-pressed to find anything better at or around this price point. This is a solid audiophile experience. Thieaudio and Linsoul have given us the best Legacy yet. YouTube video placeholder

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